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India win by 9 wickets

India vs Australia


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    India win by 9 wickets

    India win by 9 wickets with six and a half overs to spare. This is the second highest chase in ODIs, Kohli scored the fastest hundred by any India batsman and the 7th fastest overall. Rohit scored his highest score in ODIs. India chase down a mammoth total to level the series 1-1.


    Over 43.3 - Ind 362/1 (Kohli 100, R Sharma 141)

    Rohit hits it through the line of the ball, through the covers for four. Another quality shot from Rohit. Rohit takes a full toss from Maxwell and hits it out of the park. Rohit flicks it off his pads for four and those are the winnings runs for India. India finish off the second largest run chase in the history of ODIs with six and a half overs to spare. India win 9 wickets to level the series 1-1.

  • Over 43 - Ind 348/1 (Kohli 100, R Sharma 126)

    Kohli hits it over midwicket again for another six, great shot and he moves on to 99. Kohli gets the fastest 100 by any Indian and the 7th fastest 100 in ODIs. Rohit takes a single. India 348 for 1 after 43 overs.


    Over 42 - Ind 339/1 (Kohli 93, R Sharma 125)

    Maxwell comes into the attack, Kohli brings up the 150 run partnership with a single. Rohit takes a single to give Kohli the strike and Kohli hits another six down the ground. Another four, Kohli is hitting it to the ropes consistently, this time he square drives it through the foo side. Maxwell misses it and Kohli takes the single to move on to 93 runs.


    Over 41 - Ind 325/1 (Kohli 81, R Sharma 123)

    After the power play, Doherty comes into the attack, India need 40 runs to win from 10 overs. Kohli goes inside out again and hits it over cover for another boundary. Unrelenting attack from this pair, the power play costing Australia 58 runs. Five runs from the over.


    Over 40 - Ind 320/1 (Kohli 76, R Sharma 123)

    Kohli smashes it through the off side for four, powerful shot, dissecting the pace from Johnson. A wide from Johnson. A single to mid off, Kohli moves on to 76. Sublime touch from Rohit with his square drive and gets his highest score in ODIs beating 114 against Zimbabwe. In the block hole and Rohit Sharma cuts loose and hits it over cover for four. A low full toss from Johnson and Sharma it through the off side for another boundary.

  • Over 39 - Ind 302/1 (Kohli 71, R Sharma 111)

    Rohit gets a single, punched down to long on. The required rate around 5.5 now. Kohli hits it well but deep square leg stops it and they pick up a single. Rohit cuts it well and gets a quick single. It is the power play and Rohit chips it over the infield for four, moves on to 111. Indians bring up their 300 in 39 overs.

  • Over 38 - Ind 294/1 (Kohli 69, R Sharma 105)

    Johnson continues, Rohit on 99. He brings up his 100 in style, with another square drive for four, the celebration shows how badly he wanted this 100. Johnson follows it up with a wide. The required rate now less than 6 runs per over for the first time. Five wides from Johnson, Haddin dives but fails to stop it. A quick single as Rohit inside edges it on his pads. India 294 for 1 after 38 overs.


    Over 37 - Ind 281/1 (Kohli 68, R Sharma 99)

    Faulkner bowling in the power play now, Kohli gets a single to deep midwicket. Rohit drives it handsomely through the covers, brings up the 100 run partnership with a classy drive. Rohit hits a square drive for four, just in front of point and hits it very well. A single and Rohit keeps the strike on 99.

  • Over 36 - Ind 271/1 (Kohli 67, R Sharma 90)

    The batting power play has been taken, Johnson comes back into the attack. Kohli has already been batting as if he was in a power play. Just a flick of the wrists from Kohli and he gets a boundary to deep square leg. The off side is being peppered, Kohli dispatches this over midwicket for four. Kohli takes a single to bring Rohit on strike. India 271 for 1 after 36 overs.


    Over 35 - Ind 262/1 (Kohli 58, R Sharma 90)

    India bring up their 250 with that six from the last over. Faulkner brought back into the attack and he starts with a wide. Rohit takes a single to get off strike. A big shout for lbw against Rohit but he got some bat on it. Rohit rocks back, picks up the short ball and whacks it through the covers for four. Rohit then gets an easy single to rotate the strike. Kohli pushes it through midwicket for a single to end the over. India 262 for 1 after 35 overs.

  • Over 34 - Ind 253/1 (Kohli 56, R Sharma 84)

    Doherty comes back into the attack to replace Watson, Rohit runs a hard two and makes it comfortably. Kohli brings up his 50 with a single, a half century from 27 balls. Rohit pushes it to long off for another single. Six, Kohli makes room for himself and hits it straight down the ground for a six, makes it look so easy. After 34 overs India 253 for 1.


