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South Africa won by 3 wickets.

India vs S Africa


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    South Africa win by 3 wickets

    Another absolutely stunning game of World Cup cricket that swung dramatically from India's rollicking start, to their batting collapse at the death which ultimately cost them. The Proteas chase was reserved for the most part but Amla and Kallis kept their side in it with measured half-centuries before AB de Villiers hit a crucial fifty of his own to up the ante. Harbhajan then made a telling impact with three key wickets to put India back on top but cameos from Johan Botha, Faf du Plessis and then Robin Peterson saw South Africa find the 13 required off the final over to claim a victory which sets their World Cup campaign back on track. India will rue not scorin more after they were on track for 400 at one stage, and MS Dhoni will perhaps regret his decision to give Nehra the final over. Thanks for joining us today for another cracker, and we'll be here to take you through two more Group A games tomorrow - New Zealand against Canada and Australia versus Kenya.


    Chokers? certainly not today and Robin Peterson was the most composed of the lot hitting the 13 needed from the last over.In his words: "I'm extremely ecstatic at the moment. To have a great game with so many great innings was such a good advert for the world cup. I've got to give Johan [Botha] credit, he put them under pressure with that cameo. We were quite calm in the changing room, but it was nice to come out on the winning side!"


    Over 50 Nehra 4-6-2-4

    300-7 - It's the perfect start for South Africa - the first ball squirts off the inside edge of Peterson and away for four. Boom! SIX FROM ROBIN PETERSON! Has Dhoni got this wrong by using Nehra - that was an ordinary length delivery. Peterson shovels two from the inside edge again and they hussle the second to put the scores level - Tendulkar totally committed in the field does outstanding work but his return is just too late.One to get from three and Peterson smokes through the field for four more! South Africa clinch a remarkable victory by three wickets!


    Over 49 Zaheer 1-1-0-0-1-0

    284-7 - Oh heavens, it's a Klusener-Donald moment for the South Africans with both batsmen ending up at the wrong end after Peterson shovels into to off side. They escape though with the ball scrambled back to Zaheer after Peterson's made his ground with a despairing dive. Two dot balls to the left-hander are like pure gold for India. After a single du Plessis can't get the last delivery of the over away either and that means that South Africa require 13 runs from the final over to be bowled by Ashish Nehra...


    Over 48 Munaf 1-2-4-6-W-1

    280-7 - du Plessis picks a full toss but he's also picked out deep cover on the bounce for one. Botha then blasts the Proteas into favourite with a boundary swiped through midwicket despite the valiant effort of Kohli on the fence and a smart hit over long on for six! But, OUT! After doing more than required from the over Botha's played a shot too many, sliced a high ball to deep cover where Suresh Raina - on as a sub - has taken a grand catch! This tension is overpowering really, South Africa require 17 from 12 with three wickets in hand...


    Over 47 Harbhajan 1-1-1-0-0-2

    267-6 - The South Africans are doing it along the ground for now with three singles and then a drive out to long off from Botha adding two more. Bhajji slide in a corker which beat Botha and somehow missed off stump. South Africa require 31 from 18 with four wickets in hand.


    Over 46 Munaf 0-4-2-1-2-1

    261-6 - Munaf has men back straight but dishes up short and wide and Botha takes advantage with a boundary before pitching wide of long on for two - great running making it happen. Botha then takes a single and du Plessis adds two more with the running again sharp. India have two men parolling the leg side fence and the over ends with a single - that's ten from the over and 36 runs required off 24 deliveries.


    Over 45 Harbhajan 1-0-1-0-1-1lb

    251-6 - Things are really heated and Johan Botha has entered the fray, thanks to Shahida Jacobs for her commentary stint - she's now off to cover Six Nations rugby in what is terrible timing for her. Anyways, back to the action, it's Bhajji into Botha and it's just singles which simply won't do for the South Africans. Excellent over from Harbhajan - just three runs from it and South Africa require 46 runs from 30 balls.


    Over 44 Patel 0-1-4-1lb-1-1-W

    247-6 - Time for pace again as Munaf Patel is back into the attack. Surprise choice as van Wyk likes the ball to come onto the bat. Powerful sweep from van Wyk and he top edges it and Gambhir runs in but he slides past it and it rolls away for four. He got there in time, but his left leg gave way. WICKET! Van Wyk looks to reverse paddle it but he misses it and there's a big shout for lbw and the umpire sticks it. Van Wyk reviews it but the original decision stands.


    Over 43 Harbhajan 1-1-0-wd+W-0-1-1

    240-5 - South Africa need 62 from 48 balls. It's getting very tense out in the middle. Sensible cricket from these two as they take a couple of easy singles. Duminy looks to change things with a reverse sweep but it goes straight to short third man. WICKET! Silly, silly stuff. I just praised him and does that. He walks down the track but it goes behind his legs. Dhoni fumbles it but he manages to take the bails off and Duminy is short of his ground. Morne van Wyk is the new man in.


