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South Africa won by 231 runs.

Holland vs S Africa


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    South Africa win by 231 runs

    A clinical performance from the South Africans. Having notched up a sizable score, the Proteas wasted little time in rifling through the Dutch order. Having given England a run for their money the Netherlands would have been hoping to push Graeme Smith's men a little harder but it was not to be. Next up for the South Africans is a massive clash with England on Sunday while the Netherlands face the hosts, India, on Wednesday. We'll be covering both games life so do join us then. For now you can switch across to the Pakistan vs Canada game where the North Americans are giving Shahid Afridi's men a tough time.

  • Over 35 Tahir 0-1-W-0-W

    120 - Wicket! Lovely stuff from Tahir as he fires in a quicker one that traps Loots straight in front. They ask for the review but more out of hope than anything else and at this stage why not, but it won't be of any help, umpire Kettleborough had it spot on. The South Africans ask for review next up as Westdijk is hit on the pads pushing forward. He's been hit outside the line though so it's not out. Wicket! Another review! Kettleborough has given it out as Westdijk pushes forward. They have one review left so go for it but it's just clipped the top of leg and that's that folks!


    Over 34 Peterson 0-0-1-0-wd-0-6

    119-8 - Sloppy fielding allows the batsmen to trot through for overthrows as an unnecessary throw at the stumps isn't backed up. Loots shows some aggression and it pays off as he thumps the ball over the bowler's head for six. Nicely played.

  • Over 33 Tahir W-0-wd-W-wd-0-0-0

    111-8 - Wicket! Another one gone! De Grooth is run out looking for a quick single, it was a direct hit from Smith who rushed in from short fine leg. Wicket! Oh boy, the Netherlands are falling apart here as Bukhari is beaten all ends up by a wrong 'un from Tahir. He didn't pick it and had his stumps disturbed as a result. A slip in place for the new man Loots.

  • Over 32 Peterson 1-0-0-W-0-0

    109-6 - Peterson returns for another spell. Wicket! Big appeal as the ball pitches on leg and turns back to hit leg stump - or so it seems. Again umpire de Silva didn't give it and the South Africans challenge the call. Borren starts walking as soon as the replay comes up on the big screen, it was plumb! De Silva is having a shocker!


    Over 31 Duminy 2-0-0-1-0-0

    108-5 - De Grooth shuffles down the crease and turns the ball wide of mid on for two. Borren looks to scamper through for a single as he dabs the ball into the leg side but Faf du Plessis is there in a second to swoop in and field. He gets up rather gingerly though, lets hope he hasn't injured himself.


    Over 30 Steyn 0-0-1-wd-0-0-1

    105-5 - Kemar Roach skittled the Netherlands with a fast and full attack and Steyn is trying to do the same here, a hint of reverse-swing available too. A wide down the leg side is well gathered by Morne van Wyk and de Grooth collects one to the leg side to finish the over.


    Over 29 Duminy 0-0-0-1-0-0

    102-5 - There's not major turn for Duminy, just a hint, but his angle across the batsman from around the stumps causes new man Peter Borren some trouble. The Dutch skipper then decides to use his feet and skips to clip to midwicket for a single. This is a great opportunity for Duminy to have a safe bowl in case he's needed later in the tournament.


    Over 28 Steyn 0-2-0-0-W-1

    101-5 - More pace might suit shot-making but it is Dale Steyn so maybe not. OUT! Having collected a couple of runs to the leg side Ten Doeschate gets stuck in two minds and trapped dead on the crease by a delivery which seams back in to him beautifully. The Dutch dangerman is on his way for just 11.


    Over 27 Duminy 1-0-0-0-1-0

    98-4 - The current rate is below four, the required rate is above ten and these South African spinners are just choking the life out of Netherlands. A single to each batsmen doesn't really help the Dutch cause.


    Over 26 Tahir 1-2-0-0-0-1

    96-4 - Four from the over, two of which come from a de Grooth reverse-sweep. He is then fortunate to get back on a skidding delivery which nearly catches him dead in front.


