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Bangladesh won by 27 runs.

Bangladesh vs Ireland


Last Updated: February 25, 2011 3:52pm

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    So that's it from the World Cup today - Bangladesh have beaten Ireland by 27 runs - avenging a loss to the same opponents in the Caribbean four years ago - and Australia have crushed New Zealand by seven wickets. If you thought today was fun just wait for the weekend - Saturday sees Sri Lanka v Pakistan and then on Sunday it's India against England. Thanks for your company - and the e-mails (which were fantastic all day) - and please join us again throughout the tournament.


    Over 45: Shafiul 0-0-1-0w-0-1-W

    178 - WICKET! - Shafiul wraps things up as Rankin only flicks a slower ball low to the fielder at mid-wicket. Bangladesh have won a low-scoring thriller by 27 runs to keep alive their hopes of reaching the knockout stages of the tournament. For Ireland it's a case of so near, but yet so far. Batting is said to be their stronger skill and yet they've failed to chase down 206. Shafiul finishes with 4-21, the best figures by a Bangladesh bowler in World Cup history.


    Over 44: Shakib 1-0-0-0-0-1

    175-9 - Two runs are eeked out as Ireland just look to stay alive. They lost four wickets for 20 runs having at one stage been 151-5 in this run chase. "Three years, 10 months and 10 days - revenge is a dish best served cold" reads a sign in the crowd. Bangladesh fans seem to think this is all over.


    Over 43: Shafiul W-1-0-1-0-0

    173-9 - WICKET! - And then there was one! Shafiul gets one to come back in late to Johnston, who is hit below the knee on the front foot. Umpire Dar raises his finger and not even a referral can spare the Irish batsman - that delivery was knocking leg stick clean out of the ground. So it's now down to the last pair - Dockrell with 13 runs to his name and Boyd Rankin, who has a best of seven not out in international cricket. He at least gets off the mark from his first ball, and with a further single following for his parnter, the requirement is now 33 from the last seven, five of which will be with powerplay restrictions.


    Over 42: Shakib 0-1-0-0-1-0

    171-8 - Two singles are squeezed out to leg from Shakib, who has bought himself back into the attack for the business end of proceedings. Ireland - who still have a batting powerplay - have two wickets left and need another 35 runs in an absolute cauldron - what a game this has been!


    Over 41: Shafiul W-0-0-0-0-0

    168-8 - WICKET! - The crowd erupts when Botha is bowled by a legside delivery that goes between bat and pad. Shafiul is leaping around like he's just won the lottery as Ireland's last recognised batsman perishes for 22. George Dockrell, who performed admirably with the ball earlier in the day, now has a bit of work to do with the bat. His ODI record? 13 runs in seven appearances. At least the teenager survives the rest of the over; Ireland now need


    Over 40: Naeem 3-0-0-W-4-0

    168-7 - WICKET! - It's Mooney blues for Ireland. All-rounder John had faced eight balls without scoring and clearly the pressure became too much - his eyes light up when Naeem throws one high into the air but his attempted slog-sweep only results in an inside edge going from back pad onto leg stump. However, the bowler then gifts Johnston with a freebie of a leg-side dart, one the new man gleefully accepting the offer and tickling it away fine for four runs.


    Over 39: Shafiul 0-0-1-0-4lb-0

    161-6 - (Leg) BYE, BYE, BYE, BYE. Shafiul ruins a good over by drifting into Mooney's pads, a slight deflection off of them taking the ball away past the diving Mushfiqur and away to the boundary for four extras. Ireland now need another 42 now.


    Over 38: Naeem 4-0-0-0-0-1-0

    156-6 - Botha cuts away a long hop from Naeem but then has to survive Bangladesh's final referral. Pushing forward, the left-hander is hit pad first before bat, and it looks close. The replays suggest it might just be clipping leg and although Hawk Eye says it's doing more than that, the on-field decision of 'not out' still stands. Ireland need another 50 runs now from 12 overs.


    Over 37: Shafiul 0-0-1-W-0-

    151-6 - WICKET! - A wicket for Bangladesh, and it's the big one too. Shafiul drops one in short to O'Brien and although he times his pull shot superbly, it's straight into the waiting hands of substitute fielder Suhrawadi Shuvo out at deep square leg. O'Brien had been timing the ball so nicely but couldn't have picked out that man any better had he been trying to smack it down his throat. John Mooney is the next man in at eight.


    Over 36: Razzak 0-0-1-0-1-1

    150-5 - It's straight back to spin as Razzak returns to the attack for his eighth over. Shakib has used the six bowlers so far. Three singles for Ireland keep the total ticking along - what about that batting powerplay? It could make or break this run chase. I say gamble and take it now!


