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Pakistan won by 46 runs.

Canada vs Pakistan


Last Updated: March 3, 2011 4:23pm

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    It was far from convincing, however Pakistan have made it three wins from three and top Group A with a 46-run victory over Canada. Shahid Afridi (5-23) continued his tournament to remember and took his World Cup wickets tally to 14 from three fixtures! If it wasn't for his wizardry, I could well be writing about another famous shock triumph. Thanks for your company and make sure you tune in on Friday for coverage of New Zealand v Zimbabwe and Bangladesh v West Indies.

  • Over 43 Riaz 0-1-0wd-0-0-W

    138 all out - WICKET! It only needed a straight delivery and Riaz eventually got one on target to end the match! Osinde's middle stump is in tatters and Pakistan have won by 46 runs.



    Canada have taken the batting powerplay

  • Over 42 Gul 0-1-1-W-0-0wd-1

    136-9 - WICKET! You just cannot keep Boom Boom out of this game! He may have finished bowling, however he has just produced a dead-eye direct hit to run out Balaji for one. The end is nigh for the Canucks, who require 49 further runs for victory


    Over 41 Afridi 0-0-0-0-0-1

    132-8 - Chohan carefully negotiates Afridi's final over and he finishes with fantastic figures of 10-0-22-5. Afridi has now become the first Pakistan bowler to take two five wicket hauls in a World Cup.


    Over 40 Gul 0-0-0-0wd-0-0-0

    131-8 - Seamer Gul is back in the attack looking to polish off the tail. Big Balaji is on strike and he is certainly not going to die wondering. A few words are exchanged between he and some of the Pakistan players after a huge play and miss. Gul then, rather needlessly, fires down a short ball which Balaji wears on the shoulder. Ouch! Plenty of chatter out there at the moment and the umpires have to step in and intervene.

  • Over 39 Afridi 0wd-0wd-0-1lb-2-W-0-0

    130-8 - Boom Boom loses his radar early in the over, firing down back-to-back wides down the leg side. WICKET! Afridi has five! Gordon becomes his fifth victim of the day but Riaz must take the credit for a stunning catch. Gordon was outfoxed by a googly and the ball sliced high in the sky towards Riaz, who still had plenty of work to do running backwards before hurling himself forward to take the catch. Afridi gets greedy next ball, opting to challenge a rejected lbw appeal from umpire Llong which hit Chohan well outside off stump. Pakistan have no reviews remaining, but are well in control.


    Over 38 Ajmal 4-0-1-0-1-4wd-0

    125-7 - Tyson Gordon shows some fight and delivers a counter-punch of his own by launching Ajmal over midwicket for four first ball. Ajmal mixes up his off-breaks and doosras, however Kamran can't pick them either it seems and one drifts down leg for four wides. Canada need 60 from 72 balls.

  • Over 37 Afridi 0-1-0-W-W-0

    114-7 - WICKET! Afridi is bowling his side to victory here! Another flatter in-ducker does the damage and it is key man Hansra who makes way. The ball wasn't there to cut and he could only wait for the death rattle as the ball crashed in to the top of off stump. He walks back having made a gutsy 43. Baidwan is the new batsman. WICKET!! Or rather he was... Afridi cleans him up first ball with a quicker ball which was simply far too hot to keep out. Not another hat-trick, surely?? Chohan walks sheepishly to the middle to face hat-trick ball... he somehow gets some bat on it and keeps it out. Afridi has 4-18 from eight overs.


    Over 36 Ajmal 0-1-0-0-0-1

    113-5 - All the onus is on Hansra now. He and new man Gordon pick up a single apiece off Ajmal's latest over. Required rate is now just over five runs an over.

  • Over 35 Afridi 1-0-4-0-0-W

    111-5 - Afridi returns, presumably to bowl his remaining four overs straight through. Cheema signals his intent though, planting his front foot and heaving Afridi over midwicket for a boundary. WICKET! But his fun is over promptly. A perfectly pitched wrong 'un from Afridi nips back through Cheema's wide open gate and crashes into off stump. That is a huge wicket in the context of this match.

  • Over 34 Ajmal 0-0-W-0-0wd-0-0wd

    106-4 - WICKET! Well, this match has now had more reviews than the Kings Speech. This time Kamran and bowler Ajmal are spot on to question Harper's latest not out decision on an lbw. Replays showed that the ball just struck Surkari's pad before his bat and he storms off the field having made a well-crafted 27. Pakistan desperately needed that strike. Big-hitting Cheema is the new batsman. Only two wides from the over.


    Over 33 Hafeez 0-6-0-0-0-0

    104-3 - Six!! The first of the innings, and what a fine blow from Hansra! Riaz was back on the long-off fence but the right-hander backed himself to clear him, and he did. Hafeez comes back well though and no further runs are added. Canada require 81 further runs for victory


    Over 32 Ajmal 0-1lb-0-0-1-1

    98-3 - Ajmal's latest over starts with two strong lbw appeals. The second looks much closer than the first, however both are rejected without appeal. Afridi has enough when the third appeal in four balls is screamed by Akmal behind the stumps. He reviews, however replays back up the on-field decision. That was close but Surkari breathes again.


    Over 31 Hafeez 0-1-0-1-0-1

    95-3 - Singles continue to be the order of the day for Canada. When will Afridi get more men inside the circle?? The partnership between these two is now 51. How much longer can they continue together??


    Over 30 Ajmal 0-1-0-1-0-1

    92-3 - Only four men inside the circle. What is Afridi playing at? There is a huge let off for Hansra first ball when a leading edge lobs between bowler and fielder. Hansra laughs it off and gets off strike with a single next ball. Surkari, sweeping purposefully, is then denied four by a diving stop from Riaz on the square-leg fence. Canada require another 93 runs with 20 overs remaining


    Over 29 Hafeez 0-4-0-2-0-1

    89-3 - Super shot from Hansra. Backing away, he takes the ball off middle stump and crashes it through extra cover for four! He follows that up with a cheeky paddled sweep for two before finishing the over with a single. Fine over for Canada.


    Over 28 Ajmal 0-1-0-1-0-1

    82-3 - Not a lot of turn for the Pakistan spinners. Three singles are picked up without any danger. 103 required for victory


    Over 27 Hafeez 0-0-0-0-1-0

    79-3 - A much tighter over from Hafeez, who puts the pressure on Hansra with four successive dots. There are still plenty of gaps inside the circle, Canada just need to find them.


    Over 26 Ajmal 1-0-2-0-0-1

    78-3 - A beautifully pitched doosra from Ajmal outfoxes Hansra and catches his edge past Kamran. Afridi had just disposed of a slip and will be kicking himself now. The slip is back in, however that play has gone and Canada survive. Drinks are back out and Afridi calls a team meeting

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Match Details

3rd Mar 2011
Colombo RPS
D J Harper and N J Llong


Batsman R
Gunasekera lbw b Gul 8
Kumar b Razzaq 2
Surkari lbw b Ajmal 27
Bagai lbw b Afridi 16
Hansra b Afridi 43
Cheema b Afridi 4
Gordon c Riaz b Afridi 9
Baidwan b Afridi 0
Chauhan not out 5
Balaji Rao run out 1
Osinde b Riaz 0
Extras 19w, 4lb 23
Total All out, 42.5 Overs 138
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Bowler O M R W
Razzaq 7 2 16 1
Gul 7 1 20 1
Afridi 10 0 23 5
Hafeez 5 0 21 0
Riaz 5.5 0 23 1
Ajmal 8 0 31 1
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