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India win by an innings and 51 runs

India vs W Indies


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    India win by an innings and 51 runs

    India win by an innings and 51 runs thanks to Shami who bowled superbly with the old ball, finishing with 5 wickets for 47 runs. Ashwin supported him well with 3 wickets for 46 runs. India win the test in three days and lead the series 1-1.

  • Over 55 - WI 168/10 (Chanderpaul 31)

    Shami to bowl and Cottrell is bowled. WICKET! Shami takes one ball to give India a big victory. India win by an innings and 51 runs. Chanderpaul stays not out on 31. Shami gets 5 wickets in the innings. India lead the series 1-0.


    Over 54 - WI 168/9 (Cottrell 5, Chanderpaul 31)

    Ashwin to continue, 9 overs left in the day. India can take the extra half hour if weather permits. Cottrell drives it down the ground for a single, but the ball runs down to the boundary. Cottrell gets off the mark. Cottrell gets a single off the third ball and Chanderpaul gets strike. A big shout for lbw, but the umpire gives it not out.


    Over 53 - WI 163/9 (Cottrell 0, Chanderpaul 31)

    Chanderpaul wanted the single from the last ball of the last over, Cottrell sends him back and wisely so. Shami continues, India one wicket away for a good innings victory. In the mean time, Chanderpaul plays it square of the wicket for four. End of the over, West Indies 163 for 9.

  • Over 52 - WI 159/9 (Cottrell 0, Chanderpaul 27)

    A few words being exchanged between Best and the Indian fielders, the umpires make sure everything is friendly. WICKET! Ashwin tosses it up and Best goes for it, hits it to Ojha in the deep, that wicket for set up nicely by the Indians. Cottrell walks out to bat, Chanderpaul stuck at the other end.


    Over 51 - WI 158/8 (Best 3, Chanderpaul 26)

    Shami to Chanderpaul, he takes a single from the first ball. Dhoni taking his time to get his field right. Best takes a single and has a few words with the bowler. Chanderpaul drives for a single, Shami angling the ball into him. A bouncer from Shami to Best, a few words exchanged after the ball. A dot to end the over, another good one from Shami.


    Over 50 - WI 155/8 (Best 2, Chanderpaul 24)

    West Indies trail by 66 runs, Ashwin continues with India two wickets away from victory. Best edges it towards third man and they only get a single. Chanderpaul does not want to take two. Chanderpaul gets a single, Best on strike.

  • Over 49 - WI 153/8 (Best 1, Chanderpaul 23)

    Shami comes back into the attack after the short drinks break. WICKET! Shami reverses it into Sammy and bowls him. What a ball! Dhoni celebrates behind the stumps, good stuff from Shami. India get a wicket just after the drinks break and Shillingford walks out to bat, West Indies trail by 67 runs. WICKET! Another great ball from Shami and it is too good for Shillingford, Shami bowls him through the gate. Permaul walks out to bat, two more balls to go in this over. A big shout for lbw but the umpire gives it not out and then the fielders appeal for the run out. Dhoni throws the ball at the stumps after appealing for the lbw and Permaul is short of his ground. WICKET! Permaul is out, run out. Three wickets falling in this over and India celebrate. Tino Best walks out to bat, Chanderpaul stuck at the other end. A single to Best.


    Over 48 - WI 152/5 (Sammy 8, Chanderpaul 23)

    Ashwin tosses it up and Chanderpaul pushes it through the off side but can't get a single. Good bounce for Ashwin, Chanderpaul tries it hit it but misses. Driven through the covers and Shami does well to keep it down to three. A single to end the over, West Indies trail by 67 and it is drinks.


    Over 47 - WI 148/5 (Sammy 7, Chanderpaul 20)

    Ojha starts another over and Chanderpaul takes a single to bring Sammy on strike. Sammy is looking to score quickly here, looking to unleash, that could create a chance for India. Dhoni changes the field slightly, a dot ball from Ojha. West Indies 148 for 5.


