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Australia win by 4 wickets

India vs Australia


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    Aus win by 4 wickets

    Australia have won the match with 4 wickets remaining thanks to a disastrous 47th over from Ishant Sharma, who gave away 30 runs. Faulkner took him apart and really brought Australia back into this game with that over. Voges acted like the anchor of the innings scoring 76 not out, and good contributions Bailey, Finch and Hughes to win the match and go ahead in the series by 2-1.


    Over 49.3 - Aus 304/6 (Faulkner 64, Voges 76)

    Ishant's over has really made this match interesting, and not in the way Dhoni wanted it to be. Australia need 9 runs to win this match. Vinay Kumar gets the ball. Single from the first ball, straight down the ground, a low full toss from Vinay. Faulkner on strike, drives it to deep midwicket and Jadeja does well to stop the boundary, great fielding on the ropes. Australia need 6 for 4 balls. Dhoni has a chat with Vinay, discussing the field, there is a short delay with 4 balls to go. Six, Australia will with 4 wickets and 3 balls to spare. What a win this is for them.


    Over 49 - Aus 295/6 (Faulkner 56, Voges 75)

    Voges on strike, Ashwin continues, Australia need 13 to win from 11 balls. Aussies taking singles, taking this to the end. Good over from Ashwin, Australia need 9 from the last over to win this match.


    Over 48 - Aus 290/6 (Faulkner 54, Voges 72)

    Ishant Sharma comes back into the attack, Faulkner will have to attack him. He starts the over with a drive over the covers for four. Ishant bowls it short and Faulkner hits it over midwicket for a six. Ishant under pressure here, six more, Faulkner hits it straight down the ground for another six. Faulkner inside edges it to square leg for a couple of runs. Good over for the Aussies here, Faulkner really putting Ishant under pressure. Another six, Faulkner taking Ishant apart now, and a four to end the over, Aussies looking at an easy win.


    Over 47 - Aus 260/6 (Faulkner 24, Voges 72)

    Ashwin into his 8th over. A single to Voges from the first ball, Ashwin pitches it outside off as Voges tries to make room for himself. Another single, Faulkner pushes it to short fine leg. Pulled away by Voges to the deep square leg boundary. A leg bye, Australia need 45 to win. A single as the ball is just dropped and the batsmen got for a run. Decent over from Ashwin, the Aussies need 44 more in 18 balls.


    Over 46 - Aus 252/6 (Faulkner 23, Voges 67)

    Vinay Kumar brought back into the attack. Raina does well on the deep midwicket boundary to keep it down to two runs, Faulkner pulls it. Faulkner goes at it hard and edges it over the keeper for four, not a convincing shot but runs for Australia. Good fielding by Ashwin at extra cover, stopped a boundary, and Dhawan does the clean up to keep it down to two. A full toss from Vinay and a single to long off for Faulkner. Voges finds the gap, cuts it away for four, good over for the Aussies. 14 runs from the over, Australia need 52 more to win.


    Over 45 - Aus 238/6 (Faulkner 14, Voges 62)

    A wide from Ashwin and Dhoni does not collect it cleanly, so another single. Voges drives to midwicket who is deep and gets a single. Faulkner gets a single. A chance of a run out as Ashwin touches it and the ball hits the non-striker's stumps, but Faulkner is safe. Eight from the over, Australia need 66 from 30 balls.


    Over 44 - Aus 230/6 (Faulkner 12, Voges 58)

    Bhuvi continues and Faulkner pulls him for a single and then Voges gets a single. Faulkner pulls it over the ropes at square leg for a six, Australia need a few more. Faulkner drives it to long off and gets a single. Australia 230 for 6 with 6 overs to go.


    Over 43 - Aus 221/6 (Faulkner 3, Voges 57)

    Ashwin continues, bowling his 6th over, he has been expensive today. A single to Voges who pulls it to deep square leg. Another single to Faulkner on the leg side. Voges pulls it again to deep midwicket, Dhawan keeps it down to a single. Singles and twos won't do it for the Aussies here, they need boundaries. Good over from Ashwin, Australia 221 for 6, need 84 more to win.

  • Over 42 - Aus 216/6 (Faulkner 1, Voges 55)

    Bhuvi comes into the attack to bowl his 9th over. WICKET! Haddin pulls it and find Jadeja on the long on boundary, India get another wicket and Faulkner walks out to bat. Australia lose Haddin for 24, need 91 more runs to win. Faulkner tries to get the ball past point and fails twice. Then he pushes it through the covers, Dhawan attacks the ball and keeps it down to a single, good fielding. There is a long on and a deep midwicket for Voges, but he pushes it to deep square leg for a couple of runs. A very, very good over from Bhuvi, three runs and the wicket from it.


    Over 41 - Aus 213/5 (Haddin 24, Voges 53)

    The Aussies bring up their 200, Haddin targeting Kohli and getting 18 runs from the last over, Australia need 96 from the last 10 to win, Ashwin brought back into the attack. Voges reverse sweeps and Ishant stops it and saves two crucial runs. Voges pushes it to deep square leg, Dhawan does well to keep it to a single. Another single, this time from a leg bye. Five from the over, Australia more than 10 runs per over to win.


