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Ireland won by 92 runs.

Canada vs Ireland


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    Chennai win by 57 runs

    A bit of a thumping really, and as Jamie How says the Stags just didn't turn up with the bat. Nevertheless credit to Chennai, who look seriously strong. They'll be a real force to be reckoned with in this tournament, and what was most impressive today was how they dug themselves out of a hole early on. Badrinath is the man of the match, and on that note we must leave you. Do join us tomorrow for a double-header at Centurion though. Cheers.


    Over 19 Bollinger W

    94 all out - WICKET! All over. It's the Aussie combo as Bollinger finds the edge of McClenaghan's bat, and Hayden takes a good catch to his left at a wide slip.


    Over 18 Balaji 1-W-6-0-4-W

    94-9 - WICKETS! Balaji returns and bowls Bracewell with the straight one, then has Mason caught at third man by Bollinger. In between Mason got hold of one and dispatched it to cow corner for six and then grabbed a top edge over slip for four, but in the end Balaji had the last laugh.


    Over 17 Bollinger 1-W-0-1-0-0-0

    83-7 - WICKET! Bollinger returns and starts to clean up. Griggs is put out of his misery as he gets a thick edge and Dhoni does well to take it one-handed to his right. Adam Milne gets off the mark, and then Bracewell swings and misses at a couple.


    Over 16 Ashwin 1-0-1-1-4-1

    81-6 - Bracewell doing his best here, and he swings another one away to cow corner for four after charging down the pitch. Eight from the over isn't enough for the Stags though, so the required rate continues to climb.


    Over 15 Morkel 0-1-1-4-2-2

    73-6 - Morkel returns, and Bracewell finds the boundary through an edge over slip.Remarkably Griggs still hasn't found the ropes in over 20 deliveries. The Stags need 79 runs to win from 30 balls.


    Over 14 Muralitharan 1nb-1-1-0-0-1-0

    63-6 - Bracewell is caught twice but one is off a no-ball and the other is off the resulting free hit. He was also run out off the no-ball, but only because he didn't hear the call from the umpire and started to make his way off. The end result is that everyone survives, but the Stags don't make as much progress as they should.


    Over 13 Ashwin 1-6-1-1-1-0

    59-6 - Waheeey that's more like it, as Bracewell picks the length ball and smashes it miles over square leg. The ball actually landed on the roof of the stand and disappeared over it, so they need a new ball. The Stags need more shots like that. Unfortunately they can only manage singles from the rest of the over.


    Over 12 Muralitharan 0-0-2-1-0-1

    49-6 - Four from the over as Murali whisks through another over. He's wearing number 800 on his back by the way, which is a nice touch.


    Over 11 Ashwin 1lb-0-W-0-0-1

    45-6 - WICKET! This is turning into a rout now, as Diamanti is brilliantly stumped by Dhoni off the bowling of Ashwin. He made it look easy, but his hands were incredibly quick, and what's even more remarkable is that Stephen Fleming has just confirmed Dhoni has the flu - hence his decision to drop down the batting order. A nigh-on impossible task for the Stags now. They're nowhere.


    Over 10 Muralitharan 2-1-1-1-0-1

    43-5 - Diamanti and Griggs work the ones and twos, but manage just six from the over. The Stags now need 109 runs from 60 balls at a rate of 10.9 per over. This match is as good as over.


    Over 9 Balaji 0-0-0-0-0-0

    37-5 - After starting the match so well, the Stags are fading away fast here and Griggs looks rather hopeless as he's beaten by a seaming delivery from Balaji. He barely gets bat on ball in the rest of the over, which is the first maiden of the tournament if I'm not mistaken.


    Over 8 Muralitharan 0-0-W-0-W-wd-0

    37-5 - WICKET! Outrageous wicket this. Sinclair tried to reverse sweep Murali, Hayden started running to his right from slip, but then had to reach back to his left when the right-hander got an edge rather than a meaty piece of bat. Great catch, and it brings in Noema-Barnett at number six. WICKET! Another one for Murali, who turns the ball across the left-handed Noema-Barnett and finds a thin edge. Dhoni does the rest. A wide down leg side prevents a double wicket maiden.


    Over 7 Balaji 0-0-1-0-0-0

    36-3 - A mere single from the over, so the task isn't getting any easier for the Kiwis. They now need 116 runs to win from 78 balls, with the required rate climbing.


    Over 6 Ashwin 6-1-1-1-W-0

    35-3 - The offspinner Ashwin comes on, and straight away Mathew Sinclair gives him the charge and deposits him back over his head for six. As Andrew Symonds points out on commentary (he's been very entertaining so far by the way), they kept the straight fielders up in the ring to encourage the big shot, and Sinclair obliged. WICKET! But How is bowled a few balls later as Ashwin darts it in, so the Stags are unraveling quite badly here.


    Over 5 Balaji 0-0-4-W-1-wd-1

    26-2 - Lakshmipathy Balaji replaces Bollinger, and 21-year-old George Worker allows himself two sighters before savaging a drive straight back past the bowler for four. WICKET! But then the bounce does for him as he takes on a marginally short ball, and top-edges his pull to mid-on where Muttiah Muralitharan takes the catch.


    Over 4 Morkel W-0-0-6-0-0

    18-1 - Ingram gets himself in a terrible mess, top-edges the short ball and Suresh Raina calls for it before taking the catch at point. Dropped! Incredible! Two balls later, a simple catch is hit to Raina by How and it's put down! And How hooks the next ball over backward square leg for six! Raina's mood sinks, and the Stags keep themselves in the match for the moment.


    Over 3 Bollinger 0-0-0-2-0-1

    12-0 - Bollinger is proving nigh on unplayable here. The Stags focused on bowling short, but Bollinger is keeping back of a length and the angle across is beating the bat on numerous occasions. Eventually Ingram clears the front leg and hoiks over the bowler's head for a couple, but then he's hit by the next one as Bollinger cranks up the pace.


    Over 2 Morkel 0-0-0-4-0-0

    9-0 - Albie Morkel shares the new ball, and has Jamie How swiping and missing until he angles one onto the pads and How clips it over midwicket for four. No need for these batsmen to go too hard early on - we saw in the Chennai innings that it was worth taking a while to find the pace of the pitch before launching.


    Over 1 Bollinger 0-wd-2-1-0-0-1

    5-0 - Dropped! Doug Bollinger has the ability to be a handful on this pitch, and he finds a top edge as Peter Ingram tries to whip him through the leg side. However Ashwin runs back from midwicket and puts it down. Let-off for the Kiwis, especially as they gather a couple of runs as well. That allows them a steady start.

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Match Details

7th Sep 2010
K Bayney and C B Gaffaney


Batsman R
Patel c Jones b O'Brien 9
Kumar c Mooney b Johnston 12
Gunasekera b Bennett 59
Bagai c Sub b Bennett 44
Surkari c Poynter b Bennett 7
Hansra c McCann b Bennett 32
Balaji Rao run out 24
Bhatti c Mooney b White 18
Chauhan c Poynter b Bennett 0
Baidwan not out 17
Desai c&b Jones 0
Extras 3w, 4b, 4lb 11
Total Close, 46.3 Overs 233
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Bowler O M R W
O'Brien 6 0 24 1
Johnston 6 0 26 1
Mooney 10 0 42 0
Jones 2.3 0 11 1
Dockrell 10 0 62 0
Bennett 10 0 49 5
White 2 0 11 1
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