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Sri Lanka won by 5 wickets.

India vs Sri Lanka


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    So Sri Lanka triumph thanks to some lusty late hits from Kapugedera, who finishes up unbeaten on 37 from only 16 deliveries. They ended up getting 60 runs from the final five deliveries to get over the finishing line in dramatic circumstances. So now the West Indies must beat Australia - and beat them convincingly - to pip the Sri Lankans to a place in the last four. Thanks for your company and stay tuned for the second game - I hope it's as good as that one!


    Over 20: Nehra 6-1-2-1-W-6

    167-5 - WICKET! - Sri Lanka win a thriller in St Lucia! Having started the other with a six over cover, Kapugedera does the same to the final ball from Nehra with his side needing three for victory. Mathews' run out off the penultimate delivery seemed to have swung the game back towards India, but Kapugedera has made himself a hero with a maximum off the last. The victory means Sri Lanka have one foot in the semi-finals as well!


    Over 19: Vinay 1-2-1-1-6-6

    151-4 - India's elimination is confirmed in emphatic fashion - Kapugedera smashing a Vinay full toss just over the head of the man at deep long-on to take Sri Lanka to 145. He manages to do the same from the final ball of the over, though this time his drive clears the rope by some distance, meaning his side now need 13 from the last for victory. It will be Nehra to bowl it...


    Over 18: Chawla 4-1-1-0-1-4

    134-4 - Now Sri Lanka have an outright win in their sights after taking 11 from Chawla's fourth and final over. Mathews managed to pick up four from the first ball by coming down the track and lofting over wide long-on, while Kapugedera ends the 18th in style by rocking back to hit on the up and over the head of the fielder at cover for a second boundary in the over. Sri Lanka now need 30 from the final 12 balls.


    Over 17: Nehra 1-0-4-1-4-1

    123-4 - Nehra gives away four with a rank long hop that Kapugedera deflects past short fine leg but could have had the same batsman out with the next ball, Dhoni unable to hang on to a thick edge diving away to his right. With a single taken, Mathews procedes to step and fetch the left-arm seamer, picking the wide open spaces at mid-wicket to get four more. A total of 11 come from the over and suddenly Sri Lanka are in sight of that target of 144.


    Over 16: Harbhajan 1-1-1-0-1-1

    112-4 - Five singles come from the over as you get the feeling that Sri Lanka are starting to think an outright victory is now out of their reach. Now their focus will switch to 144, the score they need to get to make sure India cannot progress through to the semi-finals. Then they will have to cross their fingers that the West Indies can't upset Australia in the next game.


    Over 15: Vinay 4-0-1-W-1-1

    107-4 - WICKET! - The complexion of the game changes again when Sangakkara is bowled backing away to try and hit the impressive Vinay Kumar (who now has two wickets) away through the covers. The Sri Lanka skipper departs for a well-made 46 from 33 balls.


    Over 14: Yusuf 6-2-0-6-2-0

    100-3 - Sri Lanka were in need of a big over and Sangakkara has just provided it. The left-hander targets Yusuf's bowling, twice hammering maximums over mid-wicket in an over that yields 16. A quick two out on the leg side brings up Sri Lanka's century from the final delivery - their last 50 runs have come in 38 balls and the partnership between this fourth-wicket pairing is now past the half-century mark.


    Over 13: Yuvraj 1-2-1-1-0-1

    84-3 - Yuvraj gets the chance to make amends for his disappointment with the bat earlier on, coming on to bowl around the wicket to both left and right-hander. It looked like his second ball was going to go for four out at mid-wicket but Karthik (normally a wicketkeeper remember) produces a Superman dive that saves a couple of runs. They all count right now - Sri Lanka needs another 80.


    Over 12: Harbhajan 1-6-2-1-1-0

    78-3 - This is more like it from Sri Lanka with 11 coming from Harbhajan's latest over. It had seemed Sangakkara's side are having problems deciding whether to go for victory or just 'settle' for making 143. However the skipper shows that he still wants to win by coming down the wicket and driving Harbhajan, who has been expensive today with the help of the extra bounce that he had in Barbados, away for six.


