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Australia won by 16 runs.

Australia vs Sri Lanka


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    What's next, you ask?

    For Australia it's a lovely trip to the Caribbean for five ODIs, two, T20 internationals and a three-Test series. Sri Lanka are off to England for a couple of Tests, while India have the small matter of the IPL to look forward to. We'll be keeping you company for those tours, cheers for now.


    Australia win the final 2-1

    What a series we've witnessed. So many matches went down to the wire and the final was no different today as Sri Lanka tried their best to chase down Australia's 231. Clint McKay was heroic with the ball as he took five for 28 and well done to him for keeping his head held high despite being in and out of the team.


    Over 49 McKay 1-0-4-0-W

    215-10 - Slower ball to start and it's a single to the sweeper on the off side. Malinga has a big swing and it's through to the keeper. He tries it again, but connects this time and it's four on the leg side. I'm not sure he knew where he was hitting that. WICKET! Yorker does the trick to Malinga who can dish them out, but can't handle them himself. Australia win the match by 16 runs and claim the tri-series trophy.


    Over 48 Watson 0-1-0-1-1-0

    210-9 - Dot ball to start, and Maharoof has got a broken bat. Wow, that's taken a huge chunk out of the bottom of his blade. Mike Hussey does the fielding. Of the bat, that is. It's a big swing off the second ball from Maharoof and he settles for a single to long-on, there was a chance for a second, but he's not in the mood for risks. Dot ball to Malinga, and guess what? It's a slower ball. Malinga comes down the track and swings, again just a single to Maharoof back on strike. All they can get are singles. They turn it down on the final ball of the over to ensure Maharoof retains the strike. He'll have to hit some boundaries, 22 needed off 12.


    Over 47 McKay 1-0-W-0-1-1

    207-9 - McKay's following Watson's lead and sending down the slower balls now. His are really back-of-the-hand top-spinners. WICKET! Clint McKay gets one through the gate. Herath tries a wild swing, but his stumps are all over the place as McKay gives the signal to start putting Australia's name on the trophy. Lasith Malinga is beaten immediately with the slower ball. CHANCE! He doesn't read it again and chips it straight up, but luckily it drops in no-man's land. Three overs left, 25 needed to win and Maharoof is going to have to score the majority of those. He'll be on strike next up.


    Over 46 Watson 0-1-0-0-1-W

    204-8 - The captain takes it upon himself to try and finish the job here. Clever bowling as he throws in a few off-cutters and even leg-cutters. He gets away with one down leg as Maharoof is on the move and the umpire give the bowler the benefit. That could be crucial. WICKET! Watson's golden arm delivers. The slower one forces Tharanga to try and guide it to third-man, but he gets a feather edge and Wade does the rest behind the stumps. 28 runs to win off 24, good luck Rangana Herath who joins Maharoof.


    Over 45 Christian 1-1-1-0-1-0

    202-7 - Christian puts in the bouncer and Maharoof pulls brilliantly, but it's cut off in the deep. 200 comes up for the Sri Lankans and that will be a good psychological boost for the pair out there, just makes the total look that much more gettable. It's 30 off 30 now, what a series we've enjoyed.


    Over 44 Doherty 1-1-4-0-0-1

    198-7 - Misfield from David Hussey this time allows a cheeky single for Maharoof who follows it up with a sensational sweep in front of square which rolls over the ropes. Maharoof's doing a good job here, 34 more for the Sri Lankans.


    Over 43 Christian 0-1-0-1-1-1

    191-7 - Michael Clarke is lurking around the ropes offering advice to all the boundary fielders. Doherty in particular is getting an earful from the injured skipper. The pressure is building and it Mike Hussey cracks at mid-wicket by misfielding and allowing a single to Maharoof.So now the equation reads: 41 to win off 42.


    Over 42 Doherty 2-6-0-0-1-0

    187-7 - SIX! What a shot from Upul Tharanga. He's shuffling down the track and smashes some disappointment onto the face of Doherty. CHANCE! Nearly a run out at the bowler's end Maharoof is sent back, but Doherty can't collect the throw and the desperate dives gets the batsman home. Lucky stuff from Maharoof. Nine off the over, that's more than enough. It's that wickets in hand column which is the problem.


