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Australia won by 81 runs.

Australia vs Sri Lanka


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    Australia won by 81 runs

    That's a real statement of intent, and it's hard to see anyone else winning this tournament. Twenty20 may be unpredictable, but Australia just seem to have all their bases covered - when you can come back from 67 for 5 in your own innings and win by 81 runs against quality opponents, that's scary. I'm off home to shake my head in disbelief, but thanks for your company. Don't forget, it's South Africa v Pakistan and then England v New Zealand tomorrow, so do join us then. Ciao.


    Over 17 Johnson 1-W

    87 all out - WICKET! Johnson cleans up Mendis with the yorker, and that is that.


    Over 16 Clarke 0-W-0-1-0-0

    85-9 - WICKET! Clarke fancies a bowl, and picks up the wicket of Malinga as he holes out to long-on. One wicket to go for the Aussies.


    Over 15 Johnson 0-0-0-0-1-0

    84-8 - Looking ahead to the final games, it's most likely that we'll have a straight shootout for a place in the semis between India and Sri Lanka. It's tough to see West Indies beating Australia in this sort of form - mostly because it's difficult to see anyone beating Australia at the moment. A huge defeat for Sri Lanka here means India could feasibly beat Sri Lanka and sneak through, although that would depend on Australia's margin of victory.


    Over 14 Smith 0-0-W-0-0-0

    83-8 - WICKET! Chandimal decides he needs to go for the big shot, and comes down the track for a big heave. He's beaten by the spin and Haddin does the rest. That wasn't wise, because Sri Lanka should be looking to bat out their overs to keep their net run rate as good as possible.


    Over 13 Watson 2-4-0-1-1+W-0

    83-7 - Chandimal pulls wide of long-on for two, then swivels to find the gap between fine leg and square leg. Warner was fielding in the latter position and put in a desperate dive even though this match is all wrapped up. WICKET! This really has been relentless from Australia, who refuse to give an inch no matter how good their position is. Randiv saw Nannes misfield at third man and decided to come back for the second, but Nannes was determined to make up for his mistake and a direct hit from the boundary has Randiv short of his ground.


    Over 12 Smith 1-1-0-W-1-1

    75-6 - WICKET! Smith deceives Kapugedera with the full one that's just pushed on a little quicker, as it yorks the batsman as he tries to hit across the line. This is all over bar the shouting.


    Over 11 Watson 0-1-1-1-1-0

    71-5 - Watson got a hammering in his first over, but is guaranteed a more gentle return. He's helped by the umpires who somehow let him get away with an obvious wide that cleared the head of Chandimal. For those wondering what and Australian victory might mean, the answer is that it all but puts them in the semi-finals, whilst bringing India back into the equation - were Sri Lanka to win this game then India would be out.


    Over 10 Smith 1-1-1-0-0-1

    67-5 - Four singles from the over. I didn't see much of it because it passed so quickly, but I can tell you that Sri Lanka need 102 runs to win at 10.2 per over.


    Over 9 Johnson 1-2-1-0-4-1

    63-5 - Australia's superb fielding continues as Chandimal edges just past second slip (yes, second slip) and sub fielder Daniel Christian somehow gets round from third man to cut off the boundary. Clarke does technically drop Chandimal next ball, but it would have been a wonder catch after he'd covered enormous ground to get to fine leg and put in a dive to get a hand to the ball after the batsman had top-edged a bouncer. Kapugedera drives nicely over extra cover for four to give Sri Lanka something to cheer about.


    Over 8 Smith 1-wd-1-1-0-0-1

    54-5 - Steve Smith has the perfect platform to come on and strangle the opposition, although I think they've already bled to death on account of a severe bludgeoning by the seamers. Chamara Kapugedera and Dinesh Chandimal are the men tasked with rebuilding the innings.


    Over 7 Johnson 2-wd-W-0-0-1-W

    49-5 - WICKET! Superb catch! And that's very nearly killed the match stone dead just when it looked to be regaining some life. Dilshan had found that old swagger and looked to be timing the ball, but then he timed a cut shot to backward point where White flung himself to his left to take a brilliant catch. It was hit so hard he didn't have much time to react at all. Angelo Mathews departs a few balls later as he's caught by Mike Hussey running in from deep cover, so this is threatening to be all over in a flash.


