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Australia win by 72 runs

India vs Australia


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    Australia win by 72 runs

    A good all round performance from the Aussies, they batted well on a slow pitch and posted 304 in their 50 overs. India lost wickets regularly to some good bowling from the Australian seamers. Good captaincy from Bailey and a good knock to see his side through. Australia win by 72 runs and lead the series 1-0.


    Over 49.4 Ind 232/10 (I Sharma 1)

    Aaron Finch gets the bowl, Bailey experimenting till the end. Bhuvi gets a single. Ishant drives it to the leg side for a single. WICKET! India all out for 232, Australia win by 72 runs. Finch sneaks in a wicket as Bhuvi hits it in the air and Voges takes a good catch.

  • Over 49 Ind 230/9 (I Sharma 0, B Kumar 17)

    Voges continues, Bhuvi gets a single. A single for VInay, this pair now putting on 29 runs. WICKET! Vinay Kumar comes down the ground, tries to send it out of the ground and is convincingly bowled for 11. India lose their ninth. One over to go, India 230 for 9.


    Over 48 Ind 227/8 (V Kumar 10, B Kumar 15)

    Three over to go, Vinay Kumar on strike and gets a single to extra cover. Bhuvi on strike to Johnson, runs it to third man for a single. Vinay blocks the rest of the over out. Johnson finishes his 10 overs, for a wicket and 38 runs.


    Over 47 Ind 225/8 (V Kumar 9, B Kumar 14)

    Four overs to go, and Bailey brings Voges back for some bowling practice. Bhuvi lifts it straight down the ground for a single. A single down the ground again for Vinay. Bhuvi hits it in the air, Hughes makes good ground but the catch still falls short of him. The next ball misses everything, batsman, keeper and stumps and goes for a few byes. Another swing from Bhuvi, only gets a single on the leg side. Vinay plays it down the ground for a single to maintain strike.


    Over 46 Ind 217/8 (V Kumar 7, B Kumar 10)

    Johnson starts his 9th over. He has been utilized very effectively by Bailey. Vinay inside edges it, through the slips for four, Johnson thinks the slips should have stopped it. Too late for India, but some runs nonetheless, to soften the impact of the defeat. A single to end the over,


    Over 45 Ind 210/8 (V Kumar 3, B Kumar 8)

    McKay starts his last over, Vinay Kumar on strike, he dabs it down the ground and takes a quick single. Bhuvi swings and hits it on the leg side for a single. Another single to Vinay Kumar. Bhuvi chips it to long on for another single.


    Over 44 Ind 206/8 (V Kumar 1, B Kumar 6)

    Another great ball from Johnson, good bouncer, Bhuvi can't get any bat on it. Johnson follows it up with a yorker, Bhuvi digs it out. Bhuvi ends the over with a swipe through deep point for four.

  • Over 43 Ind 202/8 (V Kumar 1, B Kumar 2)

    WICKET! Ashwin swings and drives only to find the fielder at long off, McKay gets another wicket. India lose their 8th. Vinay Kumar comes out to bat. Australia have out-played India today, batting well, posting a good score and then using their bowlers effectively to play India out of this game. Another single for Bhuvi, just two from the over.

  • Over 42 Ind 200/7 (Ashwin 5, B Kumar 1)

    Doherty comes back into the attack, good captaincy and bowling from the Aussies. Kumar gets a single after Ashwin gets one. The crowd almost look as if they have given up. Ashwin pushes it through leg side for a single. A wide down leg side from Doherty, Kumar tries to sweep and misses. After 42 overs, India are 200 for 7.

  • Over 41 Ind 196/7 (Ashwin 3, B Kumar 0)

    Ten overs to go, India need a mammoth 112 to run. McKay to bowl, Ashwin picks up a single to third man. Dhoni takes a single on the leg side, India need boundaries and a few big overs. Asking rate about 11 per over, Ashwin gets a single to bring Dhoni on strike. WICKET! Dhoni falls, and so do India's hope, what a ball! It pitched on middle swung just enough to beat Dhoni and take out his off stump. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the new batsman.

  • Over 40 Ind 193/6 (Ashwin 1, Dhoni 18)

    A quick single to start the final over of the power play for Dhoni. Faulkner starts his 8th over, WICKET! Good catch from the captain, Jadeja pulls it but Bailey takes a good low catch, India lose another one. Dhoni left with the bowlers now. A couple of dots to Ashwin, who takes a single from the last ball of the over.


