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India vs Australia


Last Updated: October 23, 2013 4:15pm


    Game called off

    The match has been washed out due to rain. The pitch inspection concluded that the ground has been waterlogged and the match can not continue.


    Covers are coming off and there will be an inspection by the umpires in five minutes.

  • Rain delays play

    Rain continues to delay play in Ranchi. If the rain stops in the next 15 mins, no overs will be lost. And it will take around 2 more hours of rain for the game to be called off.

  • Over 4.1 Ind 27/0 (R Sharma 9, Dhawan 14)

    Johnson to Dhawan, drifting down leg and Dhawan guides it to the fine leg boundary, easy runs. A bit of rain coming down, the umpires call off play.


    Over 4 Ind 23/0 (R Sharma 9, Dhawan 10)

    Dhawan walks out of his crease and hits through the line, finds the gap on the off side for four. Commanding stroke from him, then he picks up a single to square leg. Rohit edges it past the slips for four to end the over. India 23 for no loss after 4 overs.


    Over 3 Ind 14/0 (R Sharma 5, Dhawan 5)

    Johnson starts his second over, Rohit drives it, the cover fielder stops it, no run. Rohit looks for a single on the leg side, but decides against it. Great over from Johnson, Rohit gets a couple of runs from the last ball.


    Over 2 Ind 12/0 (R Sharma 3, Dhawan 5)

    This is a good target set by Australia, almost six per over needed by India to win. McKay will start from the other end. Dhawan tries to drive it through cover, but Voges makes a good stop at cover. Dhawan comes down the wicket and drives it square on the off side for four. Good start from McKay, just four from the over.


    Over 1 Ind 8/0 (R Sharma 3, Dhawan 1)

    India start with Dhawan and Rohit, Australia will start with Johnson. There is dew expected to affect the match in this innings. Rohit pushes it through the covers for a couple of runs, gets off the mark on the first ball. More runs, Rohit runs it down to fine leg for a single, a straighter one from Johnson. Dhawan on strike, gets the short ball but it flies over the keeper for byes, great ball, 4 byes in the end. Johnson swings it well, Haddin collects it in front of first slip. Dhawan runs it down to third man for a single. Good over from Johnson.


    Australia 295 for 8 after 50 overs

    Australia lost three quick wickets, Shami giving India the advantage early. Then a record partnership between Maxwell and Bailey saw Australia build a good platform. But in the power play Baily and Maxwell both got out, falling short of their centuries. India pulled the game back with three wickets in the power play, Raina and Jadeja bowling some cheap overs after that. Faulkner helped Australia to get 295 in the end. India will bat next.


    Over 50 Aus 295/8 (Faulkner 23, McKay 7)

    Shami brought back to bowl the last over, Faulkner on strike, Australia 17 runs short of 300. Straight and full from Shami and there is a chance of two run outs, Faulkner runs one for the overthrow and is in on both sides and will be on strike. Another one in the block hole, driven to long off for a single, good ball. Short ball and McKay puts it away for four, good shot. A single, another yorker, good bowling at the end of the innings. Another yorker, this time Faulkner digs it out for two runs. Last ball, Faulkner on strike, top edges it and Dhawan puts a good dive but misses the catch. Australia fall just short of 300, end up with 295 for 8.

  • Over 49 Aus 283/8 (Faulkner 16, McKay 2)

    Ashwin brought into the attack, to replace Raina and bowl the second last over. Faulkner on strike, looks to sweep it for a boundary but misses, looks awkward in the end. Second ball, goes for the sweep again only to pad the ball for a leg bye. The slower one from Ashwin, Johnson pushes it to long off for a single. Faulkner tries to power it over midwicket, but gets an edge and a single in the end. WICKET! Johnson comes down the wicket and swings and misses, Dhoni does the rest, good stumping in the end. McKay hits it to deep square leg for a couple of runs, Aussies move on to 283 for 8.


    Over 48 Aus 278/7 (Faulkner 14, Johnson 24)

    Johnson gets the pull shot right, gets a boundary, beating the fielder with ease. Johnson hits it high in the air and Raina drops him, India dropping a lot of catches today, some difficult and others easy. Johnson gets a single. Johnson swings and gets a six over midwicket, hitting it with the turn and useful runs for the Aussies. 14 runs from the over, Aussies looking to accelerate.


    Over 47 Aus 264/7 (Faulkner 13, Johnson 12)

    Raina starts his 8th over. Johnson gets a single from the second ball. Faulkner gets a single down the ground, and then Johnson gets a quick two, Dhoni not happy with the throw. A single to long off, Johnson brings Faulkner on strike. Faulkner gets a boundary to end the over, Australia 264 for 7 after 47.


    Over 46 Aus 255/7 (Faulkner 8, Johnson 8)

    A single from the first ball to Faulkner, Jadeja continues into his 9th over. Johnson lines up for a big shot, swings, but only gets an inside edge for a single. Faulkner gets a single, quick drop and run. Just a single to end the 46th over, Australia 255 for 7.


    Over 45 Aus 251/7 (Faulkner 6, Johnson 6)

    Raina continues, a single to Johnson who drives it to long off. Faulkner gets a single to long on. A couple of runs to end the over, Australia bring up their 250.


    Over 44 Aus 247/7 (Faulkner 5, Johnson 3)

    Jadeja to bowl the 47th over, India trying to keep runs to a minimum. Faulkner will look to get his eye in and then accelerate in the last few overs. Faulkner gets a single. The runs have dried up for the Aussies, just two from the over. Australia 247 for 7 after 44.


    Over 43 Aus 245/7 (Faulkner 4, Johnson 2)

    Eight overs remaining, Raina continues and Johnson blocks the first ball. A single to Johnson to short fine leg. Faulkner gets a single, wants two but has to settle for one. Another good over for India, just two from it.


    Over 42 Aus 243/7 (Faulkner 3, Johnson 2)

    Jadeja into the attack, Faulkner gets a single from the first ball. The 300 total, which looked like an easy target when Maxwell and Bailey were batting, looks like a distant dream now. A single to Johnson and then one to Faulkner. Four singles from the over, good one from Jadeja.


    Over 41 Aus 239/7 (Faulkner 1, Johnson 0)

    Johnson is the new batsman and the Aussies have lost 3 wickets in the power play. Raina brought back into the attack, a single to Faulkner. 10 overs to go and Australia have 3 wickets left. Raina finishes a good over, just one from it.

  • Over 40 Aus 238/7 (Faulkner 0, Johnson 0)

    Last over of the power play will be bowled by Vinay Kumar. A bit of respite for Dhoni, India have pulled the game back slightly with a couple of wickets. Maxwell and Faulkner are at the crease and they can bat well. Short ball, Maxwell puts it away for a six over fine leg. Vinay Kumar bowling ineffective short balls, poor ball, he does not have the pace to bowl a good short ball. A change of pace, Maxwell tries to run it down to third man but misses. WICKET! The power play brings 3 wickets for India. They check for the no ball but the third umpire thinks it is fine, Maxwell falls for 92, India have pulled this game back.

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Match Details

23rd Oct 2013
India won the toss and elected to bowl.
HEC International Cricket Stadium Complex
R A Kettleborough, V A Kulkarni
TV Umpire
A K Chaudhary
Match Referee
R S Mahanama
Reserve Umpire
V Sharma


Batsman R
R.G. Sharma Not out 9
S. Dhawan Not out 14
Extras 4b 4
Total 4.1 Overs 27 - 0
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australia BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
M.G. Johnson 2.1 0 10 0
C.J. McKay 2 0 13 0
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