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Bangladesh won by 5 runs.

England vs Bangladesh


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    Bangladesh win by 5 runs

    It's their first win over England in any format by the way, and their first win in 2010. It's well deserved as well, even if they did have to scrap for it when they should have been ahead of the game a long time ago. It's clear what it means to them, with Siddons exchanging hugs with all of his players out on the field as they all skip off elated. England won't be too perturbed under the circumstances, but will definitely head to Birmingham a more determined lot. The final one-dayer is on Monday, and we look forward to your company then. Cheers.


    Over 50 Shafiul 2-2-W

    231 all out - Trott mishits the first ball, but Morgan is flying and England get two to wide midwicket. That's followed by two more, again thanks to good running as the pressure on mid-on results in a fumble. Trott needs a breather after that. WICKET! All over this time! Trott nicks through to the keeper, Shafiul takes off for a victory celebration and Bangladesh have their first ever win over England.


    Over 49 Mortaza 2-4-4-2-1-W

    227-9 - Just the over England needed, and it comes with a slice of fortune. Trott drives out to deep cover for two, then gets lucky as he digs out a yorker, gets an inside edge and sees it run to fine leg for four. That's followed by four runs down the ground and another two to mid-on. A single puts Anderson on strike. WICKET! And he's out! Caught and bowled by Mortaza, and Bangladesh start to celebrate, taking the stumps out, before Jamie Siddons tells them to wait. Ian Bell is coming out to bat! And England need 10 to win from the last over. Drama.


    Over 48 Shafiul 1-0-1-0-0-1

    214-8 - Last over of the powerplay, and Shafiul does brilliantly. Trott tries to give himself room to hit through the offside, but Shafiul bowls really full and straight and Trott can only grab a single off the final ball. Meanwhile Morgan is padded up to run for Bell, so England have another wicket in the bag. But they need Trott to do some damage as well. He has strike for the next over. 23 needed.


    Over 47 Mortaza W-1-1-0-0-0

    211-8 - WICKET! Mortaza returns, and you just get the feeling that this has to be a defining over. Sure enough, Broad chases a full, wide delivery first up and slices it to backward point, where Shakib leaps to take a good catch high above his head. James Anderson comes out to replace Broad, so still no Ian Bell. Plenty of anxious faces up on the England balcony though, including some of the medical staff. Anyway Anderson gets off to a confident start, punching to cover for a single, but then gets bogged down at the end of the over. England need 26 runs to win from 18 balls.


    Over 46 Shakib 1-0-4-0-1-wd-1

    209-7 - There's another very long delay as Bangladesh discuss their plans and Shakib returns for his final over. In the two games so far Mortaza has clearly lacked not only authority but belief in his decision making. Trott misses with a mighty heave, but then takes a step down the wicket to clip a full toss through midwicket for four. A wide and a couple of singles in the second half of the over keep England in front for the moment.


    Over 45 Rubel 1-1-0-6-0-1

    201-7 - There's a long delay as Bangladesh adjust their field from the left-hander to right-hander. Singles keep England ticking along, and then Broad gets one in the slot and swings it over cow corner for a very large six. That makes it advantage England. With five overs to go, they need 37 runs to win.


    Over 44 Shafiul wd-0-4-0-0-0-1

    192-7 - Shafiul is the man given the responsibility, and he starts with a marginal wide outside off as Broad has a waft at it. Broad manages to drive another delivery beautifully past cover for four, but then misses out on a couple of balls on his pads which should have been whipped away.


    Batting powerplay

    And indeed here it is, so just three men are allowed outside the inner ring. And we have a streaker to mark the occasion


    Over 43 Razzak 2wd-1-0-1-0-1-0

    186-7 - Five runs from the over, although that includes two wides from the first ball which Razzak fired down the legside to Trott. England will feel on top of this for the moment, knowing that the batting powerplay is still to come.


    Over 42 Mortaza 1-1-1-0-0-0

    181-7 - A good over for Bangladesh. Mortaza starts by conceding three easy singles, but then adjusts his length to Broad and bowls three dot balls. England need 56 runs to win from 48 balls.


