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South Africa win by 309 runs

Australia vs S Africa


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    What a series this has been, but this game was always in South Africa's control. We saw an epic batting performance from the visitors while the hosts never really showed much fight. While South Africa will celebrate their number one Test ranking, the real talk will be around Ricky Ponting who has played his last Test for Australia, an emotional time for any cricket player and supporter of the game. Thanks for joining us.


    Over 83 Steyn 0-0-4-0-W

    322/10 - WICKET! Finally, Steyn gets his man as Smith takes one more catch in the slips! A real solid catch by the Protea's captain who has been phenomenal in the field today. That's it now, it's all over, Lyon's innings comes to an end and South Africa win the Test.


    Over 82 Philander 0-0-4-0-4-0

    318/9 - Starc's incredible innings continues as he plonks Philander over the top of mid-off for four - he's actually batting really well, credit to him! He's done it again, this time it's a bit higher over the fielder's head and he's gone for four more!


    Over 81 Steyn 4-0-0-0-4-0

    310/9 - What a shot from Lyon who glides Steyn off the thigh, with the new ball, for four past deep backward square. Ahhh my word, Lyon nicks one and it's pierced the gap between Kallis and Smith - they're both starring at each other wondering why the other didn't go for it. Steyn is horrified. That's the over.


    Over 80 du Plessis 4-0-1-0-1-4

    302/9 - Slapped down the ground, straight back past the bowler and that's four more runs to Starc. Australia surpass 300, something they probably never ever thought was possible!


    Over 79 Steyn 1-0-0-0-4-0

    292/9 - Starc and Lyon continue to frustrate the South African bowling attack - Lyon tucks one away neatly around the corner and tickles it away for four more down to fine leg.


    Over 78 du Plessis 0-1-4-3-0-0

    287/9 - Faf gets a bowl, who would have thought. Is this a sign of desperation from Graeme Smith? Well, it's not exactly paying off as Starc reaches his first ever half-century in a Test match.


    Over 77 Steyn 1-0-1-0-0-2

    279/9 - A couple off the last ball, Mitchell Starc is doing really well here, at least he is adding to his personal tally - making this all worth his while..


    Over 76 Peterson 0-4-1-4-2

    275/9 - Smith has three men near the bat, but Peterson's bowling is going to the boundary. Two fours from the over as Starc and Lyon pick-up one a piece.


    Over 75 Morkel 0-0-0-4-3-0

    264/9 - Starc gets lucky with a boundary as Morkel drops one in short and high - it's a 'tired' delivery from Morkel who looks to be taking a bit of strain as Starc hits him up once more, this time getting it in the gap and setting off for three.


    Over 74 Peterson 1-4-2-0-0-0

    257/9 - Starc collects a single working it to deep midwicket. Lyon sweeps one neatly aside for four down to fine leg and then sets off for a couple to deep square leg.


    Over 73 Morkel 0-1-wd-0-0-0-0

    250/9 - The 250 comes up in the over as Morkel bowls one that's far too wide to be considered a legitimate ball. Not much else happening there in that over.


    Over 72 Peterson 6-0-6-1-0-0

    248/9 - Two sixes in the over - incredible stuff from Starc who is playing as if this were a T20 International. I guess they've got nothing to lose, right?


    Over 71 Morkel 1-W-0-0-0-0

    235/9 - Change of bowling, and he strikes! WICKET! Smith takes yet another catch, he's been fantastic in the field! And easy low catch at slip and Hastings leaves the middle with his head down. Nathan Lyon, for what it's worth, comes to the crease.


    Over 70 Peterson 4-1-0-1-1-4

    234/8 - Not really going the Protea's way right now - Starc and Hastings are taking a little edge of control as Starc lofts four off Peterson's first - narrowly missing the bowlers hands above the head. Hastings ends with another four.


    Over 69 Philander 0-0-1-0-0-0

    223/8 - Philander tries to trap Starc but the tail-ender manages a single and sends his batting partner back on strike for the last three which get defended away.


    Over 68 Peterson 6-1-4-0-1-6

    222/8 - Hastings smashes one far into the stands, so far that there's a delay while they try find it. Eventually they get it returned and Peterson continues his over. What an over as Starc gets in on the action with a four before taking a single. Hastings ends things with a six - the ultimate maximum - and the crowd are celebrating and cheering. Magnificent fight, if nothing else, from the Aussies.


    Over 67 Philander 0-0-0-0-W-0

    204/8 - WICKET! GOT HIM!!!! Philander gets a nick from around the wicket with a perfect length delivery - Johnson needed to get forward, but didn't, and pays the price! Excellent bowling! Mitchell Starc comes forward now...


    Over 66 Peterson 0-0-0-0-0-0

    204/7 - Peterson narrowly misses the wickets as one creeps through between the bat and pad, sneaking around the wicket. Hastings getting very lucky not to find himself dismissed.


    Over 65 Philander 0-0-0-0-0-0

    204/7 - No surprises as Philander opens after Tea and bowls the first maiden of the session.

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Match Details

30th Nov - 4th Dec 2012
South Africa won the toss and elected to bat.
WACA Ground
A Rauf and R A Kettleborough

australia BATTING CARD

Batsman R
Cowan c Elgar b Steyn 53
Warner c Smith b Philander 29
Watson c Smith b M Morkel 25
Ponting c Kallis b Peterson 8
Clarke st de Villiers b Peterson 44
Hussey c de Villiers b Steyn 26
Wade c Smith b Peterson 10
Hastings c Smith b M Morkel 20
Johnson c de Villiers b Philander 3
M A Starc not out 68
Lyon c Smith b Steyn 31
Extras 2w, 3lb 5
Total All Out, 82.5 Overs 322
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
Steyn 22.5 6 72 3
Philander 21 8 41 2
M Morkel 16 2 57 2
Peterson 20 2 127 3
Elgar 1 0 4 0
du Plessis 2 0 18 0
Full Bowling Card