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England won by 7 wickets.

England vs Sri Lanka


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  • England beat Sri Lanka by seven wickets

    As one-sided a game as you'll see in the latter stages of a global tournament. England look an absolutely awesome outfit and have demolished Sri Lanka in all departments here to deservedly cruise through to Sunday's final in Barbados. Pietersen carried on where he left off with a top-class unbeaten 42 to carry England home after Lumb and Kieswetter got the run-chase off to a fine start. As for England's bowling effort, it was one over away from perfection. Sri Lanka were terribly disappointing, but all credit to England who simply never let them into the game. Awesome. Bring on the Aussies. Or Pakistan.


    Over 16 Malinga 0-0-1-1-6-4

    132-3 - Malinga bowls his final over, and gets outrageously flicked over midwicket for six by Pietersen. He barely seemed to hit it, but it sailed miles over the rope. Papa Pietersen drives the last ball of the over imperiously down the ground for four. "Start the pedalo," chirps Bumble as England finish the game in fittingly impressive, commanding style.


    Over 15 Perera W-4-0-1-1-1

    120-3 WICKET! For no apparent reason, Collingwood slogs one straight up in the air and is caught by Sangakkara who almost misjudges it and has to get the dive out in the end. Still, it means we all get to see lovely Eoin Morgan do some batting. He's not on strike just yet, though, as Pietersen plays a delightful shot of his own with a back-cut that perfectly splits two fielders saving one behind point. Pietersen now walking jauntily down the trick with Perera barely halfway through his run-up to pick up a single down the ground. Morgan off the mark with a disappointingly orthodox cut shot that brings England's target down to 10. Pietersen wandering around again to shovel the final ball of the over into the legside to keep the strike.


    Over 14 Mendis 1-1-1-0-1-0

    113-2 - Sangakkara and Sri Lanka have given up here. Not even bringing men in to save the singles even though the required rate is three an over. Singles easily available, KP and Colly content to collect them.


    Over 13 Malinga 2-1-1-4-1-2

    109-2 - England cruise to three figures as Pietersen pulls Malinga behind square-leg for a couple. A couple of easy from full deliveries see Malinga go to the short ball again, and Pietersen helps it on its way to the fine-leg boundary with Jayasuriya too wide to do a thing about it. Collingwood times an attempted yorker nicely through midwicket and jogs an easy couple of runs. Just 20 runs required now, and an absolute age in which to get them.


    Over 12 Mendis 1-1-1-1-1-0

    98-2 - Andy Flower still taking copious notes in the England dugout. His 'negatives' column will be almost empty - he doesn't seem the type to fill that blank space with rude schoolboy doodlings.


    Over 11 Randiv 1-1-0-1-6-1

    93-2 - Hyper-confident England still determined to demolish this Sri Lanka bowling attack despite the loss of two quick wickets and a required rate barely above four. Pietersen saunters down the track and absolutely smashes Randiv into the wall at the back of the bank behind deep midwicket. That's gone 100m according to the boffins - the fourth biggest hit of the tournament.


    Over 10 Perera 1-4-4-W-1-2

    83-2 - Let no-one suggest Sangakkara isn't prepared to try things here. Perera is the seventh bowler deployed in just the 10th over of the innings. Pietersen punches a single to deep cover before Lumb picks up four as Mendis dives over the ball at third-man. Sri Lanka really need to cut those off. Another of Lumb's pitching-wedge shots finds the gap perfectly at cover and bounces once before hitting the boundary boards. WICKET! Good bowling this. Perera comes round the wicket to Lumb, who gets too far across his stumps and is bowled round his legs. But with less than 50 runs now required, it hardly matters and Sri Lanka barely celebrate. Lumb's done his job once again, even if he'll be mildly frustrated to once again fall short of a massive contribution. Collingwood the new batsman and immediately off the mark with a firm push into the covers, before Pietersen picks up two with a powerful drive that has the cover sweeper scampering. Kapugedera does well to save a couple. England almost 30 runs ahead of Sri Lanka at this stage.


    Over 9 Malinga W-0-1-0-2-0

    71-1 WICKET! Kieswetter's best innings of the tournament comes to an end as Malinga sneaks a yorker under the England keeper's bat. Fine delivery, but the start Kieswetter has given England has surely made the rest of this chase a formality. Pietersen is the new batsman with a lovely platform on which to build. He's off the mark with a single down the ground before Lumb gets a genuine outside edge that fails to carry through to Sangakkara. Drop! Lumb chips the next ball down the ground but Kulasekera, running in from long-off, can't hold on despite getting to the ball just before it hits the turf. Lumb tries to run himself out again, running one-and-a-half after miscuing the ball to mid-off, but a poor throw from Jayawardene allows him to get home. In fairness to Lumb, Pietersen should probably have responded to the call. Pretty easy run.


