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England won by 6 wickets.

England vs Bangladesh


Last Updated: July 8, 2010 9:45pm


    England win by six wickets

    Bangladesh never got - or even tried to get - a good enough total here, and England put their 251-run target in perspective by crusing home with little trouble and almost five overs to spare. In the end, 300 probably wouldn't have been enough for Bangladesh. But at least it might have made things interesting, and given Bell time to get yet another century against the Tigers. Join us on Saturday when England will be going 2-0 up in the series at Bristol.


    Over 46 Faisal 1

    251-4 - Bell whacks the ball through the covers to finish the job. Fitting that he scored the winning run after steering England's run-chase rather splendidly.

  • Powerplay

    Asad Rauf sees the funny side of signalling the powerplay with just a single required.


    Over 45 Shakib 1-1lb-1-0-1-2

    250-4 - Yardy's pre-delivery trigger movement is my favourite since Kim Barnett hung up his tache. He starts off standing on the square-leg umpire's toes before jumping in front of the stumps at the last moment as if to say "Ha! Fooled you." As with most successful odd batting routines, though, he ends up in a perfectly satisfactory and pretty orthodox position. The scores are level.


    Over 44 Shafiul 1-0-1-4-4-2

    244-4 - Shafiul returns to bowl just the 11th over of seam in the innings. Bell is pleased, and hits top-class back-to-back boundaries. First he runs down the wicket and blazes the ball through point before hanging back to hook the inevitable follow-up bouncer behind the square-leg boundary rider. A powerful cut shot brings him two more, and England now need just seven runs for victory.


    Over 43 Faisal 0-3-0-0-1-1

    232-4 - Bell hacks a sweep through midwicket for three runs. Not his most elegant stroke today, but pretty effective. Just 19 runs needed now for England, and seven whole overs in which to do so.


    Over 42 Mahmudullah 0-0-1-4-1lb-0

    227-4 - Bell plays his signature in-to-out drive over extra-cover for at least the third time today. The precision of the placement and cleanness of strike has never wavered.


    Over 41 Razzak 1-1-1-1-0-0

    221-4 - The game meandering to a conclusion now. Four singles from the over. Just take the powerplay and finish things!


    Over 40 Mahmudullah 1-0-0-1-1-0

    217-4 - Three singles from the over. Yardy off the mark, and looking rather more comfortable than when last he batted for England.


    Over 39 Razzak 1-4-0-W-0-1

    214-4 WICKET! Another Morgan party-piece as he reverse-sweeps Razzak over short fine-leg for four. But this time he won't be there at the end for England, as he slightly miscues an attempted chip over square-leg and picks out the man at deep midwicket. Usually so good at placing those shots into gaps, but got it wrong on this occasion. Yardy's the new batsman, but he's not on strike. And he'll have to wait a little longer as well, as Bell jogs a single to keep the strike.


    Over 38 Mahmudullah 0-0-0-0-4-0

    208-3 - Morgan's seemingly effortless power truly is a thing of wonder. He just seems to push this leg-stump delivery from Mahmudullah over midwicket, and it races to the fence.


    Over 37 Razzak 1-0-1-2-0-0

    204-3 - Clever piece of bowling from Razzak, pushing the ball wider as Bell takes a couple of steps down the track. But Bell's in fine form and has no trouble getting bat to ball and picking up two runs. The other factor, of course, would have been whether Siddique would've been able to complete the stumping in any case.


    Over 36 Mahmudullah 1-1-0-0-6-0

    200-3 - England's 200 comes up in fine style thanks to another Morgan special. It's amazing the way he just suddenly explodes to life after being happy to knock the singles around to suddenly smash a length ball over long-on for the full count.


    Over 35 Shakib 2-0-1-1-0-0

    192-3 - An easy-on-the-eye cover-drive brings Bell two runs as he and England saunter merrily on their way.


    Over 34 Mahmudullah 1-1-1-0-0-0

    188-3 - A couple of singles for Bell as he goes through to a stylish half-century. That's something England's first-choice number three hasn't managed in a while... Now he needs to finish the job after the mandatory ball change.


    Over 33 Shakib 0-0-4-0-0-1

    185-3 - Bell closes in on a half-century with another classy boundary placed perfectly over extra-cover on the back of some nimble footwork. A single from the final ball of the over takes him to 48.


    Over 32 Mahmudullah 1-1-0-1-1-2

    180-3 - Mahmudullah gets the ball past Morgan's outside edge, but Siddique doesn't gather cleanly. "Not exactly melting into the gloves," deadpans Athers. Four singles from the first five balls of the over, before a fine tickle down the legside brings Morgan two.


    Over 31 Shakib 1-0-1-W-0-1

    174-3 WICKET! Shortly after we see pictures of Mushfiqur being packed off to hospital in the back of an ambulance, his replacement gets a catch. Siddique's all smiles after completing the formalities of Collingwood's skied attempted sweep. A wicket from out of the blue, but surely no more than consolation for Bangladesh and a chance for the Trent Bridge crowd to see a bit of Morgan. Shakib, it should be noted, has once again bowled very well here for Bangladesh. He is, along with Tamim, undoubtedly a genuine international cricketer.


    Over 30 Faisal 0-1-1-1-1-0

    171-2 - Four singles, no dramas.


    Over 29 Razzak 0-1-1-4-0-0

    167-2 - Clever shot from Collingwood, helping a legside delivery from Razzak on its way to the fine-leg boundary.

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Match Details

8th Jul 2010
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
Asad Rauf and N J Llong


Batsman R
Strauss run out 50
Kieswetter c Faisal Hossain b Al Hasan 32
Bell not out 84
Collingwood c Siddique b Al Hasan 33
Morgan c Islam b Razzak 23
Yardy not out 10
Extras 10w, 5b, 4lb 19
Total Close, 45.1 Overs 251 - 4
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bangladesh BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Mortaza 6 0 30 0
Islam 5 0 46 0
Razzak 10 0 64 1
Al Hasan 10 0 35 2
Mahmuddal 8 0 41 0
Faisal Hossain 6.1 0 26 0
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