    Over 40 - Aus 208/5 (Haddin 23, Voges 50)

    Virat Kohli brought into the attack, after an expensive over from Sharma from this end. Haddin runs it down to deep midwicket and runs two, well run in the end. Haddin waits for it, a short one from Kohli and is dispatched for a single over deep square leg. The asking rate comes just under 10 after that six. Haddin gets it fine, beating Ishant at short fine leg for four, this is turning out to be a good over for Australia. Another boundary, Haddin picks up another boundary through square leg. A wide from Kohli down the leg side. 18 runs from the over, this should be Kohli's first and last for the day.


    Over 39 - Aus 190/5 (Haddin 6, Voges 50)

    Ashwin brought back into the attack, with Maxwell and Bailey out. Haddin pushes it on the leg side, runs the first one hard and then decides against the second. Bailey has bated really well against Ashwin, taking him on every single time. A couple of runs to Voges and then a couple more, both towards fine leg, Bhuvi does well on the boundary. Good 50 from Voges, has played well for it, especially with a few wickets tumbling at the other end. Seven from the over, Aussies need more than 10 per over from here to win.


    Over 38 - Aus 183/5 (Haddin 4, Voges 45)

    Ishant to bowl the last over of the power play. Haddin runs it down to third man for a single. A couple of singles, and then a great stop from Kohli at extra cover to stop a certain boundary. Voges plucks the short ball from Ishant and smashes it through midwicket for four, a good shot and a good over for the Aussies.

  • Over 37 - Aus 174/5 (Haddin 0, Voges 40)

    WICKET! Bailey tries to work the ball onto the leg side, only to get hit on his back leg. It looked out and is given, Australia lose their captain for 43, Vinay Kumar gets a wicket just after the drinks break. Maxwell walks out to bat in the power play. Maxwell pulls it fine and Dhoni gives chase, two runs in the end. A short ball from Vinay, Maxwell mishits it to third man for a single. WICKET! Voges calls for the run, Maxwell runs half way and then is sent back by Voges, Dhawan hits the stumps and Maxwell is out. Australia are in all sorts of trouble, Haddin walks out into the middle.


    Over 36 - Aus 171/3 (Bailey 43, Voges 40)

    Jadeja comes on to bowl his final over, pushes it short and wide and Voges rocks back and hits it through the point region for four. A single to Rohit at midwicket, Voges pushing it slowly and running hard. Another good over from Jadeja, he ends with 10 overs for 31 runs. Australia need to go at 9.5 runs per over from here to win.


    Over 35 - Aus 165/3 (Bailey 42, Voges 35)

    Vinay Kumar brought back into the attack to replace Ashwin, in the power play. Ashwin makes a stop on the boundary, the third umpire will check if that is a boundary, it is not a boundary, good work by Ashwin. A good slower ball from Vinay, beats Voges. Eased away to the boundary, Vinay drops it short and Voges hits it through midwicket for four. Vinay is disappointed after giving away the boundary. Seven runs from the over, 139 more needed for Australia to win this match. The required rate is over 9.

  • Over 34 - Aus 158/3 (Bailey 42, Voges 28)

    Jadeja starts his 9th over, he has conceded only 22 runs so far. The batting power play has been taken by Australia. A couple of singles from the first three balls. He is really trying to bowl wicket to wicket and not give any runs away. Another fine over, just three singles from it. Australia need 146 more to win.


    Over 33 - Aus 155/3 (Bailey 41, Voges 26)

    Ashwin continues, Bailey looking to attack him, a couple of singles from the first two balls. Bailey pulls Ashwin to deep midwicket for a single. Four, Voges cuts it hard, beating the fielder at point for four, another short ball from Ashwin. A single to end the over, eight runs from it.


    Over 32 - Aus 147/3 (Bailey 39, Voges 20)

    The 50 run partnership comes up with the boundary from the last ober. Jadeja continues his bowling, not giving any free runs away today. A single from the third ball, brings Bailey on strike. A single to Bailey and then one to Voges down the ground. Another single to end the over, four singles from the over.

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Match Details

19th Oct 2013
Australia won the toss and elected to bowl.
Punjab Cricket Association Stadium
R A Kettleborough, C Shamsuddin
TV Umpire
A K Chaudhary
Match Referee
R S Mahanama
Reserve Umpire
T Sharma

australia BATTING CARD

Batsman R
P.J. Hughes c Dhoni b Kumar 22
A.J. Finch lbw Sharma 38
S.R. Watson lbw Jadeja 11
G.J. Bailey lbw Kumar 43
A.C. Voges Not out 76
G.J. Maxwell run out (Dhawan) 3
B.J. Haddin c Jadeja b Kumar 24
J.P. Faulkner Not out 64
Extras 9w, 14lb 23
Total 49.3 Overs 304 - 6
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
R.V. Kumar 8.3 0 50 2
R.V. Kumar 8.3 0 50 2
I. Sharma 8 1 63 1
R.A. Jadeja 10 0 31 1
Y. Singh 3 0 20 0
R. Ashwin 9 0 58 0
V. Kohli 1 0 18 0
Full Bowling Card