    Over 33 - Ind 243/1 (Kohli 47, R Sharma 83)

    McKay continues, Kohli pushes it slowly through the leg side and Rohit is fit enough to pick up two runs. Glorious shot, Kohli makes it look simple, steps out of his crease and thumps the ball over the infield, over the covers for four. Another quick single and Rohit looks like he is running comfortably after a cramp earlier. Rohit hits it in the air, but there is no one in the deep, does not make a difference in the end as it sails for another six, deflating for the bowler. 13 runs from the over.


    Over 32 - Ind 230/1 (Kohli 40, R Sharma 77)

    Watson brought back into the attack, Rohit gives the strike to Kohli with a quick single. Six, Kohli is dealing in sixes, Watson pitches it just short and Kohli punishes this over midwicket for another big hit. Kohli hits it inside out and over the infield for another boundary, four more runs to Kohli. This partnership is now worth 53, Kohli gets a single to make it 12 runs from the over.


    Over 31 - Ind 218/1 (Kohli 29, R Sharma 76)

    India are ahead at this stage, Bailey brings McKay back into the attack. The slower ball from him and Kohli waits for it and picks up a single to short third man. McKay is bowling his slower ones to good effect. Rohit should look to get singles, instead he launches into it. McKay has been dispatched over midwicket for a big six. Drinks called mid-over as Rohit gets some treatment from the physio. Rohit is back on his feet and McKay will complete his over after the break. India have not let the run rate go above 8 at any point in this innings. Rohit runs it down the ground for a single, seems to be running comfortably. Kohli finishes the over in style, another six from him straight down the ground.

  • Over 30 - Ind 204/1 (Kohli 21, R Sharma 69)

    Kohli hits it straight back at Doherty who makes a good stop. Bailey replacing Johnson with Doherty, Kohli hits it inside out and Maxwell does really well to stop a certain boundary. Six, Kohli announces himself, bringing up the 200 for India with a big six straight down the ground. He takes a single to end the over. India 204 for 1 after 30 overs.


    Over 29 - Ind 194/1 (Kohli 14, R Sharma 67)

    Rohit gets a single to mid off. In the air but in the gap, Kohli slashes hard through the midwicket region for four. Five runs from the over and one ball to go. Kohli nails it straight down the ground for a six, that will calm his nerves, good confident end to the over.


    Over 28 - Ind 183/1 (Kohli 4, R Sharma 66)

    Johnson to Kohli who pulls it on the leg side for a single, Bailey sticking with Johnson looking for more wickets. Rohit guides the ball to third man for a single. Kohli runs the ball down to third man for a single. Just four singles from the over, India 183 for 1 after 28 overs.

  • Over 27 - Ind 179/1 (Kohli 2, R Sharma 64)

    This is India's best opening stand against Australia, beating Ganguly and Tendulkar who put up 175 in 1998. WICKET! Dhawan edges it to the keeper to break the partnership. Australia get their first wicket. Dhawan falls for 95 in 86 balls. Virat Kohli comes out to bat. Kohli gets a single to get off the mark. Rohit plays it square of the wicket for a single. Kohli runs it down the third man for a single. Good over for the Aussies, three runs and a wicket.


    Over 26 - Ind 176/0 (Dhawan 95, R Sharma 63)

    Johnson continues, Bailey used him for three overs in the beginning of the innings and has brought him back in the middle of the innings to get a wicket or two. Dhawan slashes hard at it for a single. Rohit has not had the strike for a few balls now, Dhawan has been the aggressor. Rohit gives Dhawan the strike with a quick single. Dhawan pulls it away for a single, three from the over.

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Match Details

16th Oct 2013
Australia won the toss and elected to bat.
Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
R A Kettleborough, V A Kulkarni
TV Umpire
C Shamsuddin
Match Referee
R S Mahanama
Reserve Umpire
R M Deshpande


Batsman R
R.G. Sharma Not out 141
S. Dhawan c Haddin b Faulkner 95
V. Kohli Not out 100
Extras 21w, 5lb 26
Total 43.3 Overs 362 - 1
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australia BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
M.G. Johnson 9 1 68 0
C.J. McKay 7 0 64 0
S.R. Watson 5 0 47 0
X.J. Doherty 10 0 70 0
G.J. Maxwell 5.3 0 48 0
J.P. Faulkner 7 0 60 1
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