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India win by an innings and 126 runs

India vs W Indies


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    India win by an innings and 126 runs

    West Indies are 187 all out, India win the test by an innings and 126 runs in two and a half days. Tendulkar retires and his teammates give him a mobile guard of honour from the pitch to the pavilion. India win the series 2-0.


    Over 47 WI 187/10 (Ramdin 53)

    Shami brought back into the attack, a leg bye brings Ramdin on strike. Then Ramdin takes a single but can't come back for two so Gabriel will be on strike. This will be a good experience for Shami, he will try to do different things. Another big shout for lbw, given not out again, replays show a big inside edge. Gabriel is not reading the in-swing from Shami, not middling any of the balls. WICKET! Shami reverses the ball into Gabriel and goes through the gate. Great ball to finish the test match. Ramdin stranded on the crease, as West Indies lose another test. West Indies lose by an innings and 126 runs. India win the series 2-0.


    Over 46 WI 185/9 (Gabriel 0, Ramdin 52)

    Ojha continues to Ramdin. Dhoni making subtle changes in the field. A good maiden over from Ojha.

  • Over 45 WI 185/9 (Gabriel 0, Ramdin 52)

    Ashwin comes on for Tendulkar, Ramdin drives it through the covers for four, good shot against the turn. WICKET! Shillingford tries to pull it for a six on the leg side, misses it completely and it hits him on the back thigh, Ashwin gets the wicket, his 4th of the innings. The spinners doing the job for India, one wicket away from a big victory. Another successful over for India, Gabriel is the new batsman.


    Over 44 WI 180/8 (Shillingford 8, Ramdin 47)

    Ojha bowls to Shillingford who gets a boundary to long-on. Ramdin is on 47. Five runs from the over, West Indies 180 for 8.


    Over 43 WI 175/8 (Shillingford 4, Ramdin 46)

    Tendulkar will continue to bowl, play extended by 15 minutes to lunch. Ramdin plays it square of the wicket and runs two. A full toss from Tendulkar and Ramdin pulls it away for four to deep square leg. Cut away by Ramdin for a single to deep point. Tendulkar to Shillingford, who does not pick the wrong one. West Indies 175 for 8.


    Over 42 WI 168/8 (Shillingford 4, Ramdin 39)

    Ojha continues from the other end, a couple of dots to start the over. Shillingford drives it through the leg side for four, mishit it in the end but still gets four. Five from the over, West Indies 145 runs behind.


    Over 41 WI 163/8 (Shillingford 0, Ramdin 38)

    Dhoni brings Tendulkar on, responds to the crowd. A good leg spinner to start from Tendulkar, the crowd cheering every ball. Shillingford is the new batsman and he is on strike. Shillingford tries to sweep and misses, good turn and bounce for Tendulkar.

  • Over 40 WI 162/8 ( Ramdin 37)

    Ojha continues to Sammy, Dhoni has two slips and a silly point. A couple of fielders out on the boundary to cover the lofted shot from Sammy. A big appeal for caught behind, Dhoni is very interested, umpire gives it not out. Great over from Ojha and he is rewarded. WICKET! A couple of plays and misses and then Sammy is deceived by the arm ball, umpire gives it out lbw, Ojha gets his 5th wicket.

  • Over 39 WI 162/7 (Sammy 1, Ramdin 37)

    WICKET! Ashwin provides the breakthrough, Chanderpaul trapped in front of his stumps. Great delivery, a faster one from Ashwin, Chanderpaul caught on the pads and has to go for 41. A fighting knock comes to an end and West Indies in trouble again. Hit in the air a couple of times, Sammy surviving dangerously. Successful over for India.


    Over 38 WI 157/6 (Chanderpaul 41, Ramdin 33)

    Good reflexes from Dhawan at short leg, almost causing a run out. Chanderpaul sweeps and gets a single to deep square leg. A single from the over, India searching for a breakthrough here.


    Over 37 WI 156/6 (Chanderpaul 40, Ramdin 33)

    The crowd is chanting 'we want Sachin', but Dhoni continues bowling Ashwin. The 150 comes up for West Indies, with a push through midwicket for a couple of runs. Chanderpaul moves on to 40. Good intent from Ramdin, hits it over mid-on for four attacking Ashwin. Good over for West Indies, nine runs from it.


    Over 36 WI 147/6 (Chanderpaul 36, Ramdin 28)

    The away swinger from Shami, Ramdin hits through the line for four to third man. Good speed from Shami, the last ball was 145kph. Good over from Shami, West Indies 147 for 6.


    Over 35 WI 143/6 (Chanderpaul 36, Ramdin 24)

    Ashwin comes into the attack to replace Ojha. A couple of runs to Chanderpaul and then Ashwin pitches it short and Chanderpaul drives it for four to deep point. The 50 run partnership comes up. Beautiful shot from Chanderpaul, coming down the pitch and hitting it through the covers for four. Ten runs from the over.


    Over 34 WI 133/6 (Chanderpaul 26, Ramdin 24)

    A single to Chanderpaul, he runs it down the fine leg. Ramdin carves it away for four, slightly wide from Shami and Ramdin throws his arms at it. Seven runs from the over, this partnership worth 44 runs now.


    Over 33 WI 126/6 (Chanderpaul 24, Ramdin 19)

    Ojha continues, and finishes a maiden. West Indies 126 for 6 and trail by 187 runs. A good partnership building between Chanderpaul and Ramdin.


    Over 32 WI 126/6 (Chanderpaul 24, Ramdin 19)

    Shami continues from the other end, Shami bowls a few good balls and then Chanderpaul flicks it off his pads for four through midwicket. A boundary to finish the over, West Indies 126 for 6.


    Over 31 WI 122/6 (Chanderpaul 20, Ramdin 19)

    Ojha starts after the drinks break. Chanderpaul pushes it against the spin and through the off side for four, good timing and good placement. Then he sweeps it to fine leg for a single, bringing Ramdin on strike. Five runs from the over West Indies trail by 191 runs.


    Over 30 WI 117/6 (Chanderpaul 15, Ramdin 19)

    Shami comes into the attack, India looking for some reverse swing. Chanderpaul on strike. A single to Chanderpaul and then Ramdin plays out the over. West Indies 117 for 6 and it is drinks.


    Over 29 WI 112/6 (Chanderpaul 14, Ramdin 15)

    Ramdin hits it with the turn and to deep square leg for six, good attacking shot and a controlled one too. A couple of singles, then Ramdin plays it to deep midwicket for another single. Another single to end the over, Shami doing really well to stop the ball and the boundary.

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Match Details

14th - 18th Nov 2013
India won the toss and elected to bowl.
The Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
R A Richard, N J Nigel
TV Umpire
V A Vineet
Match Referee
A J Andrew
Reserve Umpire
P G Pashchim


Batsman R
C.H. Gayle c Dhoni b Ojha 35
K.O.A. Powell c Ahmed b Ashwin 9
T.L. Best lbw Ojha 9
D.M. Bravo c Vijay b Ashwin 11
M.N. Samuels s Dhoni b Ojha 11
S. Chanderpaul lbw Ashwin 41
N. Deonarine c&b Ojha 0
D. Ramdin Not out 53
D.J.G. Sammy lbw Ojha 1
S. Shillingford lbw Ashwin 8
S.T. Gabriel b Ahmed 0
Extras 4b, 5lb 9
Total All Out, 47.0 Overs 187
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
B. Kumar 3 0 4 0
M.S. Ahmed 7 0 28 1
R. Ashwin 17 4 89 4
P.P. Ojha 18 6 49 5
S.R. Tendulkar 2 0 8 0
Full Bowling Card