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Day 4 of 5
England win by 170 runs

England vs New Zealand

Match Details

16th - 20th May 2013
England won the toss and elected to bat.
A S Aleem, S J Stephen
TV Umpire
M Marais
Match Referee
D C David
Reserve Umpire
P J Peter

new zealand BATTING CARD

Batsman R
P.G. Fulton c Prior b Broad 1
H.D. Rutherford b Broad 9
K.S. Williamson c Finn b Broad 6
D.G. Brownlie c Cook b Anderson 5
B.B. McCullum lbw Broad 8
B.J. Watling c Trott b Anderson 13
T.G. Southee c Root b Broad 7
N. Wagner run out (Anderson) 17
B.P. Martin b Broad 1
Extras 1lb 1
Total All Out, 22.3 Overs 68
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
J.M. Anderson 11.3 5 23 2
S.C.J. Broad 11 0 44 7
Full Bowling Card