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England won by 10 wickets.

England vs W Indies


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    There was a blip this afternoon, but England have completed a massive victory here. Swann, Bopara and Onions were the stars, with useful supporting performances from Broad and Anderson. Captain Strauss hit the winning runs to complete a 10-wicket victory and earn a couple of days off. Join us on Thursday for coverage of the second Test from Chester-le-Street.


    Over 7 Edwards 4

    32-0 - Strauss laces a cover-drive to the boundary to finish the game in style. England have raced over the finishing line in a flurry of boundaries to complete a thoroughly comprehensive victory.


    Over 6 Taylor 0-2nb-0-4-0-4-2

    28-0 - Cook manages somehow to push a no-ball through the offside for a couple of runs. Whatever his problems with footwork, he's going to have no problem with long-hops. And Taylor is kind enough to bowl him one which is pulled with fierce power through midwicket. That seems to visibly lift Cook who leans into a drive straight down the ground for a real classy boundary. "You're only ever two boundaries away from being back in nick," observes Bumble. Another drive down the ground - all bottom hand an no timing this time - brings Cook two more and England are one hit away.


    Over 5 Edwards 0-0-0-0-0-1

    15-0 - Cook looks in a rare old mess with his footwork here. He's camped so deep in his crease and feeling for the ball outside the off stump. Worrying, to be honest. He's still okay when the ball's on his pads, and picks up a single to end the over and keep the strike.


    Over 4 Taylor 0-0-2-0-0-0

    14-0 - A short-arm pull brings Strauss two runs. No real timing in the shot. Strauss tries to cut the next one but it keeps low and bounces through to Ramdin, who takes smartly on the half-volley. Strauss is beaten outside the off stump by the final ball of the over.


    Over 3 Edwards 0-0-0-0nb-1-0-1nb-1

    12-0 - Strauss whacks a drive straight back down the ground, but hits it too straight and the stumps at the bowler's end save four. Edwards oversteps striving for something extra before Strauss picks up a single with a defensive push off the back foot. Cook is beaten by a very full delivery outside off stump. His trigger movements are taking him right back into his crease, and he actually played that shot with both feet behind the popping crease. The next ball is more to his liking with that technique, shorter and on his pads, and he clips it away for a single. Strauss scampers a quick single to keep the strike, and England need just 20 more runs to win this Test with two days to spare.


    Over 2 Taylor 0-0-0-4-1-0

    7-0 - Taylor overpitches, and Strauss helps himself to four runs with a crisp drive through the covers. He turns the next ball round the corner for a single, before umpire Davis calls over one ball early. His mate puts him right, and everyone goes back for the final ball. It's been a long day. After all that, Cook just lets it through to Ramdin. Hardly worth the bother.


    Over 1 Edwards 0-0nb-0-0-0-1-0

    2-0 - This is unlikely to be a lengthy spell for Edwards, and he appears determined to live nothing out on the field. A sharp bouncer has the England captain ducking, and the Windies would love to at least take a couple with them tonight. Certainly, they'd love to get Pietersen - on a king pair remember - out there tonight. Strauss tucks a straight delivery into the legside to get off the mark in the evening sunshine.

  • West Indies Second Innings 256

    England need just 32 runs to win, and they've got plenty of time to get the job done tonight.

  • Over 60 Broad 0-W

    256ao WICKET! Nash's decent resistance comes to an end. He tries to carve the ball up and over point, but can only pick out Cook at deep point. The Essex man circles under a ball swirling around horribly in these high winds, but in the end takes a good safe catch. Deserved success for Broad, who bowled superbly after tea. Good knock from Nash, but he just couldn't find anyone to stay with him once Ramdin departed.


    Over 59 Swann 1-0-0-0-0-0

    256-9 - A deflated balloon is floating around the outfield and evading all attempts by the skilled operatives in green trying to catch it. This is causing huge amusement to a by now cheerfully-refreshed Lord's crowd. Nash is happy to take a single from the first ball of the over, and Baker manages to get through the over despite an almighty and entirely unsuccessful heave at a floaty, tempting delivery from Swann to end the over.


    Over 58 Broad 0-0-1-2-0-0

    255-9 - Case in point. There are three men on the offside boundary, but Nash is still trying to hit the ball in that direction. He's probably expecting a short ball as he backs away to leg, but it's a length ball and Nash ends up groping at the ball outside the off stump with little success. A push into the wide open spaces on the offside give Nash a single, and if the batsmen had been alive to it there was the possibility of a second run. That might be a better option for him: see if he can find some twos rather than looking for boundaries. It's a long way to his century in singles. Baker shovels to leg for a couple before being comprehensively beaten by both the last two deliveries of the over.