    Over 35: Shafiul 2-1-0-0-0-0

    147-5 - Shafiul hits O'Brien on the front pad looking to work to leg...the appeal is turned down by umpire Taufel...but Bangladesh risk a review here! The replays suggest it might be clipping leg, though that still wouldn't be enough. Hawk Eye, however, shows that it was actually missing the stumps entirely. The reviews in one-day cricket certainly add to the drama - Ireland need another 59 from the final 90 balls at 3.93 an over.


    Over 34: Rubel 1-0-1-0-2-0

    144-5 - Rubel returns to the attack as Shakib gives seam another chance. O'Brien holds the key for Ireland - he has the ability to club boundaries and, apart from Tamim, no one has looked as good today with the bat. Another 62 required by Ireland as Shafiul also gets called back into action for a third spell.


    Over 33: Ashraful 4-0-1-4-4-1

    140-5 - Has this over tilted the balance back in Ireland's favour? Botha starts it off with a clean hit over mid-wicket for four and after a single puts O'Brien on strike, the right-hander gets a thick edge down towards third man that Rubel carelessly allows to go for four. There's a boundary off the next ball too, though this time O'Brien drives superbly over the head of cover. A single off the last ball - which was almost a double-bouncer - makes it 14 from the over - 66 needed now.


    Over 32: Razzak 0-1-0-1-0-0

    126-5 - Ireland require 80 from 108 balls - not a tough ask if they had a few more wickets in hand, but at five down this game is firmly in the balance still. They keep giving Bangladesh hope by backing away to cut deliveries off their stumps - I'm wincing every time I see them do it too!


    Over 31: Ashraful 0-0-6-1-0-0

    124-5 - SHOOOOTTTT! Kevin O'Brien silences the spectators with a glorious six over cover. At one stage you wondered if he'd got enough of it, but in the end the ball sailed way over the rope on what is a very big ground - he might well have been hitting to the biggest corner of it too.


    Over 30: Razzak 0-1-0-0-4lb-0

    117-5 - NUTS! Botha's beaten by Razzak's quicker ball, which runs away between the batsman's legs and away for four leg byes. Mushfiqur is jumping up and down behind the stumps but Shakib shakes his head when it's put to him to call for a referral. 30 overs gone, 20 to go now. Ireland need another 89 for victory.


    Over 29: Ashraful 0-1-0-0-0-0

    112-5 - Ashraful appeals on his own for an lbw against new man Botha, believing the ball had struck pad before bat. He might have had a case too on closer inspection, I reckon Bangladesh could regret not using a review up to take another look at that. Suddenly the equation is getting tougher for Ireland - the required run-rate is rising as they are now going along at less than four-an-over. We're set for a tense finish in Dhaka!


    Over 28: Shakib 1-0-0-W-0-1

    111-5 - WICKET! - What a catch! Tamim, 21, shows he's young and healthy by running in from deep backward square leg and then diving forward to pluck a chance off Niall O'Brienjust before it was about to hit the turf. That's a fine catch but O'Brien is furious with himself - he had no need to go for the slog-sweep there. Ireland continue to find ways to give their wickets away, which means this pulsating game is still firmly in the balance. The crowd are absolutely loving it, and the home team are playing up their support with some elaborate wicket celebrations. Ashraful has twice shown us his dancing moves after picking up scalps.


    Over 27: Razzak 4-1-1-1-1-1

    109-4 - It's a long way to Tipperary, but I reckon that Kevin O'Brien could still belt a ball back to there. He greets Razzak's return into the attack by smashing him away off the back foot way over the head of cover for a welcome Irish boundary. With five singles following, that's an excellent over for associate nation - they need another 97 runs to win now.

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Match Details

25th Feb 2011
Aleem Dar and R J Tucker


Batsman R
Porterfield c Hasan b Al Hasan 20
Stirling st Rahim b Razzak 9
Joyce c&b Ashraful 16
O'Brien c Iqbal b Al Hasan 38
White b Ashraful 10
O'Brien c Sub b Islam 37
Botha b Islam 22
Mooney b Islam 0
Johnston lbw b Islam 6
Dockrell not out 4
Rankin c Siddique b Islam 3
Extras 4w, 9lb 13
Total All out, 45.0 Overs 178
Full Batting Card

bangladesh BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Islam 8 1 21 4
Razzak 8 0 30 1
Islam 9 1 36 1
Al Hasan 8 0 28 2
Ashraful 9 0 42 2
Hossain 3 0 12 0
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