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Bangladesh won by 6 wickets.

Bangladesh vs Holland


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    Bangladesh win by six wickets

    Bangladesh keep their hopes of qualifying for the quarter-finals alive with an emphatic win over the Netherlands. The Dutch batsmen weren't able to stand up to the spinners and they were bundled out for 160. Imrul Kayes anchored Bangladesh's chase and they reached the target without using their batting Powerplay. Thank you for your company.


    Over 42 Cooper 4-6

    160-4 - Rahim finally plays a confident looking shot as he uses his feet to slap it through the covers for four. Just one more needed. Wow! What a way to end it. Short and it's pulled for six. That's how you end a match.


    Over 41 Raja 0-1-0-0-0-1

    156-4 - Seelaar is bowled out so back on comes Raja. Kayes takes one to midwicket. Just six more needed, but Bangladesh are making a meal of it. Rahim has been in poor form so it's not a surprise to see him struggle to get the ball away. He finally gets off the mark with a pull.


    Over 40 Cooper 0-0-0-0-0-1

    154-4 - The spinners have done an excellent job here. Bangladesh just cannot get the singles at the moment. Cooper tosses a couple up but Kayes cannot get it past the in-field. The pressure finally gets to Kayes and he looks go down the ground but top edges it. Luckily for him it's out of the reach of the man running back from cover.


    Over 39 Seelaar 0-0-0-0-0-0

    153-4 - Bangladesh's march towards victory has been slowed down here. Rahim leaves a pretty straight one and it just misses his off-stump. The Dutch are racking up the maidens here.


    Over 38 Cooper 0-0-0-W-0-0

    153-4 - WICKET! What a catch from Ten Doeschate. Shakib looks to finish it rather quickly and he attempts to go over the top but he skies it. Ten Doeschate runs back from point and dives to take the catch. Mushfiqur Rahim joins Kayes in the middle.


    Over 37 Seelaar 0-0-0-1-0-1

    153-3 - Pieter Seelaar returns. Bangladesh require just 10 more runs for victory. Kayes has played another valuable knock here for Bangladesh. He also scored a half-century in the victory over England.


    Over 36 Cooper 1-0-2-4-W-0

    151-3 - Play gets held up because, yep you guessed it, problems with the sightscreen. A full toss is punished through midwicket for a couple. Next one is down the leg side and Nafees helps it on its way to the boundary. WICKET! Another one down the leg side and Nafees again looks to sweep but it crashes into his stumps. Shakib Al Hasan comes in with his side on the verge of victory.


    Over 35 Raja 1-0-4-0-0-2

    144-2 - Adeel Raja returns. Swept powerfully by Nafees and he gets four. That brings up the 50-run stand from 82 balls. Dragged wide and Nafees gets it through extra cove rfor two.


    Over 34 Cooper 0-0-0-4-0-0

    137-2 - Cooper gets some turn and bounce. It nearly draws an edge off Nafees' bat to the keeper. Nafees isn't bothered by that close shave as he goes down the ground for four.


    Over 33 Ten Doeschate 0-0-2-0-1-1

    133-2 - I'm not sure I understand Bangladesh's thinking here. They need to improve their run rate as it might come into equation later on. Yet they are not taking the batting Powerplay. Kayes works it down to third man for a couple while his partner gets one to square leg.


    Over 32 Cooper 0-0-0-0-0-0

    129-2 - Cooper bowls a couple well outside off stump and Nafees is looking to crack it through the covers but he finds the fielders every single time.


    Over 31 Ten Doeschate 0-1-1-0-1-0

    129-2 - Final throw of the dice for the Netherlands as Ryan ten Doeschate comes back into the attack. Unfortunately the Bangladesh batsmen just pick off the singles.


    Over 30 Cooper 2-0-0-2-1-2b

    126-2 - Nafees opens the face of the bat and works the ball past slip for two. A risky shot but he played it with confidence. The wheels may just be starting to fall off as a misfield in the covers allows for two runs when there shouldn't have been any. That was all luck though! Kayes drives wildly at the ball but makes no contact and the 'keeper is distracted enough to miss it too. Two byes result.


    Over 29 Bukhari 0-0-0-4-1-0

    119-2 - Super shot from Nafees as he drives powerfully through the covers for four. good running as the batsmen sneak a single with the fielders back on their heels, a frustrating sight for the fielding team.


    Over 28 Cooper 0-1-1-1-2-1

    114-2 - A double change with the off-breaks of Cooper brought on. Cooper s coming from around the wicket and he really does come from around the wicket, coming between the umpire and the stumps as he trundles from one end of the crease to the other. Nafees is starting to find some flow as he slaps the ball through extra cover for two.


    Over 27 Bukhari 1-0-0-0-0-0

    108-2 - In search of wickets Borren has turned to his premier fast bowler, Mudassar Bukhari back into the attack. The big man stops the immediate flow of runs, just a single from it, but it's wickets that the Netherlands need.


    Over 26 Seelaar 1-0-0-2-0-0

    107-2 - Oh, that's unlucky for Seelaar. He tossed it up and drew Nafees into the drive, the batsman got an inside edge that flew past leg stump and away for two runs.


    Over 25 Borren 0-1-1-2-0-1

    104-2 - Kayes angles the ball wide of third man and scampers through for two. The runs are coming fairly easily at the moment, Peter Borren seems unsure of how to plug the gaps.


    Over 24 Seelaar 1-0-1-0-0-1

    99-2 - Nafees eventually gets off the mark, slapping the ball into the off side for one. We go upstairs for a stumping chance as Kayes is beaten pushing forward. His foot stayed firmly planted in the crease though.

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Match Details

14th Mar 2011
Aleem Dar and R J Tucker

bangladesh BATTING CARD

Batsman R
Iqbal b Bukhari 0
Kayes not out 73
Siddique c Seelaar b Borren 35
Nafees b Cooper 37
Al Hasan c ten Doeschate b Cooper 1
Rahim not out 11
Extras 1nb, 3w, 2b, 3lb 9
Total Close, 41.2 Overs 166 - 4
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Bukhari 6 2 14 1
Raja 7 0 31 0
ten Doeschate 6 1 30 0
Seelaar 10 1 25 0
Borren 5 0 28 1
Cooper 7.2 2 33 2
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