    Over 41 Rubel 0-1-2-0-1-wd-2

    178-7 - Rubel Hossain, the man who got Bangladesh into this match with that hostile spell of bowling that did for Strauss and Kieswetter, returns to the attack. It's heading for a good over until a bouncer is rightly called wide, and the extra ball is cracked wide of third man for two by Broad. Still no Ian Bell on the England balcony, but as my colleague points out: who will run for him? I would say Morgan, and he's still sitting on the balcony in his socks.


    Over 40 Shakib W-1-0-0-4-0

    171-7 - WICKET! Bowled him! That's rather embarrassing for Shahzad, who saw the short ball and went for a big pull shot, only to have it deflect off his pad onto off stump. It perhaps wasn't quite as short as he, or I, originally thought, and Shakib's flight certainly played a part. Stuart Broad comes in with an opportunity to answer questions over his poor form with the bat of late. Last year he improved his score innings upon innings but this year has been the opposite. He's off the mark straight away, and Trott eases some of the pressure with a reverse paddle for four.


    Over 39 Razzak 1-0-0-2-1-1

    166-6 - No powerplay just yet, but I suspect England might take it shortly to give themselves an opportunity to get back ahead of the rate. Shafiul comes off so he can keep some overs in the bag for the final ten, and Razzak bowls a tidy over worth five runs.


    Over 38 Shakib 0-1-1-1-0-1

    161-6 - The commentators seem to think that Bell will come in to bat at some stage now, with England getting close enough to warrant it. They need 78 runs to win from 72 balls, so we could be in for a close finish. James Tredwell comes on with drinks at the end of the over, but more obviously, with a message for the batsmen. Powerplay?


    Over 37 Shafiul 0-0-2-0-4-1

    157-6 - An exquisite drive through extra cover for four releases some of the pressure for Trott and also takes him to his half-century (91 balls, 4x4s). As you can see it's been fairly pedestrian, though mostly because self-preservation has been so important. Now he needs to take it up a gear if he's going to see England home in time.


    Over 36 Shakib 0-0-1-0-0-0

    150-6 - Trott pushes the third ball into the covers for a single, and Shahzad plays out the remainder of the over fairly defensively. The required rate has risen above six now, and you just sense that England's hopes are almost gone. Trott will need to get on his bike at some stage.


    Over 35 Shafiul W-1-0-0-wd-0-1

    149-6 - WICKET! Great captaincy from Mortaza here, as he brings the slip in because of the mandatory ball change. The very first ball is edged to the man, Siddique, who grabs it at the second attempt to send Wright on his way. That was a great chance for Wright to prove his skills with the bat and it's gone begging. Ajmal Shahzad is the new batsman and he's off the mark straight away.


    Over 34 Shakib 1-0-0-1-0-1

    146-5 - Shakib comes back on after the failed experiment with Ashraful, and allows just three singles. He's got four overs to come now which will be crucial for Bangladesh.



    Mortaza has the opportunity to have a stern word with his side, just as they seem to be getting a little nervous.

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Match Details

10th Jul 2010
County Ground, Bristol
Asad Rauf and R K Illingworth


Batsman R
Strauss c Jahurul b Hossain 33
Kieswetter c Jahurul b Hossain 20
Trott c Jahurul b Islam 94
Collingwood lbw b Razzak 10
Morgan lbw b Razzak 1
Yardy b Al Hasan 10
Wright c Siddique b Islam 15
Shahzad b Al Hasan 5
Broad c Al Hasan b Mortaza 21
Anderson c&b Mortaza 2
Extras 13w, 7lb 20
Total All out, 49.3 Overs 231
Full Batting Card

bangladesh BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Mortaza 10 0 42 2
Razzak 10 0 43 2
Islam 9.3 3 38 2
Hossain 9 0 52 2
Al Hasan 10 0 40 2
Ashraful 1 0 9 0
Full Bowling Card