    Over 41 Christian 1-0-0-0-2-1

    178-7 - Lee has done his job and is replaced by Dan Christian. Maharoof works the ball the man sweeping on the cover boundary. Christian is around the wicket to Tharanga, who has struggled to get him away. The bowler mixes things up with a short ball. The batsman wants the wide, but the umpire signals it's the one for the over. Worked past backward point and they come back for a single. Over ends with a single to fine leg.


    Over 40 McKay 0-0-0-1-1-0

    174-7 - This is the final over of the batting Powerplay. McKay continues and he is once again spot on with the bowling. Tharanga eventually gets off strike with one down the ground. Worked through square leg by Maharoof.


    Over 39 Lee 4-5wd-1-1-0-W-0

    172-7 - Lee to continue. Kulasekara gives himself room and cuts through point for four. Lee feels the pressure and he bowls five wides down the leg side. Shorter one from Lee and Tharanga takes his eyes off the ball. He's lucky the ball went down. WICKET! Lee has the final laugh. Kulasekara looks to stand and deliver, but he picks out the man at mid-on. Farveez Maharoof joins Tharanga in the middle.


    Over 38 McKay 2-1-1-0-1-1

    161-6 - Watson is getting worried again and he has a long chat with McKay between overs. Worked through square and they pick up two more. Tharanga takes another single to square leg and that takes him to 50 from 94 balls.


    Over 37 Lee 0-4-3-4-1-1

    155-6 - Sri Lanka require another 89 runs from 84 balls. Watson brings Lee back into the attack. Kulasekara slaps one down the ground for four. A goes for another swing and the man at mid-on just gets a hand to it. Three more to the total. That brings up Sri Lanka's 150. Tharanga gets in on the act as he pulls over midwicket for four more. Great batting as they steal a single down the ground.


    Over 36 McKay 0-0-0-3lb-W-1

    143-6 - Right, the batting Powerplay has been taken. Well, it is compulsory now. Watson brings McKay back into the attack. Good return from McKay as Tharanga struggles to get him away. He goes past the outside edge. Tharanga finally gets pad to one that's down the leg side and he comes back for a third leg bye. WICKET! McKay gets the breakthrough for Australia. It's a good one that squares Kapugedera up. He gets a thick edge and Wade takes a good catch as he dives to his left. Slip in for new man Nuwan Kulasekara. Worked to square leg for one.


    Over 35 Christian 0-0-0-1-0-0

    139-5 - Sri Lanka will have to take their batting Powerplay at the end of this over. Christian is around the wicket to Tharanga. His previous over was a maiden to the left-hander. He starts with three dot balls before Tharanga picks up one through cover. This is excellent pressure from Christian. Yorker and Kapugedera just manages to get the bat down.


    Over 34 Lyon 0-1-1-1-1-0

    138-5 - The target is now less than 100. It's always good when you get it below three figures. Kapugedera uses his feet, but it's only a single down the ground. Tharanga also picks up one to long-off.


    Over 33 Christian 0-0-0-0-0-0

    134-5 - Christian builds some pressure with five dot balls. The required run rate is edging closer to six to the over. A maiden. Time for drinks.


    Over 32 Lyon 4-0-2-1-0-0

    134-5 - Another change in bowling as Lyon gets the ball again. Tharanga beats backward point with a well placed cut shot and picks up a boundary. Two more, this time through extra cover. Watson is looking a bit worried.

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Match Details

8th Mar 2012
Asad Rauf and B N J Oxenford

sri lanka BATTING CARD

Batsman R
Jayawardene b McKay 15
Dilshan c Hussey b Lee 8
Sangakkara c Watson b Lee 19
L.D. Chandimal lbw b McKay 5
Thirimanne c Warner b Watson 30
Tharanga c Watson 71
Kapugedera c McKay 7
Kulasekara c Lyon b Lee 15
Maharoof not out 18
Herath b McKay 0
Malinga b McKay 6
Extras 12w, 9lb 21
Total All out, 48.5 Overs 215
Full Batting Card

australia BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Lee 8 0 59 3
Doherty 8 0 49 0
McKay 9.5 1 28 5
Watson 7 1 13 2
Lyon 8 0 36 0
Christian 8 1 21 0
Full Bowling Card