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Sri Lanka win by 20 runs

Australia vs Sri Lanka


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    So, Sri Lanka have won by 20 runs to book their place in the semi-finals of the Champions Trophy. An Australian win always looked unlikely, and less so as they had to reach their target in 29.1 overs in order to qualify. Yet McKay and Doherty's partnership showed they've still got some backbone. They'll certainly need it later this summer. Sri Lanka will be pleased with Thirimanne and Jayawardene's efforts in setting them a match-winning total, but it's Dilshan's one-handed catch to seal the result that will linger in the memory. I do hope you've enjoyed my commentary today, and do join us again for the first semi-final: England v South Africa on Wednesday! Until then, goodbye.


    Over 43 - Aus 233/10 (Doherty 15)

    WICKET! Dilshan does it! McKay aimed a shot straight down the ground, but Dilshan changed direction to pluck the caught-and-bowled chance in mid-air. Finally, Sri Lanka can celebrate!


    Over 42 - Aus 232/9 (McKay 30, Doherty 14)

    Kulasekara is nicely accurate as he continues his spell, but McKay is untroubled as he punts a single to long-on. There's a moment of alarm when Doherty nudges wide of mid-on and calls for a single, the fielder hitting the stumps at the non-striker's end, but he's well in.


    Over 41 - Aus 230/9 (McKay 29, Doherty 13)

    Clint McKay reaches his highest score in ODIs with a flick off the pads to square leg as Dilshan continues, after which the ball flies off Doherty's flashing blade ... but wide of diving Jayawardene at slip! Doherty quickly shelves the drive once more, ending the over with a solid forward defensive.


    Over 40 - Aus 226/9 (McKay 28, Doherty 10)

    A bouncer that loops well over the batsman and is called wide is the only blemish in the over as Mathews calls upon Kulasekara. Still, the bowler didn't exactly look like taking a wicket.


    Over 39 - Aus 225/9 (McKay 28, Doherty 10)

    This all looks too easy for Australia. With Dilshan bowling fairly innocuous offies, there are gaps to poke the ball into on either side of the wicket. The batsmen are cautious, but each man finds a single to take the requirement under 30.


    Over 38 - Aus 223/9 (McKay 27, Doherty 9)

    Australia's tailenders nudge and push three runs closer to the target. Is this Australianism?


    Over 37 - Aus 220/9 (McKay 26, Doherty 7)

    Dilshan's introduction sees a massive lbw appeal against McKay ... but it's by no-one other than the bowler, and it's highly optimistic - at best - as the ball clearly came off the outer half of the bat. Four runs from the over, and Australia need just 34.


    Over 36 - Aus 216/9 (McKay 23, Doherty 6)

    Well, calm stuff from Doherty. Eranga sprints in with purpose, time and again, but he's met with resolute defense in the course of a maiden. Australia have plenty of time. They can do this in singles. Sri Lanka are hoping for a chance ...


    Over 35 - Aus 216/9 (McKay 23, Doherty 6)

    For a match that appeared done and dusted half an hour ago, this is tense stuff! The Sri Lankans in the stands look on nervously as McKay launches into Herath, swiping his second boundary to wide long-on. Herath's last over leaks 10 runs, and Australia need 38 to win and put New Zealand through.


    Over 34 - Aus 206/9 (McKay 14, Doherty 5)

    Another somewhat off-colour over from Malinga, and some remarkably cold-blooded batting from McKay. Doherty hands him the strike by squeezing a yorker through point, and McKay then collects his first boundary with an authorative, lofted drive over mid-off. The New Zealand squad will be watching this match intently.


    Over 33 - Aus 200/9 (McKay 9, Doherty 4)

    Herath loops and fizzes his way through another, remarkably, wicketless over. Doherty and McKay are no mugs, and each one pinches a single in the course of the over. Are Sri Lanka getting just a little nervous yet?


    Over 32 - Aus 198/9 (McKay 8, Doherty 3)

    McKay and Doherty poke and prod their way through another over, this time from Malinga. Four singles and a wide take Australia's target to 56 from 18 overs, while Sri Lanka are a little more muted now as they focus on the task of collecting this final wicket.


    Over 31 - Aus 193/9 (McKay 6, Doherty 1)

    WICKET! Voges survives an appeal for a stumping, but lifts Herath to long on very next ball to fall one short of his half-century. He wasn't quite to the pitch, and the bat twisted in his hands - he had been aiming straighter. Doherty trudges out, with a slip, leg slip and guileful left-arm spin waiting for him at the wicket. A nudge to square leg opens his account, and McKay solemnly blocks out the over.


    Over 30 - Aus 192/8 (Voges 49, McKay 6)

    Voges keeps New Zealand hoping with his second boundary, flicking Malinga over midwicket for four. A single puts McKay on strike, and he's handy enough with the bat to keep the Sri Lankan quick out - as well as adding two runs to the total. Australia (New Zealand) need 62 from 20 overs. Sri Lanka need two wickets.


    Over 29 - Aus 185/8 (Voges 44, McKay 4)

    Voges is into the 40s with a slapped pull to deep midwicket off Eranga, while McKay continues to cling on tenaciously. Good grief, but Australia could actually win this and knock Sri Lanka out, sending New Zealand through. Where's that ANZAC spirit?


    Over 28 - Aus 180/8 (Voges 39, McKay 4)

    Herath helpfully offers up two wides with another delivery that slides down the leg side, but Voges and McKay are otherwise content to rotate the strike with singles. Australia, perhaps, are hoping for a consolation win in this match, in which case they need a further 74 runs at just over three an over. Unlikely, but not impossible.


    Over 27 - Aus 172/8 (Voges 37, McKay 1)

    This is all getting a little pointless now. Eranga continues, and neither Voges nor McKay look like hitting the boundary, just three runs coming from the over.


    Over 26 - Aus 169/8 (Voges 36, McKay 0)

    Rangana Herath's wiles are simply too much for Clint McKay. But for an arm ball speared down the leg side, the left-arm spinner notches six dot balls. So, England will play South Africa in the first semi-final, while India will face Sri Lanka ...


    Over 25 - Aus 168/8 (Voges 36, McKay 0)

    WICKET! Shaminda Eranga is brought back into action, and swiftly deals with Mitchell Johnson. The Australian is beaten on the outside, but there's a brief flicker as he crunches his third delivery straight down the ground for a muscly boundary. Alas, his next stroke is skied to Kulasekara at mid-off, and we're into the Australian tail now.

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Match Details

17th Jun 2013
Australia won the toss and elected to bowl.
The Kia Oval
A L Anthony, M Marais
TV Umpire
A S Aleem
Match Referee
J Javagal
Reserve Umpire
B F Brent

australia BATTING CARD

Batsman R
S.R. Watson b Kulasekara 5
P.J. Hughes c Sangakkara b Kulasekara 13
G.J. Maxwell b Malinga 32
G.J. Bailey run out (Kulasekara) 4
A.C. Voges c Eranga b Herath 49
M.R. Marsh b Mathews 4
M.G. Johnson c Kulasekara b Eranga 4
C.J. McKay c&b Dilshan 30
X.J. Doherty Not out 15
Extras 1nb, 17w, 11lb 29
Total All Out, 42.3 Overs 233
Full Batting Card

sri lanka BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
R.M.S. Eranga 8 1 40 1
K.M.D.N. Kulasekara 9 0 42 3
S.L. Malinga 9 0 60 1
H.M.R.K.B. Herath 10 0 48 2
A.D. Mathews 3 0 21 1
T.M. Dilshan 3.3 0 11 1
Full Bowling Card