    Over 42 Yuvraj 0-0-1-1-2-6

    235-4 - The Powerplay is out of the way so back on comes Yuvraj Singh. Du Plessis takes a couple of balls before he gets off strike. The required rate was eight just now but it's climbing to nine again as they struggle for boundaries. I take that back as du Plessis uses his feet to go over the long-on fence for six.


    Over 41 Harbhajan 1-4-W-0-1-1

    225-4 - Big decision here from Dhoni as he brings Harbhajan into the attack with one more over of the Powerplay left. Duminy uses his feet for one while AB goes for a reverse pull for four. That takes him to his 11th 50 off 38b, 6x4, 1x6. WICKET! Massive wicket as de Villiers departs. He looks go over the square leg fence but he played it almost straight to the fielder. Harbhajan is really pumped after that as the momentum swings back in India's favour. Faf du Plessis is the new man in and he has struggled so far in this tournament.


    Over 40 Zaheer 1-4-4-1-6-1

    218-3 - Inside edge from Duminy, but it misses the stumps and they take a single. Reverse sweep from De Villiers. It actually came off the back of the bat. Next one is sliced over point. The fans have gone quiet. They are getting worried. They'll be very concerned now as Duminy tonks Zaheer straight down the ground for six. He needs a new bat after that shot.


    Over 39 Patel 1-1-4-1lb-4-0

    201-3 - Smith is very annimated in the dressing room, giving plenty of signals to the batsmen. Ah, De Villiers looks like he needs a runner. Hashim Amla is coming out. Munaf Patel is back into the attack. De Villiers hammers it down the ground for one and sets off for the single. He forgot about his runner. He's in pain after each shot. Duminy just clears the man at cover for four. Much needed four for the South Africans. The 200 comes up as De Villiers goes between deep midwicket and long-on.


    Over 38 Zaheer 1lb-1-1-2-1-1lb

    190-3 - Will the game be settled in the Powerplay. We know the game changed during India's batting Powerplay. Both players look for the big shots but they can't get hold of it. Duminy gets an inside edge. A slower one is smashed down the ground and Harbhajan does well to cut it off from long-off.


    Over 37 Nehra 1-4-0-1-4-0

    183-3 - Dhoni is sniffing at another wicket here and he brings Harbhajan back into the attack. Surprise, surprise! South Africa have decided to take the batting Powerplay. They're looking to bring that required rate down. Dhoni responds by giving the ball to Nehra. Duminy glances it past the wicketkeeper for four. Duminy takes a quick one and he gets himself in trouble after his bat gets stuck in the turf. No harm done though but it could've been nasty. De Villiers gets another inside edge and this time it beats the keeper.


    Over 36 Zaheer 1-1-0-1W-0-0

    173-3 - Full and straight from Zaheer, but Kallis digs it out for a single. De Villiers cracks it past point for one. Big shout for lbw as Kallis walks down the track and gets hit on the pads. The Indians want to review it. Replays show the impact was more than 2.5m down the track and it was just clipping the stumps. The original decision stands. WICKET! Short and Kallis pulls. He doesn't get hold of it properly. They come back for a second, but Kallis really struggles. It's an okay throw but Dhoni does brilliantly as he stretches back to whip the bails off. The umpire sends it upstairs and Kallis is short of his ground. JP Duminy is the new man in and India are getting on top now.


    Over 35 Yuvraj 0-4-2-0-1-1

    170-2 - South Africa still have the batting Powerplay to come but that required run rate has climbed to 8.5 to the over. Something's gotta give soon. Dhoni has a slip in. Yuvraj will continue after the drinks break. De Villiers goes inside out over extra cover for four. Worked to the vacant square leg region and he comes back for a second.


    Over 34 Zaheer 0-0-0-1-0-0

    162-2 - India's premier fast bowler Zaheer Khan is back in the attack. He's around the wicket straightaway and mixes it up with a slower ball. The pressure is building with each dot ball. De Villiers finally gets to the other end with a dodgy inside edge. Superb comeback over from Zaheer.


    Over 33 Yuvraj 1-2-1lb-0-0-1

    161-2 - The next few overs may well decide the outcome of the game as De Villiers is looking to take the attack to the Indians. Kallis sweeps a couple of times, but on both occasions he doesn't make good connections. Some excitement after an excellent piece of fielding from Virat Kohli. De Villiers was back in his crease. Big turn from Yuvraj.

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Match Details

12th Mar 2011
I J Gould and S J A Taufel


Batsman R
Amla c Dhoni b Singh 61
Smith c Tendulkar b Khan 16
Kallis run out 69
de Villiers c Kohli b Singh 52
Duminy st Dhoni b Singh 23
du Plessis not out 25
van Wyk lbw b Patel 5
Botha c Sub b Patel 23
Peterson not out 18
Extras 1w, 7lb 8
Total Close, 49.4 Overs 300 - 7
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Bowler O M R W
Khan 10 0 43 1
Nehra 8.4 0 65 0
Patel 10 0 65 2
Pathan 4 0 20 0
Singh 8 0 47 0
Singh 9 0 53 3
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