    Over 6 Watson 4-6-0-1-4-0

    45-3 - As Ian Chappell points out, when you're a strokemaker, the best way to get back into form is to play your shots. A slashed drive past mid-off and a swing over cow corner for six seem to do the trick for Dilshan, who suddenly looks a different batsman to the bewildered character we saw in Sri Lanka's first three games. Watson continues to miss his length, and Mathews adds to the onslaught by chipping mid-on for four.


    Over 5 Nannes 1-2-0-1-W-4

    30-3 - Nannes continues, and Dilshan's filthy hoik brings two throught backward square via an inside edge. WICKET! But the Aussie juggernaut is not to be derailed, and Jayasuriya is soon on his way after missing an attempted heave off a delivery that strikes him on the pad dead in front. Angelo Mathews pulls his first ball beautifully through midwicket to cut the celebrations short, but this still looks like it could be a foregone conclusion unless Dilshan goes beserk.


    Over 4 Tait 2-0-W-4-0-0

    22-2 - WICKET! Disaster for Sri Lanka, as Sangakkara is out third ball. He tried to hook the short one but is beaten for pace and the ball flicks glove on its way through to Haddin. It looked to be clearing the keeper at first, but Haddin stretched brilliantly to take the catch down the leg side. It brings Dilshan to the crease with his side needing him to find some form, and he does glove his first ball over Haddin for four.


    Over 3 Nannes 0-6-W-0-0-0

    16-1 - WICKET! It's the big one. Jayawardene had swivelled brilliantly to clear backward square leg the previous delivery, just lifting the ball over the rope with ease, but then Nannes tempts him into a similar shot with a ball that's straighter. Jayawardene fetches it from just outside off stump, but that means he hits it finer and Steve Smith doesn't even have to move an inch as the ball flies down his gullet at fine leg. This is a big test for Sri Lanka, who have leant heavily on Jayawardene so far in the tournament.


    Over 2 Tait wd-0-0-1-wd-1-0-0

    10-0 - The extreme pace of Shaun Tait is called upon, and he doesn't disappoint. Although there are two wides outside off the rest of the over is too quick for the batsmen and it shows on Jayasuriya's face as he watches the final ball scream past at eye height.


    Over 1 Nannes 1-2-0-1lb-1-1

    6-0 - Australia show some typical attacking intent to start, with two slips in place for Nannes. It's a cheap over as the batsmen push singles, and Jayawardene is slightly fortunate not to be run out as they steal a single to mid-off from the final delivery. Jayasuriya was running to the danger end, but such is Jayawardene's form that the fielder went for the far end to see if he could get the danger man.


    Change in tactics

    Dilshan has been in appalling form, so Sanath Jayasuriya will open the innings with Mahela Jayawardene. They'll be facing Dirk Nannes first up.


    For the record

    The last five overs went for 69, which is 13.80 per over. Before the match began Sri Lanka wouldn't have been too upset to chase 169, but the mental scars from giving up such a commanding position (67 for 5 after 11 overs) will be heavy.

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Match Details

9th May 2010
I J Gould and R E Koertzen

sri lanka BATTING CARD

Batsman R
Jayawardene c Nannes 9
Jayasuriya lbw b Nannes 5
Sangakkara c Haddin b Tait 2
Dilshan c White b Johnson 20
Mathews c Hussey b Johnson 8
L.D. Chandimal st Haddin b Smith 19
Kapugedera b Smith 12
Randiv run out 2
Malinga c Clarke 1
Mendis b Johnson 1
Welegedara not out 2
Extras 4w, 2lb 6
Total All out, 16.2 Overs 87
Full Batting Card

australia BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Nannes 3 0 19 2
Tait 2 0 10 1
Watson 3 0 27 0
Johnson 3.2 0 15 3
Smith 4 1 12 2
Clarke 1 0 2 1
Full Bowling Card