    Over 8 Jayasuriya 1-0-1-6-1-6

    68-0 - Sangakkara turns to his sixth bowling option in just the eighth over of the innings. He's gone to the wily old fox Jayasuriya. Doesn't do any good as Kieswetter goes to his favourite shot again, advancing down the track and launching the ball over extra-cover for a massive six. The speed of his footwork is magnificent, and it was a lovely clean strike. Lumb follows suit with an almost perfect mirror-image. Just looked like a chip with a checked follow-through, but the timing is perfect and the ball carries the rope by a yard. England doing this in style at the moment.


    Over 7 Randiv 0-0-4-1-1-0

    53-0 - The fielding restrictions are lifted, but Sri Lanka can only relax the field so far with England's required rate not a problem. Slip in place as Randiv comes on for his second over, but Lumb slog-sweeps perfectly into the gap at deep square-leg for a boundary to bring up the 50 partnership. Should be a walk in the park from here. The odd slice of luck, but Lumb and Kieswetter have once again got England off to the start required.


    Over 6 Mendis 1-0-0-0-4-4

    47-0 - Shambolic scenes. England have two batsmen at the same end after Kieswetter slices a cut shot to Malinga at point. Lumb walks back towards the non-striker's end with an air of resignation, but is soon sprinting after Mendis fails to gather the throw. What a let-off. Everything going England's way, and Kieswetter then ends the over with back-to-back boundaries to keep England nicely ahead of the rate. The first, slapped down the ground after skipping down the track, is particularly fine.


    Over 5 Malinga 4-0-0-0wd-0wd-1-0-0

    38-0 - Five overs, five different bowlers. Lasith Malinga into the attack now, and his first delivery is a slower ball that Lumb hits straight back over his head for four. Not timed - batsman probably slightly deceived - but there's no fielder out there and the ball rolls into the fence. That takes England's task below a run a ball for the first time. Malinga definitely following the English example here and running his fingers across the ball here, but he's trying to second-guess Lumb as the batsman wanders around his crease and bowls a couple of wides outside the left-hander's off stump. Lumb stays still next ball, defends to mid-off and steals a single that should probably have been cut off. Kieswetter gives Malinga the charge and has to duck under a sharp bouncer. That one most certainly not a slower ball. Kieswetter sways out of the way of a short ball to end the over and wonders aloud why that particular delivery differed from the one that Broad was no-balled for earlier. That frustration may be understandable, but when he sees the replay of the lbw he got away with earlier he'll perhaps feel less aggrieved.


    Over 4 Mathews 4-0-0-4lb-0-6

    31-0 - No more spin, but still pace off the ball as Mathews comes on to bowl cutters with the keeper up to the stumps. He starts well, finding a genuine outside edge. But there's no slip in place and Kieswetter picks up a bonus boundary. Kieswetter then gets a huge slice of luck as he walks across his stumps and gets hit on the ankle in front of off stump. The ball's hitting the bottom of the middle stump, but Aleem Dar indicates the batsman had got right across and outside the line. He hadn't. To add to Sri Lanka's frustration, the ball runs away for four leg-byes and Kieswetter deposits the last ball of the over miles over long-off for six.


    Over 3 Randiv 0-4-4-1-0-2

    17-0 - Surprisingly, Sri Lanka have both their deep fielders on the legside with Kieswetter on strike. That gives him a virtual free-hit inside out over the offside, which is very much the England keeper's go-to shot. He picks up his first boundary with a slice over point and adds a second next ball with a far better-struck drive over extra-cover. Expensive start for Suraj Randiv as Lumb adds two more with a controlled chip over the infield.


    Over 2 Mendis 0-0-0-0-1-0

    6-0 - Spin from both ends with the new ball here. Sri Lanka playing their cards early. Mystery man Mendis is a rather different proposition to Dilshan, and he starts with four dot balls. He ends with another dot, and that's a fine first over. Good tactics from Sri Lanka this: they were always going to start with at least one spinner, but they're spot on to start with two rather than risk releasing the pressure with a paceman at the other end. Especially against this pair.


    Over 1 Dilshan 1-2-0-1-1-0

    5-0 - No surprise to see Sri Lanka open with a spinner, but perhaps a slight surprise to see that it's Dilshan with the ball in his hand. Kieswetter takes the first ball, and immediately trots a single to expose Lumb and his perceived weakness against the twirlers. No problems first up as a push through the covers brings a couple and a deft dab to third-man brings one. Kieswetter uses his feet to pick up a single to long-on. Quiet start to the innings, but no real alarms.


    Fast start

    The openers are key for England here: if Kieswetter and Lumb can get nicely ahead of the rate in the powerplay overs - as they have throughout the tournament - the job for NDKP, Colly, Morgs and co becomes very easy.

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Match Details

13th May 2010
St Lucia
Aleem Dar and S J A Taufel


Batsman R
Kieswetter b Malinga 39
Lumb b Perera 33
Pietersen not out 42
Collingwood c Sangakkara b Perera 10
Morgan not out 2
Extras 2w, 4lb 6
Total Close, 16.0 Overs 132 - 3
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sri lanka BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Dilshan 1 0 5 0
Mendis 4 0 19 0
Randiv 3 0 27 0
Mathews 1 0 10 0
Malinga 4 0 33 1
Jayasuriya 1 0 15 0
Perera 2 0 19 2
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