    Over 46 - WI 147/5 (Sammy 7, Chanderpaul 19)

    Angled into the leg side for a couple of runs. Sammy drives it through the covers for four, opening the face of the bat. West Indies trail by 72 runs. A big inside edge and Vijay at short leg can't hold on to the catch.


    Over 45 - WI 140/5 (Sammy 3, Chanderpaul 16)

    Ojha continues to Chanderpaul, who takes a single on the leg side. West Indies ticking along slowly. Sammy gets a single from a cut through backward point. Another single, Chandepaul cutting the ball against the turn.


    Over 44 - WI 137/5 (Sammy 2, Chanderpaul 14)

    Shami is out of the attack and Ashwin replaces him. Dhoni changing his field, asking Chanderpaul to play against the spin. A single to Chanderpaul, just a push through the leg side. Sammy plays out the last ball.


    Over 43 - WI 136/5 (Sammy 2, Chanderpaul 13)

    Shami striking in his 2nd spell, 2 wicket in 7 overs. Ojha continues to Sammy, and finishes a maiden. West Indies stay on 136 for 5.


    Over 42 - WI 136/5 (Sammy 2, Chanderpaul 13)

    Shami continues, he has bowled a good spell with this new ball. A short mid on in place, and Sammy hits it ball straight to him. A big shout for lbw, the umpire gives it leg byes and not out. It may have been high and going down leg. Chanderpaul takes a single, bringing Sammy on strike. A change in field, Vijay coming in to forward short leg from long on. Sammy drives it through to long on for a single. Last ball and another change in the field, Dhoni trying to save the single and does it well.


    Over 41 - WI 133/5 (Sammy 1, Chanderpaul 12)

    Ojha continues, Chanderpaul works him into the leg side for a single. A single to Sammy and then Chanderpaul back on strike. Good over from Ojha, just two from it.


    Over 40 - WI 131/5 (Sammy 0, Chanderpaul 11)

    Chanderpaul pads it to the fine leg boundary, Shami trying to get the ball to come into the left hander and straying in his line. A couple of changes in the field for the last two balls. Another good over from Shami, West Indies trail by 88 runs.


    Over 39 - WI 126/5 (Sammy 0, Chanderpaul 10)

    Ojha to Chanderpaul, bowling in the rough. Good captaincy and good bowling by Shami to create the wicket. Just a single from the over, West Indies 126 for 5.

  • Over 38 - WI 125/5 (Sammy 0, Chanderpaul 9)

    Shami gets hit on the hand as Chanderpaul hits it back to the bowler. Chanderpaul inside edges it and it just misses the stumps, good swing bowling from Shami. Another good ball to Ramdin, Shami bringing the ball back into the right hander. WICKET! Ramdin pushes it to forward short leg. West Indies lose half their side and trail by 94 runs. Sammy walks out to bat with Chanderpaul.


    Over 37 - WI 124/4 (Ramdin 1, Chanderpaul 8)

    Ashwin continues from the other end. Ramdin takes a single to cover. Chanderpaul works the ball on the off side for a single to deep cover. West Indies 124 for 4.

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Match Details

6th - 10th Nov 2013
West Indies won the toss and elected to bat.
Eden Gardens, Kolkata
R A Richard, N J Nigel
TV Umpire
V Vinayak
Match Referee
A J Andrew
Reserve Umpire
S Subrat


Batsman R
C.H. Gayle c Kohli b Kumar 33
K.O.A. Powell lbw Ashwin 36
D.M. Bravo c Sharma b Ashwin 37
M.N. Samuels lbw Ahmed 4
S. Chanderpaul Not out 31
D. Ramdin c Vijay b Ahmed 1
D.J.G. Sammy b Ahmed 8
S. Shillingford b Ahmed 0
V. Permaul run out (Dhoni) 0
T.L. Best c Ojha b Ashwin 3
S.S. Cottrell b Ahmed 5
Extras 1 10
Total All Out, 54.1 Overs 168
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
B. Kumar 6 1 20 1
M.S. Ahmed 13.1 0 47 5
R. Ashwin 19 2 46 3
P.P. Ojha 13 3 27 0
S.R. Tendulkar 3 0 18 0
Full Bowling Card