    Over 57 Swann 0-0-1-0-0-0

    252-9 - Not sure how adept Nash is at manipulating the tail. He's a good batsman, but one who plays within his limitations. He knows his shots and plays them well. But I can't see him trying anything outrageous, as someone like Pietersen would in this situation, to try and find a boundary or two. He contents himself with a single from the third ball of the over and leaves Baker to defend the last ball of the over.


    Over 56 Broad 0-1-0-0-0-0

    251-9 - Really good, hostile spell this from Broad. He almost ends Nash's resistance as the left-hander fends a short ball up in the air. Broad charges towards the ball in his followthrough but can't quite scoop up the ball on the full. Nash smacks the next ball to deep point for a single before another short ball cannons into Baker's gloves but goes nowhere. The Windies number 11 survives.


    Over 55 Swann 0-0-0-1-0-0

    250-9 - Nash eventually takes the easy single being offered from the fourth ball of the over to bring up West Indies' 250. Baker survives the last two balls, including a huge but optimistic appeal for lbw. Bat involved, and outside the line. Apart from that it was plumb.


    Over 54 Broad 0-1-0-W-0-0

    249-9 - Nash gets a thick edge wide of the slips to third-man and, once again, takes the single on offer. A brisk short ball has Edwards swaying, but in fairness the Windies number 10 does it well. He kept the bat and gloves low and kept his eye on the ball. WICKET! Not so good this time, though. It is, in fairness, an even better bouncer, climbing higher and following the batsman who can only fend the ball to gully. Bresnan dives to his left to take a fine catch and make his first significant contribution to the cause. Lionel Baker is the Windies' last man, and the end is surely nigh.


    Over 53 Swann 1-0-0-0-W-2

    248-8 - A tactical misfield from Strauss at short cover allows Nash to take a single from the first ball of Swann's over. WICKET! And that proves a shrewd piece of work from the England skipper as Benn tries to force a quicker, flatter delivery through the covers and gets nowhere near the ball which cannons into his off stump. Nash looks unimpressed at the non-striker's end, and well he might. Not the support he was looking for from the lanky spinner. Fidel Edwards is the new batsman. Surely he'll bat for Nash. Or not, as he flays his first ball in the air through the covers for a couple of runs. Nash would be well advised to delay his single until later in the over.


    Over 52 Broad 1-0-0-0-0wd-0-0

    245-7 - England set the field deep, happy to give Nash the single. And he's happy to take it as well. Broad gives Benn a whack with a ferocious bouncer. Another bouncer sails way over Benn's head - an impressive feat but a waste of energy - and is quite rightly signalled wide by umpire De Silva. Broad ends the over with a fine delivery that leaves the left-handed Benn and goes past the outside edge.


    Over 51 Swann 0-0-1-4-W-0

    243-7 - Swann is back round the wicket to Nash, who defends to point for a single. None of that caper for Taylor who clubs another boundary down the ground. WICKET! Ah, the two sides of Taylor. He's played two or three glorious shots in this brief innings but now decides, for reasons best known to himself, to try and slog-sweep a half-volley. He misses and gets whacked on the pad in front of all three. Horrible shot, and England have wicket number seven. Taylor has plenty of talent for batting, but it seems that little of it resides between his ears. Benn, fully padded up this time, is the new batsman for West Indies. He has two linked responsibilities: bat for as long as possible, and help Nash get his name on the honours board.


    Over 50 Broad 0-0-3-0-1-4

    238-6 - Taylor gets three for a good-looking punch through the covers off the back foot before another well-directed Broad bouncer has Nash ducking for cover. Nash gets a slice of luck with a thick outside edge that goes to ground and fine of gully. There's a third-man in now so that's just a single, but Taylor clumps a drive down the ground for four to complete the over. He's a very dangerous batsman, and England will want rid of him quick smart to prevent this West Indies lead getting up towards ticklish proportions.

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6th - 8th May 2009
S J Davis and E A R de Silva


Batsman R
Strauss not out 14
Cook not out 14
Extras 4nb 4
Total Close, 6.1 Overs 32 - 0
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Bowler O M R W
Edwards 3.1 0 12 0
Taylor 3 0 20 0
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