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India win by 6 wickets

India vs Australia


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    Over 49.3 - Ind 351/4 (Kohli 115, Dhoni 25)

    Last over of the innings, Faulkner to bowl it. Haddin has a chat with the bowler. Faulkner beats Dhoni first ball. Full toss, Dhoni smashes it behind point for four. Dhoni plays it down the ground gets two runs, India win by 6 wickets to level the series 2-2.


    Over 49 - Ind 345/4 (Kohli 115, Dhoni 19)

    Watson into the attack, Kohli on strike. Kohli hits it for four again, through midwicket, first ball gets the treatment. A leg bye and Dhoni is on strike. Dhoni gets a single and then overthrows earn Dhoni another single. The slower ball from Watson, well watched by Dhoni who takes a single. Kohli hits it through midwicket again, another boundary, unstoppable Kohli. Last ball of the over, Kohli gets two runs from it, India need 6 to win from 6 balls.

  • Over 48 - Ind 331/4 (Kohli 104, Dhoni 16)

    Kohli on strike to Faulkner, comes down the wicket and hits it over the covers for four. A dot ball from Faulkner to follow. Kohli comes down the wicket and just slaps it through midwicket for four, cracking shot takes him to 99. Kohli runs it down to the third man boundary, gets to his century, 17th ODI hundred for Kohli. A single and he brings the target down to 22 from 13 balls. Dhoni calls for two, and makes it in the end, India need 20 from 2 overs.


    Over 47 - Ind 316/4 (Kohli 91, Dhoni 14)

    Kohli to Johnson, goes inside out and hits it for four, what a shot under pressure. Kohli pulls but no run. A play and a miss from Kohli. A single to Kohli, brings Dhoni on strike. Five from the over so far with 2 balls to go, India under pressure. Dhoni works it through the leg side, but just gets a single. Kohli gets a single to end the over, India need 35 runs from 3 overs to win.


    Over 46 - Ind 309/4 (Kohli 85, Dhoni 13)

    Faulkner into the attack, Dhoni on strike, the ball is reversing a little bit. Dhoni gets it past point for four, a full toss from Faulkner and Dhoni needed that boundary. Great over from Faulkner, six runs from it, the asking rate now over 10 per over.


    Over 45 - Ind 303/4 (Kohli 85, Dhoni 7)

    Johnson continues, Dhoni gets a short ball to start. Dhoni runs it past the slips for a single to third man. India need 50 runs to win this must-win game to keep the series alive. The required rate is now 9 per over, another single to Kohli at third man. Dhoni gets a single, just three from the over. India need 48 from 30 balls to win.

  • Over 44 - Ind 300/4 (Kohli 84, Dhoni 5)

    Watson to Dhoni now. Dhoni flicks it off his pads for a single. Kohli hits it down the ground for a single. Dhoni pushes it to deep fine leg and runs two, good running by the captain. Another single for Dhoni, this time he does not take the second run. Watson drifts down leg, Kohli tickles it down to the fine leg boundary. The 300 for India comes up with the boundary.

  • Over 43 - Ind 291/4 (Kohli 79, Dhoni 1)

    Eight overs to go, Johnson continues and Kohli gets a single because of a good stop at cover. WICKET! Raina falls to the slower short ball again, edges to the keeper. India lose their third wicket. Raina goes for 16, India 290 for 3. Yuvraj Singh comes out to bat with Kohli. WICKET! Yuvraj Singh is bowled, Johnson gets both Raina and Yuvraj again. The captain walks out to bat. Dhoni runs it down the third man for a single, 2 runs and 2 wickets from the over.


    Over 42 - Ind 289/2 (Kohli 78, Raina 16)

    Watson comes back into the attack, Kohli will be on strike. Kohli plays it past the bowler for a single, the asking rate well under 8 per over now. Raina drives it straight down the ground, brings up the 50 run partnership with the boundary. A play and a miss from Raina. Raina goes inside out, hits it to Henriques who does really well to save two runs. India need 62 from 48 to win.


    Over 41 - Ind 282/2 (Kohli 77, Raina 10)

    Hit on the up, over cover for a couple of runs by Kohli. Johnson continues, Kohli pulls him to the long on boundary, great shot, got on top of it nicely. Kohli pulls it to deep square leg, McKay is beaten in the chase and Kohli gets another boundary. Kohli edges it and it goes to the boundary, past the keeper, Kohli moves on to 76. Kohli gets a single to third man. 15 runs from the over, India 282 for 2.


    Over 40 - Ind 267/2 (Kohli 62, Raina 10)

    Kohli hits it down the ground for a single to long off. A chip shot over the circle for Raina, two runs in the end. A direct hit but the dive saved Raina, a quick single in the end. Kohli gets a single to long on, five from the over so far. The asking rate is now over 8.5 per over. Raina places it between point and cover and gets an easy boundary. Nine from the over, India need 84 from the last 10 overs.


