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Canada won by 5 wickets.

Canada vs Kenya


Last Updated: March 7, 2011 4:41pm

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    So that's your lot from day 17 of the World Cup, a day that saw Canada clinch just their second ever win in the history of the tournament. Thanks for your company and please join us again on Tuesday for commentary on New Zealand v Pakistan.


    Over 46: Otieno 4-0-0w-4-

    199-5 - And it's all over - Canada have run Kenya dry here in Delhi! Bagai, fittingly, is the man to take them home, hitting two boundaries to finish up on 64 not out. The skipper carves the winning runs over the top of point off the bowling of Otieno to steer his team over the finishing line with 27 balls to spare.


    Over 45: Odhiambo 0-2-0-0-W-4

    190-5 - WICKET! - Tyson's been knocked out by Odhiambo, a very, very full ball sneaking behind his pads and onto leg stump. Gordon thought it had clipped his pads and set off for a single! The left-hander had never looked comfortable, squeezing a full ball out for two to third man before then ducking into two bouncers that barely got above hip height. Davison comes in at seven and drives his first ball through the covers for four - it's a single-figure target now for Canada.


    Over 44: Otieno 1-0-0-0w-0w-0-0-1

    184-4 - Tyson Gordon gets off the mark - and keeps the strike - with a flick off the pads down to fine leg from the sixth ball he's faced. Two of them in the over from Otieno were called wides, meaning Canada now need only a further 15 runs.


    Over 43: Odhiambo 1-1-0-4-W-0

    180-4 - WICKET! - Hansra, who seemed to hold his hamstring after a single, was intent on finishing this match in a flurry of shots. He makes use of a bit of width to carve Odhiambo over backward point for four but, when he tries to go down the ground next up, he's only caught by Ngoche at mid-on. That ends a fine knock of 70 from 99 balls - he's built that innings nicely, which is no real surprise as he's a structural engineer back home.


    Over 42: Ngoche 0-0-0-0-0-0

    174-3 - James Ngoche's good day with the ball is complete, the off-spinner finishing off his spell with a maiden. He ends with 1-26 from his 10 overs, though Canada don't have to worry about the run of dot balls. They're now going to take the batting powerplay with another 25 required.


    Over 41: Odhiambo 4-0-0-1-0-4

    174-3 - Bagai flicks away the first ball of the over to get his fifth boundary that also brings up his 15th half century in one-day cricket. The skipper has led from the front for Canada in the place of his birth. A chance goes begging when Odhiambo can't hang on to a return catch that came back quickly at head height. Hansra was the fortunate batsman but there's no luck involved when he spots a slower ball and pumps it to wide long-off for four more to finish the over. Canada need just 25.


    Over 40: Ngoche 0-0-1-1-1-0

    165-3 - Kenya use up their last review, perhaps in hope more than expectation, when Bagai is hit by a full ball pushing forward. There's some doubts about whether he was hit outside the line (he wasn't) but in the end the ball was doing too much, only clipping leg stump. Umpire Rauf's original decision still stands and Canada have seven wickets left.


    Over 39: Odhiambo 0-2-0-0-0-4

    162-3 - Odhaimbo comes back on and Hansra drives his second ball away through the covers for two - it would have gone all the way had it not been for Mishra's superb diving stop out in the deep. However, there's nothing the fielder can do the next time the ball is hit out in the same direction, Hansra hitting it sweetly enough to get it to the rope.


    Over 38: Tikolo 1-4-0-4-0-0

    156-3 - A push down the ground (one that Tikolo should have stopped) brings up the century partnership for the fourth wicket. This is Canada's first 100-run stand in their World Cup history. Bagai celebrates the landmark by stepping to leg and cutting away a short ball to the extra cover fence. A second boundary in the over, this time coming courtesy of a fine sweep, takes the Canadian captain close to a half-century and leaves his team needing another 43.


    Over 37: Otieno 0-0-1-1-1-0

    147-3 - How do you think Seren Waters is feeling now, after dropping Hansra before he had a run on the scoreboard? They've just showed a replay of the chance and it doesn't make pleasant viewing. It hit near the back of his hands, thumped into his chest and then rebounded out onto the carpet. This stand has since put on 99 runs.


