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Zimbabwe won by 175 runs.

Canada vs Zimbabwe


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    Zimbabwe win by 175 runs

    So a convincing victory for Zimbabwe who, after an initial batting wobble at 7 for 2, compiled an imposing total of 298 thanks to Tatenda Taibu (98) and Craig Ervine (85) at the top of the order. Canda had no answer with the bat and crumbled against the Zimbabwean spinners, Ray Price (8 overs, 3 for 16) starring with the new ball and Graeme Cremer's leg spin fetching 3 for 31. The Canadians will be highly disappointed with their effort today but Zimbabwe put in a polished performance and will fancy an upset and possible quarter final place as the tournament wares on. Thanks for joining us and head over to our live coverage of the West Indies against the Netherlands from Delhi.


    Over 43 Cremer W

    123 All out - There it is, all over on the first ball of Cremer's final over with Rao beaten and bowled by his opposite leg spinner. It looped up and turned beautifully through the gate of the left-hander before crashing into his stumps.


    Over 42 Lamb 0-W, wd-0-0-0-0-1

    123-9 - Struth, Greg Lamb is back into the attack giving Sean Williams' tame left-armers a break. OUT! Surkari runs down the track at Lamb and with the bowler slipping the ball down the leg side Taibu is presented with the simplest of stumpings which even Kamran Akmal would have completed. There are two loud lbw appeals from the Zimbo's against Balaji Rao, but the number 11 survives when a referral would have found him wanting.


    Over 41 Cremer 1-4-0-1-1-0

    121-8 - Four! Baidwan you beauty, he's broken the lull with a charge down the track and a beat back over the bowler's head for a one-bounce four! He cuts out to the sweeper for one, and Surkari then gets lucky with a leading edge flying safely over short fine leg.


    Over 40 Williams 1-1-0-0-0-0

    114-8 - Baidwan and Surkari trade singles fine to the leg side and then it's all dots until the end of the over.


    Over 39 Cremer 1-0-1-0-0-1

    112-8 - This game is in serious need of either two quick wickets or an adventurous Candian tailender. Three easy singles, far too easy in fact.


    Over 38 Williams 1-0-0-0-1-1

    109-8 - Just one over for Price and Williams is back on. A trio of singles and perhaps a negative bowling change from Chigumbura.


    Over 37 Cremer 0-0-1-4-0-0

    106-8 - Slightly overpitched from the leg spinner and Surkari throws his bat at it, driving through cover for a welcome boundary. The over ends with a couple of dot balls and the umpires have decided that it's time for drinks.


    Over 36 Price 0-0-1-1-1-1

    101-8 - There are two wickets up for grabs and Ray Price is two short of a five-for, what can he do in his three remaining overs? Harvir Baidwan is the new batsman and he turns to the leg side for one to get off the mark. Surkari meanwhile has a heavy and finds a single with four from the over.


    Over 35 Cremer 1-0-W-0-0-0

    97-8 - Cremer is into his sixth over now and he's done and he's done a tidy job so far. Surkari drives the first ball of the over powerfully to long off for a single. OUT! Cremer brings out his googly, it skids on and hits Chohan right in front, lbw! It's refered but clearly hitting off stump so the batsman has to go and Canada are eight down. Superb piece of bowling there, drew the batsman forward and trapped adjacent.


    Over 34 Williams 0-1-1-1

    96-7 - Surkari goes on the sweep and it's only just dropped short of the man at short fine leg. Williams is not the most threatening left-arm spinner you'll ever see, and it's three easy singles picked off by the Candian pair.


    Over 33 Cremer 2-0-4-0-0-0

    93-7 - Chohan has a good ald heave at the Graeme Cremer's first delivery and the ball flies off the edge and away for a couple. The leg spinner then drops short and Chohan is happy to cut away elegantly for four! Time to bring back Ray Price to finish this one off.


    Over 32 Williams 0-1-0-0-0-1

    87-7 - This one is seriously fizzling out into nothing. The Canadians are not too concerned about scoring runs and the Zimbos are just waiting an the last three wickets. Sean Williams comes around the stumps, is picked for one by Surkari and then Chohan finally gets off the mark from his 12th ball with a single down the ground.


    Over 31 Cremer 0-4-0-0-1-0

    85-7 - Surkari breaks the monotony with an attractive inside-out drive over cover for four! It's not the cleanest of hits but makes the fence nontheless. A sweep away to deep square leg then brings another single.


    Over 30 Williams 0-0-0-0-1-0

    80-7 - Sean Williams' left-arm spin is next, a short ball pulled away by Surkari for the only run of the over.


    Over 29 Cremer 0-0-0-0-0-0

    79-7 - Cremer continues to Khurram Chohan. The leggie is finding decent turn with a slip in place. Chohan is hit on the pad and there's an appeal - not out the verdict. A couple of defensive prods and a swing and miss on the cut mean that it's another maiden over, the sixth of the innings.


    Over 28 Lamb 0-0-0-wd-0-0-0

    79-7 - Zubin Surkari is happy to be dictated to by Lamb and pats away with just a wide down the legside contributing anything in the way of runs.


    Over 27 Cremer 0-1-0-0-0-W

    78-7 - Dropped! Cremer induced Surkari into a leading edge but the bowler is unable to take the return and one run is the result. OUT! A clever slider from the leg spinner does for Gordon, trapped dead on the crease lbw.


    Over 26 Lamb 0-0-4-wd-0-0-0

    77-6 - Four! Caribbean flair in that stroke for sure as Gordon carreses a cut shot away to the fence. Lamb then slides a wide down the leg stump.


    Over 25 Cremer 0-0-0-1-0-3

    73-6 - Graeme Cremer is on now with his leg spin, a fantastic opporrtunity for him to get amongst the Canadian tail here. Gordon gets another single with his batting partner Zubin Surkari having to hussle to make his ground. The right hander then picks up three runs for himself with an effective little paddle sweep.

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Match Details

28th Feb 2011
Asad Rauf and B N J Oxenford


Batsman R
Davison b Price 0
Kumar c&b Price 1
Gunasekera b Lamb 24
Bagai c Williams b Price 0
Hansra st Taibu b Utseya 20
Cheema c Cremer b Utseya 14
Surkari st Taibu b Lamb 26
Gordon lbw b Cremer 7
Chauhan lbw b Cremer 8
Baidwan not out 13
Balaji Rao b Cremer 1
Extras 9w 9
Total All out, 42.1 Overs 123
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Bowler O M R W
Mpofu 5 1 12 0
Price 8 4 16 3
Utseya 7 0 24 2
Lamb 8 0 29 2
Cremer 9.1 1 31 3
Williams 5 0 11 0
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