    Over 39 - Ind 258/2 (Kohli 60, Raina 3)

    The power play amounts to 46 runs and a wicket. Johnson is brought back into the attack against Raina, Bailey needs a wicket. A wide down leg side to start for Johnson. Raina knocks it away on the leg side for a single. Kohli blocks a couple of balls, a play and a miss and then a quick single. A short ball to Raina to end the over, India need 93 from 66.

  • Over 38 - Ind 255/2 (Kohli 59, Raina 2)

    Kohli gets a boundary through fine leg, gets his 5th half century in a row for India, this one coming off just 31 balls. Kohli drives it through the covers and runs hard, takes two. Kohli pierces the off side again, gets a boundary, commanding shot. India need less than 100 to win. A single to Kohli. Raina gets a quick single, brings Kohli back on strike. 12 runs from the over, India need 96 to win from 72 balls.


    Over 37 - Ind 243/2 (Kohli 48, Raina 1)

    Raina comes out to bat with Kohli. Kohli pushes it into the leg side and calls for two and gets it with ease. Kohli cuts it hard, through point and cover for four. A quick single down the ground, Kohli moves on to 47 from just 29 balls. Raina inside edges it to short fine leg for a single. Kohli pushes it to square leg, there is a chance of a run out, but the throw is wide and they get a single. Nine from the over, India 243 for 2.

  • Over 36 - Ind 234/2 (Kohli 40)

    Kohli hits it down the ground and gets a single, the 50 partnership comes up in just 34 balls. Four leg byes, a big shout for lbw but the umpire thinks it was going down the leg side. Dhawan walks down the wicket and gets two runs, gets to his century, takes off his helmet and celebrates. WICKET! Faulkner bowls Dhawan, who is limping back to the pavilion after his 100. India 234 for 2 after 36 overs.


    Over 35 - Ind 227/1 (Kohli 39, Dhawan 98)

    India need 133 runs from 16 overs, Dhawan and Kohli at the crease in the power play. McKay brought back into the attack after drinks. Another quick two runs, Kohli runs hard and Dhawan responds well. Kohli pushes it to deep square leg for a single. Dhawan squeezes out the yorker from McKay and guides it for four through the fine leg region. He moves on to 96 runs. Inside edge and Dhawan picks up two runs to end the over, India need 124 runs from 90 balls.

  • Over 34 - Ind 218/1 (Kohli 36, Dhawan 92)

    The power play has been taken by India, Faulkner comes into the attack. Kohli gets a single from the first ball, Dhawan on strike. Dhawan hits it to deep square leg for a single. Fine leg is inside the circle, Kohli flicks it easily for four in the region. Kohli gets a single down the ground. A quick single from Dhawan, Bailey does well but Dhawan is safe. Another quick single to end the over and it is drinks.

  • Over 33 - Ind 209/1 (Kohli 29, Dhawan 90)

    Doherty brought back into the attack. Kohli goes over the top of short mid off and gets another boundary, no chance of catching that one. Kohli pulls and hits it out of the park for a six, brings up India's 200 in style. Kohli plays the late cut perfectly, gets another boundary, makes it look so easy. Kohli runs the first one hard, wants two and gets it easily. This is the biggest over of the innings, with one ball to go. A single from the ball, 17 runs from the over. India 209 for 1.


    Over 32 - Ind 192/1 (Kohli 12, Dhawan 90)

    Finch continues, Kohli blocks a couple. Maxwell puts in a great dive to stop a few runs. Four dots, pressure building on India. Kohli comes down the wicket and smashes the ball through the covers for four, great shot. A single from the last ball, India need 159 from 108 balls.


    Over 31 - Ind 187/1 (Kohli 7, Dhawan 90)

    Good running from Kohli, running the first one hard and then finishing the second one easily. Kohli leans into the drive and gets a handsome boundary through covers. Then he rolls his wrists and gets a single on the leg side, eight from the over.

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Match Details

30th Oct 2013
India won the toss and elected to bowl.
Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium
N J Nigel, S S
TV Umpire
V A Vineet
Match Referee
A J Andrew
Reserve Umpire


Batsman R
R.G. Sharma c Faulkner b Finch 79
S. Dhawan b Faulkner 100
V. Kohli Not out 115
S.K. Raina c Haddin b Johnson 16
Y. Singh b Johnson 0
M.S. Dhoni Not out 25
Extras 1nb, 7w, 8lb 16
Total 49.3 Overs 351 - 4
Full Batting Card

australia BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
M.G. Johnson 10 0 72 2
C.J. McKay 7 0 47 0
J.P. Faulkner 9.3 0 73 1
X.J. Doherty 6 0 40 0
S.R. Watson 6 0 51 0
G.J. Maxwell 7 0 40 0
A.J. Finch 4 0 20 1
Full Bowling Card