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England won by 6 wickets.

England vs Holland


Last Updated: February 22, 2011 4:51pm

  • England win by six wickets

    And survive an almighty scare. Have we seen a potential World Cup winner here today? Almost certainly not. But we've seen a game that the tournament desperately needed after an opening weekend dominated by one-sided encounters. Cracking game of cricket, and Holland have already done enough in this one game to highlight the sheer folly of the ICC's short-sighted plan to banish the Associate nations from future World Cups. Bruce, meanwhile, is a man of his word. Sort of. "All lined up: there's 40 first come first served in the Varsity, Leicester.


    Over 49: Loots 6-2-4-4

    296-4 - Bopara launches the first ball of the penultimate over for six as English nerves are settled. A bunt into the legside trickles into untended space and allows Bopara to get back for two. Too late now, but the field still hadn't come in. Now they do, and Loots serves up a high full-toss that Bopara hammers over midwicket for four to bring the scores level. And another full-toss is smashed for four more by Bopara as England get home by the skin of their teeth after being given an almighty scare by a Ten Doeschate-inspired Holland. Only in the last three overs of 99 did Holland's cricket betray their Associate status.


    Over 48: Seelaar 1-3-0wd-1-1-2-1

    280-4 - Seelaar uses his Dutch footballing skills to save three runs by stopping a powerful Bopara straight drive with his boot. Collingwood gets three for a clever reverse-lap before Seelaar sees Bopara coming and fires a dart down the legside. Right idea, but just asked too much of Barresi. Another couple of singles are followed by a hard-run two as Bopara places the ball carefully into the legside. Holland need to bring the field in here. Time for heroes. England will win this with ones and twos if the field doesn't change. Twenty runs scored from the last 12 balls; 13 needed from the next 12.



    Lovely stuff from Rob Riches. Next time I'm on comms, I will endeavour to use all of these. "Burdle ; a shot that bloops in the air but goes safely to ground. Curdle: an in-the-air shot that freezes the blood because it's going to get caught - and/but it does/doesn't. Gurdle: a shot that looks to push the ball to the leg side, but goes the other way (and vice versa). Hurdle: a shot that goes over a close fielder. Murdle: an almighty swipe that trickles as if nurdled. Purrdle: an especially elegant use of feet, wrists and general balletic movement to produce all of one run."


    Over 47: Loots 4-1-2-1-1-1

    270-4 - Brilliant stuff from Collingwood, as he gets down on one knee and laps Loots over short fine-leg for a pressure-easing boundary. Bopara works to leg and bellows "Two!" Takes some almighty scampering, but he gets home. A chip down the ground keeps long-on interested but lands just short of the man, and Collingwood picks up yet another single with a clip into the legside. Bit too full-blooded to be called a nurdle really. Bopara gets a single to end a good over for England. Four from the first ball, and runs off the other five. Textbook.


    Over 46: Seelaar 0-1-1-0-1-1

    260-4 - England made 34-2 in the batting powerplay. Not terrible, but didn't seal the game as you felt it ought to have done. Collingwood comes down the track and has an almighty mow at Seelaar and gets only a thick inside edge just past the leg stump for a single. Could that be the moment? On such fine margins can games be won and lost. Good over for Holland though, with England now needing 33 from 24. Blimey.


    Over 45: Loots 0-1-0-4-1-1

    256-4 - Two dot balls in the first half of the over put the pressure on Collingwood, who responds by going over mid-off for four. His first offside runs of the day. England need 37 runs off 30 balls, and Bruce owes everyone a pint.


    Over 44: Bukhari 0-4-1-0-1-2

    249-4 - Bukhari does have an obsession with the batsmen's pads that is liable to cause him grief in this tournament. Collingwood prospers as Strauss did earlier, clipping the ball away fine for four. A single brings new batsman Bopara on strike, and he gets off the mark with a single second ball before some almighty scampering gets Collingwood a second run for another of his faithful nurdles.


    Over 43: Ten Doeschate 1-1-0-1-1-W

    241-4 WICKET! Ten Doeschate is having a Very Good Game Indeed. The final ball of his 10-over spell knocks out Bell's middle stump via an inside edge and there's life in this game yet.


    Over 42: Bukhari 0-2-0-1-4-1

    237-3 - The batting powerplay brought 50 runs for Holland as they went run-crazy in the last 10 overs. England don't need anything like that dramatic, but they would still like to get the required rate down to a run a ball in the next few overs if they can. Bell assists this bid by crunching a cut shot to the cover-point fence. The admittedly well-worn Benaud joke earlier, meanwhile, has just been described as "risible balls" in my favourite piece of feedback ever.


    Over 41: Ten Doeschate 1-Wwd-1-1-0-1-2

    229-3 WICKET! The powerplay strikes! Although this wicket is entirely down to a moment of absolute brilliance from Holland keeper 'Franco' Barresi, who completes a cracking take down the legside from RTD before whipping off the bails as Trott overbalances. Collingwood's the new batsman, and he nurdles his first ball for a single. Loves it.

  • Powerplay

    England, just to keep the game interesting, take the wicket-taking powerplay.


    Over 40: Seelaar 2-0-0-1-2-2

    222-2 - In the three overs since the required rate hit seven, England have scored seven, eight and seven. Precision. The score is now a Benaud-pleasing tchew hundred and twenty-tchew for tchew.


    Over 39: Westdijk 1-1-4-0-1-1

    215-2 - Westdijk returns to the attack, and Trott pulls him for four without breaking stride. Pull, run, gurn, scrape: repeat until world ends. Trott loves to bat.


    TV Times

    "If England don't buck up I'm gonna do a Ricky Ponting and smash my TV" says Mark. Think we might need an allegedly in there somewhere.


    Over 38: Seelaar 1-1-1lb-1-2-1

    207-2 - Seven from the over. Precise work from England who are clearly aiming to win this from the last ball of the match as they single-handedly bid to save the World Cup from itself. Trott, meanwhile, has gone through to a half-century that looked as inevitable as night following day from the moment he arrived at the crease.


    Over 37: Loots 0-1-0-0-1-1

    200-2 - The 200 comes up as the run-rate required ticks over seven. Shouldn't be a problem, but stranger things have happened.


    Over 36: Bukhari 1-2-4-1-0-0

    197-2 - Trott is no-one's idea of an exciting ODI batsman, but he is a thoroughly reliable one. He's once again calmly and patiently produced an innings that England sorely needed as he picks up four more with a crunching drive through point. Time for a DRINK, although Trott may not even notice the big Gatorade truck weaving its way across the outfield.


    Over 35: Loots 0-1-1-0-1-1

    189-2 - Four singles from the over. Required rate inches towards seven.


    Over 34: Seelaar 1-0-0-2-2-0

    185-2 - "Ah, Peter Sellers has come on," notes one of our football chaps. First Tommy Cooper and now Peter Sellers. Dr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mid-innings Drearylull.

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Match Details

22nd Feb 2011
Asad Rauf and B N J Oxenford


Batsman R
Strauss c Cooper b Bukhari 88
Pietersen c Borren b Seelaar 39
Trott st Barresi b ten Doeschate 62
Bell b ten Doeschate 33
Collingwood not out 30
Bopara not out 30
Extras 11w, 1b, 2lb 14
Total Close, 48.4 Overs 296 - 4
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Bukhari 9 0 54 1
Westdijk 7 0 41 0
Loots 9.4 0 74 0
Seelaar 10 0 54 1
ten Doeschate 10 0 47 2
Cooper 3 0 23 0
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