    Over 25 Duminy 0-2-0-1wd-0-0

    92-4 - Ten Doeschate is definitely the key for the Netherlands and he turns away off his toes for two more runs to the leg side. Duminy slip sin a leg side wide and then gets pushes away for another single by the Dutch number five.


    Over 24 Tahir 0-1-1-1-1-0

    88-4 - A change of ends for Tahir and he's thrown in a google which is totally misread by de Grooth - no shot offered and the ball strikes the pad but despite the appeals Asoka de Silva says not out and there's no referral. Replays suggest it's going over the stumps so good decision. The batting pair meanwhile collect two singles each with ten Doeschate looking more comfortable than his partner against the Proteas leg spinner.


    Over 23 Duminy 0-0-1-W-0-1

    84-4 - Ten Doeschate prods into the off side and calls "no run" in a very South African accent. He then does indeed get his single from the next delivery. OUT! Barresi goes forward in defence and drags his back foot. Morne van Wyk is quick as a flash in whipping the bails off with Barresi's foot still on the crease and third umpire Simon Taufel has no option but to send him on his way. A double blow for the Dutch who now have Tom de Grooth in the middle.


    Over 22 Peterson 0-6-W-0-1-0

    82-3 - Six! Zuiderent has been bogged down up until now but he saunters down the track and has absolutely middled a straight hit high into the stand over mid on. OUT! Peterson finds immediate revenge with Zuiderent trapped on the pad with the ball going on to hit leg stump. He got a healthy stride, more than 2.5 meters, but it's not referred and Ryan ten Doeschate now enters and he gets off the mark with a single.


    Over 21 Duminy 0-0-2-1-0-1

    75-2 - Tahir's been given just three overs and now he's off with JP Duminy's part-time off spin the replacement. He's around the wicket and turning it a touch but strays to leg and is worked away for two by Barresi. Zuiderent sweeps for a single to add to it with the Dutch really creeping along slowly here.


    Over 20 Peterson 0-0-0-1-1-1

    71-2 - Something has to give soon with the pressure being built by South Africa's spin pair. Barresi pushes to long on for one and then Zuiderent has a dart with a full swing aimed at long off finding the outside half of the bat and spooning up just wide of Morne Morkel on the off side.


    Over 19 Tahir 0-0-0-1-0-0

    68-2 - The Dutch duo are simply not able to read Tahir's googly. They are watchful and the only run from the over is a single for Barresi who once again brings out the sweep shot.


    Over 18 Peterson 0-1-0-1-0-1

    67-2 - Spinners in tandem now with Robin Peterson introduced. Barresi sweeps again for one of three singles against the left-armer who will be used to contain from one end while Tahir plays the striking role from the other.


    Over 17 Tahir 0-4-0-0-1-0

    64-2 - Tahir - wearing 99 on his back - continues after the break and is swept away to the fence by Barresi who will have to bat first if the Netherlands are to get close. He picks up another single and it could have been tight had the fielder gathered cleanly there.

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Match Details

3rd Mar 2011
Punjab Cricket Assocn. Stadium, Mohali
E A R de Silva and R A Kettleborough


Batsman R
Kervezee c&b Kallis 10
Barresi st van Wyk b Duminy 44
Cooper c Steyn b Kallis 9
Zuiderent lbw b Peterson 15
ten Doeschate lbw b Steyn 11
de Grooth run out 12
Borren lbw b Peterson 3
Bukhari b M I T Tahir 0
Seelaar not out 2
Loots lbw b M I T Tahir 6
Westdijk lbw b M I T Tahir 0
Extras 8w 8
Total All out, 34.5 Overs 120
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Steyn 6 1 26 1
M Morkel 5 0 18 0
Kallis 6 0 19 2
M I T Tahir 6.5 0 19 3
Peterson 5 0 22 2
Duminy 6 0 16 1
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