    Over 39 Ind 191/5 (Jadeja 11, Dhoni 17)

    McKay brought back in the power play to replace Watson. India will have to attack now, no matter who the bowler is, the asking rate is over 10. McKay starts with a slower ball, back of the hand stuff, Dhoni just pushes it into the leg side for a single. Another slower ball, Jadeja swings and misses. Another play and a miss, another slower ball from McKay. Jadeja pushes it past point for a couple of runs. Jadeja swings his bat, makes good contact and gets a much needed boundary for India through the off side. Seven of the over, India 191 for 5.


    Over 38 Ind 184/5 (Jadeja 5, Dhoni 17)

    Dhoni on strike, third over of the power play, Faulkner the bowler. Dhoni gets a single on the leg side, Jadeja on strike. Jadeja smashes it away, but finds the fielder at square leg, just a single in the end. Dhoni takes a quick single. Excellent over from Faulkner, just three runs from it. The asking rate over 10 now for India.


    Over 37 Ind 181/5 (Jadeja 4, Dhoni 15)

    India need acceleration but don't have wickets in hand and the run rate increasing with every ball. Bailey goes with Watson in the power play. Dhoni cuts it and it goes for four behind point. A short ball from Watson, called a wide for height. Dhoni blocks the next one, five runs from three balls so far. Dhoni puts it away into the square leg boundary, swivels and hits it hard, beating the fielder for four. A quick single to rotate strike just after the boundary. Jadeja does not get the single, Dhoni will be on strike, 10 runs from the over.

  • Over 36 Ind 171/5 (Jadeja 4, Dhoni 6)

    Australia enter the power play with two new batsmen at the crease. They are in the driving seats, Dhoni and Jadeja at the crease. Faulkner brought into the attack for the power play. Jadeja plays it to point for no run. Jadeja pulls it on the leg side for a couple of runs. A play and a miss from Jadeja. The run rate comfortably over 9, inching towards 9.5 now. Jadeja pulls again this time for a single, Dhoni on strike in the power play. The run rate over 9.5 now, the stage set for a Dhoni finish. He calmly takes his time to change his bat. A quick single to end the over.

  • Over 35 Ind 167/5 (Jadeja 1, Dhoni 6)

    Watson continues, asking rate around 8.8 now. The batting powerplay will be taken after this over. Bailey's choice of bowlers for the powerplay will be interesting. Kohli gets a top edge on it, mistimes it but it lands safely short of the deep midwicket fielder for a couple of runs. WICKET! Watson gets a wicket just before the power play, Kohli falls lbw trying to play across the line to Watson. Jadeja walks in to bat with his captain. The run rate required is over 9 runs per over now, India's task looks steeper. Jadeja pulls it for a single to end the over.


    Over 34 Ind 164/4 (Kohli 59, Dhoni 6)

    Dhoni quietly pushes it to long off for a single. Kohli comes down the wicket and drives it to long on for a single. Another single to Dhoni, just pushing the ball in the gap and giving the strike to Kohli. Kohli takes a single, four from the over so far. Last ball, no run, good over from Doherty.


    Over 33 Ind 160/4 (Kohli 57, Dhoni 4)

    Watson brought back into the attack, to bowl his 6th over. Dhoni runs it down to third man for a single. Kohli does the same, and picks up another single. Dhoni gets a top edge but it falls safely in front of the fielder at deep square leg, a single in the end. Kohli pulls it hard to the fielder at deep square leg for a single. Five runs from the over, India need 145 from 102 balls.


    Over 32 Ind 155/4 (Kohli 55, Dhoni 1)

    Doherty continues, India will look to attack him, he has three overs left. Kohli sweeps and misses, no run, looks awkward in the end. Kohli goes for the sweep again, only to hit it along the ground to leg slip for no run. A maiden from Doherty, the required rate comfortably over 8 now.

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Match Details

13th Oct 2013
Australia won the toss and elected to bat.
Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium
R A Kettleborough, V A Kulkarni
TV Umpire
C Shamsuddin
Match Referee
R S Mahanama
Reserve Umpire
N Singh


Batsman R
S. Dhawan c Haddin b Faulkner 7
R.G. Sharma c Hughes b Watson 42
V. Kohli lbw Watson 61
S.K. Raina c Doherty b Faulkner 39
Y. Singh c Hughes b Johnson 7
M.S. Dhoni b McKay 19
R.A. Jadeja c Bailey b Faulkner 11
R. Ashwin c Watson b McKay 5
B. Kumar c Voges b Finch 18
R.V. Kumar b Voges 11
Extras 5w, 2b, 4lb 11
Total All Out, 49.4 Overs 232
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australia BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
M.G. Johnson 10 0 38 1
C.J. McKay 10 0 36 2
J.P. Faulkner 8 0 47 3
X.J. Doherty 10 1 54 0
S.R. Watson 8 0 31 2
A.C. Voges 3 0 18 1
A.J. Finch 0.4 0 2 1
Full Bowling Card