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India win by an innings and 135 runs

India vs Australia


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    India have won the second Test by an innings and 135 runs, which gives them a 2-0 lead in the series. Australia were dominated throughout the entire Test, but the morning session of day four showed India, through their spinners, at its ruthless best. The Australian batting lineup was shown to be deficient in the technique of dealing with the turning ball. This is something that they are going to have to work on and improve rapidly for the rest of the series. The characteristics of the pitches to come in the series will not change significantly, so unless Australia can sort out their batting woes, the results in the games to come should also follow a similar pattern. Well played India, the batting, bowling and fielding were right out of the top draw.


    Over 67 - Aus 131 all out (Pattinson 0, Doherty 1 )

    Ashwin is operating with Three slips which is almost unheard of for a spinner. The field clearly shows that the Indians think the outside edge isn't far away. WICKET. Ashwin picks up his fifth wicket as he traps Pattinson lbw. The Test is over as India have demolished Australia in the first session on day four,


    Over 66 - Aus 131/9 (Pattinson 0, Doherty 1 )

    Doherty is concentrating hard to keep Harbahajan out. The Indian off-spinner will not want to end the innings wicketless.


    Over 65 - Aus 131/9 (Pattinson 0, Doherty 1 )

    Ashwin is worked for the first run in 37 deliveries. The tail survive another over but are just putting off what is now a clear and comprehensive result.


    Over 64 - Aus 130/9 (Pattinson 0, Doherty 0 )

    Harbahajan is into the attack to try remove one of the remaining two left handed batsmen. Immediately there is turn away from the batsman, the only thing missing for Harbahajan is the edge.


    Over 63 - Aus 130/9 (Pattinson 0, Doherty 0 )

    Ashwin is just plugging away at his line and length, waiting for the batsman to try something. Another maiden over is recorded, the fourth in a row.


    Over 62 - Aus 130/9 (Pattinson 0, Doherty 0 )

    Jadeja is stringing together the dot balls. The last pair for Australia won't be able to block the whole day, so it is just a matter of time until a shot is played in anger.


    Over 61 - Aus 130/9 (Pattinson 0, Doherty 0 )

    Ashwin is searching for his fifth wicket of the innings, an achievement that he is used to accomplishing in his relatively short Test career. Another maiden is completed.


    Over 60 - Aus 130/9 (Pattinson 0, Doherty 0 )

    This match is coming to an abrupt end. Jadeja has the tail in his sights and will be looking to cap off a great performance with one more victim.


    Over 59 - Aus 130/9 (Pattinson 0, Doherty 0 )

    WICKET. It's Ashwin's turn to find the edge and Wade is easily taken at first slip. Doherty is the new batsman to the crease.


    Over 58 - Aus 130/8 (Siddle 4, Wade 10)

    Siddle is rocking onto the front foot before Jadeja even releases the delivery. As soon as Siddle tries an attacking stroke, the spin beats the outside edge and the third umpire is called upon to judge whether Siddle's foot was grounded when Dhoni took the bails off. Not out is the call. WICKET. Jadeja finds the edge and Siddle is well caught at second slip.


    Over 57 - Aus 130/7 (Siddle 4, Wade 10)

    Ashwin continues and I think Dhoni will have a tough time trying to take the ball out of the hands of these two spinners. They seem keen to cash in and pick up as many sticks as possible now that they smell blood.


    Over 56 - Aus 128/7 (Siddle 4, Wade 8)

    Jadeja continues and India are well and truly into the Australian tail with the arrival of Siddle at the wicket.


    Over 55 - Aus 127/7 (Siddle 4, Wade 7)

    WICKET. Ashwin has struck with his variation ball that straightens on the right handed batsman. Maxwell is trapped lbw. Siddle is the new batsman to the crease.


    Over 54 - Aus 123/6 (Maxwell 8, Wade 7)

    Another impressive over by Jadeja builds more pressure. Something has got to give sooner or latter.


    Over 53 - Aus 121/6 (Maxwell 7, Wade 7)

    The bowlers are really rushing through the overs, but a partnership is start starting the bud between these two young Australian batsmen.


    Over 52 - Aus 117/6 (Maxwell 2, Wade 7)

    Wade breaks the drought by driving Jadeja through the covers for four. Australia need to start attacking because if they just block then on a pitch like this, they will get one with their name on it sooner rather than later.


    Over 51 - Aus 112/6 (Maxwell 1, Wade 3)

    Ashwin continues as the two spinners now seem to be racing for the remaining wickets. Another maiden is negotiated by Wade.


    Over 50 - Aus 112/6 (Maxwell 1, Wade 3)

    Jadeja is looking deadly at the moment. Another big appeal is turned down by the umpire, but a wicket seems like it is right around the corner.


    Over 49 - Aus 112/6 (Maxwell 1, Wade 3)

    WICKET. Henriques is run out by Jadeja, you can't keep him out of the game. Maxwell is the new batsman for Australia who are now staring down the barrel of another innings defeat.

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Match Details

2nd - 6th Mar 2013
Australia won the toss and elected to bat.
Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium
H D P K Dharmasena and M Erasmus

australia BATTING CARD

Batsman R
Cowan c Sehwag b Jadeja 44
Warner b Ashwin 26
Hughes b Ashwin 0
Watson c Dhoni b Sharma 9
Clarke b Jadeja 16
Wade c Sehwag b Ashwin 10
Henriques run out 0
Maxwell lbw b Ashwin 8
Siddle c Kohli b Jadeja 4
Pattinson lbw b Ashwin 0
Doherty not out 1
Extras 7b, 6lb 13
Total All Out, 67.0 Overs 131
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Bowler O M R W
Kumar 6 4 7 0
Ashwin 28 12 63 5
Singh 10 7 10 0
Jadeja 18 8 33 3
Sharma 5 2 5 1
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