    Over 11: Chawla 1-1-6-0-1-0

    67-3 - Mathews gets a move on with a slogged six, going against the spin to launch Chawla into the spectators at mid-wicket. The required run-rate has now cleared 10-an-over.


    Over 10: Harbhajan 3-0-1-1-0-1

    58-3 - Despite three runs coming courtesy of a Sangakkara cut (the ball would have gone for four on many other grounds but this is an extremely slow outfield in St Lucia), Sri Lanka still only make six from the over. They now need 106 to win the game, while 86 would be enough for them to qualify if the West Indies lose to Australia later in the day.


    Over 9: Chawla 0-0-0-1-0-1

    52-3 - Sri Lanka's scoring has become stuck with singles in St Lucia, Chawla rattling his way through an over that leaks only two. India certainly sense an opportunity to ram home their advantage, placing a slip to new batsman Mathews.


    Over 8: Yusuf 0-1-1-W-1-0

    50-3 - WICKET! - Yusuf strikes when a sweep from Dilshan goes straight to Yuvraj out on the boundary rope - he couldn't have picked out the fielder any better. Angelo Mathews is the next man in at number five, getting off the mark with an easy single, one of just three runs that come from the over. Sri Lanka need a further 114 runs from the remaining 72 balls.


    Over 7: Chawla 0-0-1-1-4-0

    47-2 - Chawla does well for the first four balls, conceding only two singles, but is then badly let down by some sloppy fielding from Gambhir. Sangakkara bottom-edges that runs away towards short third man where Gambhir - who was equally poor trying to run between the wickets earlier in the day - puts in a half-hearted dive that fails to stop the shot running away for four.


    Over 6: Yusuf 2-1-1-0-0-0

    41-2 - Yusuf comes on for the final over during the powerplay, restricting Sri Lanka to just four runs as Dilshan becomes a little besotted by trying to work the ball through square leg. Both sides managed to hit seven boundaries during the fielding restrictions as Chawla becomes the third spinner to be used by India already.


    Over 5: Vinay 0-1-0-0-0-4

    37-2 - Yuvaj's miserable day continues when he makes a mess of an easy stop at mid-off, allowing Dilshan to get a bonus run. The Vinay over is then ruined off the last delivery by a glorious cover drive from Sangakkara, who had hit the prrevious three balls all to the fielders inside the circle.


    Over 4: Harbhajan 2-0-4-0-4-3

    32-2 - Harbhajan has opened in the last two games for India but this time comes on as first change. The off-spinner leaks 13 from his opening over, Dilshan driving him back over his head for four before then rocking back and slapping away a long hop with the same outcome. With three from the final delivery through the covers, Sri Lanka are suddenly the side in charge.


    Over 3: Nehra 4-0-4-0-4-1

    19-2 - The two early losses aren't going to stop Dilshan attacking, the right-hander twice pulling away a pair of back-of-a-length deliveries from Nehra, who seems to have forgotten that the surface in St Lucia is nothing like the one that he played on at the Kensington Oval most recently. There's a third four in the over too, though this time the bowler is a little unlucky. A full ball is edged by Dilshan but there's no slip there to snaffle the chance.


    Over 2: Vinay 0-1-0-0-W-0

    6-2 - WICKET! - Vinay Kumar - selected ahead of Zaheer Khan for today's game - gets the second over and immediately gets a second wicket, Jayasuriya just tamely swotting a full ball straight to the welcoming hands of Karthik at mid-wicket. He struggled with the bounce in Barbados and has failed here in St Lucia - is this the last we will see of Sanath in Sri Lanka colours?

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Match Details

11th May 2010
St Lucia
Aleem Dar and S J Davis

sri lanka BATTING CARD

Batsman R
Jayawardene c Pathan b Nehra 4
Jayasuriya c Karthik b V.Kumar 0
Dilshan c Singh b Pathan 33
Sangakkara b V.Kumar 46
Mathews run out 46
Kapugedera not out 37
Extras 1lb 1
Total Close, 20.0 Overs 167 - 5
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Bowler O M R W
Nehra 4 0 44 1
V.Kumar 4 0 30 2
Singh 4 0 35 0
Pathan 3 0 23 1
Chawla 4 0 28 0
Singh 1 0 6 0
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