England vs S Africa

England V South Africa - Headingley Test

  • 19:32

    Match drawn. The players shake hands to end a fantastic Test match at Headingley. It will all come down to Lord's! #EngvSA
    by Sky Sports Cricket via twitter
  • 15:10

    “@MissyLeeds: @BumbleCricket how was your latest Leeds experience?” Grand ... Stayed Harrogate this time
    by David 'Bumble' Lloyd via twitter
  • 14:50

    Can't see cricket in Olympics . Not enough countries play ..
    by David 'Bumble' Lloyd via twitter
  • 14:37

    A few of you missing the point of my last tweet. You will get there eventually.

    Well done the Brownlee brothers. Gold and bronze #machines
    by Tim Bresnan via twitter
  • 14:35

    Look who I bumped into at the Oakley safe house,1 of the "Oarsome Foursome" Lawrence Ndlovu. Man that medal is heavy!! p.twimg.com
    by 7polly7 via twitter
  • 14:31

    RT @ennispostbox: @timbresnan Why would you say that when I'm looking so beautiful dressed in gold?
    by Tim Bresnan via twitter
  • 14:26

    I need to post a letter. I'm a bit of a traditionalist so want a red postbox. Anywhere in Yorkshire still got 1?
    by Tim Bresnan via twitter
  • 13:50

    All the athletes for that matter have done their best & have trained for 4 years for an event..
    I think all Olympic athletes are special !!!
    by Shane Warne via twitter
  • 13:49

    A lot of you on twitter are being very sarcastic about Australian athletes
    I'm proud of every single 1 of them & the way they are competing
    by Shane Warne via twitter
  • 13:16

    Top stuff Alistair!!!!
    by Ian Ward via twitter
  • 12:07

    Very excited to see the Olympic Park later, Mum and I having a day out together, who else is there?!
    by Stuart Broad via twitter
  • 11:25

    “@michael_bowden: @BumbleCricket KP and Adam Wheatley are directors of Mission Sports Management”Yes I know
    by David 'Bumble' Lloyd via twitter
  • 11:05

    “@legsidefilth: @BumbleCricket His agent, Adam Wheatley, was present with him at the ECB negotiations.”Can't believe that!
    by David 'Bumble' Lloyd via twitter
  • 10:59

    RT @Neil_Belton: @BumbleCricket it is surprising that it appears that no one within the game knows who it is
    by David 'Bumble' Lloyd via twitter
  • 10:59

    RT @AntMcKenna76: @BumbleCricket If KP gets what he wants today, I can see Flower walking. KP could ruin a legacy. Simple decision, back ...
    by David 'Bumble' Lloyd via twitter
  • 10:55

    I promise you , there will be a third party representing KP with the ECB
    by David 'Bumble' Lloyd via twitter
  • 10:54

    Thought so ... Nobody knows who represents KP
    by David 'Bumble' Lloyd via twitter
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Match Details

2nd - 6th Aug 2012
England won the toss and elected to bowl.
Headingley Carnegie
S J Davis and R J Tucker


Batsman R
Pietersen c M I T Tahir b Philander 12
Cook c Rudolph b Steyn 46
Strauss c&b Duminy 22
Trott not out 30
Prior run out 7
Bell not out 3
Extras 1nb, 1w, 8lb 10
Total 33.0 Overs 130 - 4
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
M Morkel 10 4 33 0
Philander 6 1 26 1
Steyn 7 1 26 1
M I T Tahir 4 0 20 0
Duminy 2 0 10 1
Kallis 4 2 7 0
Full Bowling Card