    Over 36: Tikolo 0-0-1-0-1-0

    144-3 - Tikolo concedes just two, leaving Canada's requirement at 55 from the final 14 overs. It should be easy enough, particularly with wickets in hand.


    Over 35: Otieno 4-0-1-0w-0-0-0

    142-3 - Kenya go back to one of their seamers in the shape of Otieno. He starts off with a leg-side delivery that Bagai - who hails from Delhi - tickles away fine for a welcome boundary. A single and a wide follow to make it six from the over without any risks having to be taken. What about that batting powerplay? Are they just going to hang on and wait as long as possible?


    Over 34: Tikolo 0-0-1-0-1-0

    136-3 - Hansra works away a single to mid-wicket to bring up his maiden one-day 50. It's come up in 74 balls and he's delighted, celebrating wildly at reaching the milestone. Still work to do, though, as Canada need another 63 runs for victory as DRINKS come onto the field in Delhi.


    Over 33: Ngoche 0-0-1-2-0-0

    134-3 - Bagai's fuming when he slaps a long half volley at the end of the over straight to the man at cover. He had at least picked up two earlier on thanks to a horrible mistake in the field by Otieno - everyone knows the ball spins on the second bounce! Kenya have not been good in the field, although Canada weren't a lot better earlier in the day either.


    Over 32: Tikolo 6-1-0-3-0-1

    131-3 - And there's the big shot! Tikolo, wearing some very fetching glasses to try and improve the light, floats one up and Hansra takes on the challenge, coming down the wicket and launching a drive down the ground for six. Bagai gets three more runs, albeit in fortunate fashion. Canada's skipper fails to pick the arm ball and playing for turn, gets a thick edge down towards the third man boundary. Kenya respond by placing a sleep, but surely the horse is out frollicking in the meadow now?


    Over 31: Ngoche 0-0-1-0-2-0

    120-3 - Bagai breaks the shackles with a cover drive for two, but there's no question that Kenya have tightened things up. Credit to them and their captain, Kamande, in particular. He's mixed the bowlers around and has now drafted fielders in from the rope, challenging the Canadians to go over the top.


    Over 30: Tikolo 0-0-0-0-0-0

    117-3 - Tikolo comes into the attack and sends down a maiden to Bagai, who has got himself stuck in a rut recently. Tikolo bowled decently enough in the game against Pakistan, making me wonder why he wasn't introduced today ahead of Collin Obuya. Canada need another 82 but Kenya aren't making this run chase easy for them.


    Over 29: Ngoche 0-0-0-0-0-1

    117-3 - Again Ngoche concedes just a single, from a drive down the ground, and that only comes because the fielders are pushed back for the final two deliveries of the over. I'll give the Kenya wicketkeeper credit for trying to keep the spirits high amongst the fielders; he's not stopped the chatter all day.


    Over 28: Kamande 0-1-6-1-1-0

    116-3 - Kamande knows that he cannot afford to keep giving away singles, meaning he brings in long-off and long-on to try and put the pressure back on Hansra. The batsman responds with a glorious straight drive that goes all the way for six - the first boundary managed in 10 overs. Clever shot from Hansra; he knew he just had to get enough on it to cear the infield and because of that freedom, managed to time it well enough to send the shot all the way over the rope.

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Match Details

7th Mar 2011
Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi
Asad Rauf and B R Doctrove


Batsman R
Gunasekera st Ouma b Ngoche 18
Cheema b Otieno 17
Surkari run out 10
Bagai not out 64
Hansra c Ngoche b Odhiambo 70
Gordon b Odhiambo 3
Davison not out 4
Extras 1nb, 11w, 1b 13
Total Close, 45.3 Overs 199 - 5
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Odoyo 5 1 18 0
Otieno 8.3 0 45 1
Odhiambo 10 0 45 2
Ngoche 10 2 26 1
Kamande 5 0 25 0
Obuya 2 0 15 0
Tikolo 5 1 24 0
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