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England vs Ireland


Last Updated: May 4, 2010 9:50pm


    All over

    England have qualified from Group D alongside West Indies. The rain is still coming down and play has been abandoned. This is tough on Ireland who have paid the price for a woeful batting display against the Windies in their opening match. Both England and Ireland end on one point, but the former's net run-rate was superior so they progress. Thanks for your patience and keep it here for reports and reaction.


    Still raining

    Ireland's place in the competition is hanging by a thread. This would be a cruel way to bow out having bowled and fielded so well


    Time is ticking

    If a ball is not bowled again by 9.59pm the match will be abandoned. The covers are on as it stands but there is blue sky about. Fingers crossed... if you're Irish I guess


    Oh no...

    More rain is pouring down and the covers are on yet again! The prospect of any more play looks bleaker than the sky surrounding the Providence Stadium. The cut off point to resume is 10pm.



    We are looking at a 9.45pm restart if there is no more rain. Sit tight.



    Still mopping up the ground. No news on start time as yet.


    Covers coming off

    Progress. Now let's hope that's the last of the rain!



    Get them out folks! We are nine deliveries away from having a completed 'game'. Remember, a no result puts England through


    Over 4 Sidebottom 4-4-0-

    14-1 - O'Brien eases the pressure first ball off Sidebottom's second over with a neat clip over square-leg for four. His next shot is even better, straight over mid-on for a couple of bounce four. Rain is falling again here.. pure drama. The covers are coming on again!


    Over 3 Bresnan 0-1-0-0-0wd-0-0

    6-1 New man Niall O'Brien, playing his 100th international, gets off the mark with a scrambled single second ball. Bresnan is bang on the money with the next two deliveries before throwing one down leg for an extra. Just two off it though and England have started well here.

  • Over 2 Sidebottom 0-1-0-0-0-W

    4-1 - Play and Siddy continue, and there is a bit of zip on the surface now. A huge appeal for caught behind is turned down and replays prove inconclusive. WICKET! Sensational catch from Lumb on the boundary does for Stirling who trudges off for a six-ball duck! He absolutely crunched a pull towards the midwicket fence and Lumb ran across and dived to claim the catch. England strike.



    Play will resume very shortly. No overs have been lost and Ireland still need 121 to win.


    Covers off

    Good news folks. The rain has stopped and the groundstaff are out repairing the damage. Keep it here for updates


    Or maybe not...

    That blue sky has quickly turned into black sky! This does not look good and a lenghty delay looks likely...


    Blue sky

    I should point out that the players need to be off the field for half an hour before we start losing overs. There is plenty of blue sky around and this could just be a heavy shower. I'll keep you in the loop.


    Over 2 Sidebottom 0-1

    4-0 - A bit of movement for Sidebottom also and he passes the outside edge of Porterfield's bat first up. A single through point follow. Would you believe it?! The rain is coming down in bucket-loads! The players have raced off the field and this is not good for England. Andy Flower is seen throwing his hands in frustration. As it stands Ireland would require just 35 to win from five overs should Duckworth-Lewis get involved.


    Over 1 Bresnan 0-0-0-3-0-0

    3-0 - Bresnan kicks off proceedings as Collingwood goes with two slips and plenty of men saving one. Captain Porterfield gets his men up and running with a crisp drive for three through the covers. Stirling is opening alongside his skipper and is beaten all ends up by the final ball of a tight first opening over.


    Ireland need 121 runs to qualify

    It's as simple as that - unless D or L get involved of course. A fantastic effort from Ireland and pretty shambolic one from England. The pitch and outfield has made scoring tough, however only Morgan and Wright can come out of that innings with any credit.

  • Over 20 Botha 1-2-W-2-W-2

    120-8 - Swann does his job first ball and works a single to get Morgan back on strike. A club over midwicket brings him two more. WICKET! Morgan's brave stay is over. He couldn't add to his 45 off 37 balls, Wilson catching well at long-on. Swann works another couple behind square on the leg-side. WICKET! Yardy has gone without facing a ball, selfless running and brilliant fielding from Johnston ending his stay! A direct-hit catching him short of his ground. Two runs off the final ball see England labour to 120-8.

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Match Details

4th May 2010
B F Bowden and A L Hill


Batsman R
Porterfield not out 4
Stirling c Lumb b Sidebottom 0
O'Brien not out 9
Extras 1w 1
Total Close, 3.3 Overs 14 - 1
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Bresnan 2 0 5 0
Sidebottom 1.3 0 9 1
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