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Australia won by 3 wickets.

Australia vs Pakistan


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    Australia win by three wickets with a ball to spare

    Pakistan are in utter disbelief, they've played some outstanding cricket themselves today and looked in the pound seats all the way up until the final over. Mike Hussey produced the innings of the tournament and has snatched victory from the defending champions. Coming in at number seven he's gone and blasted 60 from 24 balls, quite remarkable here in St Lucia! One feels for poor Saeed Ajmal who was the man punished off the final over. Pakistan did little wrong in the game, they batted brilliantly, have bowled well and only their fielding perhaps leaving a little to be desired. The determination shown by Hussey is a sign of the steel of this Australian team and England face a massive task in the final on Sunday. What a great contest, thanks for joining us and we shall see you on Sunday for what is hopefully another cracker!


    Over 20 Ajmal 1-6-6-4-6

    197-7 - Magnificent performance from Mike Hussey, Mr Cricket at his best! The innings of his life! Six over the leg side, six straight, and then four behind point, phenomenal! What a knock from Hussey, his fifty coming off 22 balls! That's the game, Hussey completes it with a Six! and the Aussies have won it with a ball to spare. Michael Hussey has singlehandedly won it for Australia, unbelievable striking under pressure!


    Over 19 Aamer 4-2-2lb-2-2-4

    174-7 - Just the start to the over the Aussies need, finesse from Mike Hussey who glides an Aamer delivery down past fine leg for four. He then, on 28, picks up his first run into the off side, previously everything coming behind square on the leg side. A four off the last ball makes it 16 off that over. Hussey is breathing heavily after some hard running for four twos. 18 neede off six!


    Over 18 Ajmal W-4-1lb-6-2-1lb

    156-7 - Wicket! Ajmal produces a peach, the doosra beating him through the air as Smith is stranded and another stumping for Akmal. Mitchell Johnson only knows how to play one way and goes for four on the leg side. Hussey goes one better with a six in a similar area. Possibly too late for Australia but it's just keeping a glimmer of hope alive. 14 off that over but still behind the rate. Australia need 34 off the last two overs.


    Over 17 Aamer 1-wd-1-W-4-0-1

    144-6 - WICKET! That's the end of White! A great knock and that's a huge blow for to the Aussies hopes. A bowling changes bring reward. Aamer, consistently searching for the perfect yorker, bowls a low full toss which White hits straight to long-on. Smith comes the the wicket and has a boundary off his first ball. A crucial over there from Aamer. 48 Required from 18 deliveries...a seemingly impossible task but it only takes one large over to turn things around.


    Over 16 Afridi 1lb-1-0-6-6-0

    136-5 - The skipper is into his final over. Michael Hussey gets into the act launching two sixes, one over square leg and then one over mid-wicket. Afridi got quicker and quicker in that over, which seemed to suit Hussey. The game's not over yet! 56 from 24 needed...


    Over 15 Rehman 0-1-0-6-0-2nb-1

    123-5 - Hussey is not a quick started, and so it's important White gets as much of the strike as possible, the Aussies need boundaries here and the ones aren't helping. The added pressure is getting to White who swings and misses against some top class bowling. He plays the same shot but connects for six! Great shot, down on one knee and over mid-wicket. Rahman then bowls a no-ball over head height and Australian are left needing 70 from the last 30 balls.


    Over 14 Ajmal 0-3wd-0-0-2-0-0

    112-5 - Ajmal is back and mixes up his pace impressively to tie down the dangerous White. He is the key for Australia now and is oh so close to being stumped but gets his foot down in the nick of time. A terrific over from Ajmal, five from it and 80 required from 30 balls.


    Over 13 Rehman 6-1-W-0-1-1

    107-5 - Wicket! A vital breakthrough for Pakistan, Hussey is beaten and chips it back to the bowler off a leading edge. White had previously hit Rehman for a massive six to add the pressure on the bowler. Nine off the over, that partnership was worth 43 and came off just 25 balls. Plenty of work for Australia who require 85 from 42 balls.


    Over 12 Hafeez 1-6-1-1-1-6

    84-4 - Six!White is dealing in sixes at the moment and this partnership has grown quickly. Dave Hussey joins him with a six over long-off, it's game on here, the Aussies need just under 12 an over off the last eight.


    Over 11 Afridi 1-0-6-6-1-1

    82-4 - White goes on the offensive launching Afridi for two masive sixes off the over. He's gone down on one knee and smashed Afridi over mid-wicket.


    Over 10 Hafeez 1-1-1-1-0-0

    66-4 - Hafeez is the fourth spinner introduced with Dave Hussey joined by Cameron White. The spinners are getting through the overs quickly, not giving the batsmen time to think.


    Over 8 Afridi 0-W-0-0-0-1

    63-4 - Wicket! Michael Clarke's wretched run continues, dismissed by his opposite number Afridi. Another stumping for Akmal. The previous ball had seen a big lbw appeal turned down. Afridi celebrates in typical style, arms raised in the middle of the pitch. Only one run from that over and Pakistan well and truly on top.


    Over 8 Rehman 0-W-1-2-0-1

    62-3 - WICKET! Haddin and Clarke were starting to look comfortable before Haddin is beaten by a beauty from Rehman, who gets turn and bounce to beat the Aussie batsmen, stumped for 25. 10.83 the rate required.


    Over 7 Afridi 1-0-1-1-2-0

    58-2 - Good start from Afridi. The Pakistan fielding shows a couple wobbles with a misfield in that over wich gives away a run.


    Over 6 Ajmal 4-2lb-0-0-1-1

    53-2 - Key man Ajmal is brought on and Clarke immediately gets on the offensive with a four off the first ball. Ajmal responds fantastically with a doosra which beats Clarke, much to the captains ammusement. Afridi is following the ball a bit with his field placings., making regular changes.


    Over 5 Rehman 0-2-6-1-1-0

    45-2 - Spin is introduced before the fielding restrictions are over. Haddin cashes in on one leg with a six over square leg. Positive batting from the Aussie pair.


    Over 4 Razzaq 2-0-0-1-0-4

    35-2 - Razzaq continues despite his expensive opening over. Afridi is constantly changing the field and speaking to his players. A better over from the Pakistan allrounder is made expensive with a sublime bit of timing through the covers from Clarke who will gain some confidence from that stroke. kamran Akmal has chosen not to stand up to the wicket for Razzaq, allowing the Aussie batsmen more room to work their feet which paid off for Clarke there.


    Over 3 Aamer 4-0-W-0-1-1

    28-2 - Down the ground is the place to hit on this wicket and Watson goes hard and straight to pick up four. Afridi has no players on the fence behind the wicket and instead has posted boundary riders on the deep mid-wicket and long-on fence, a masterstroke as Watson hits it straight down long-on's throat and is Out! That's a big blow, given the confidence with whcih Watson was showing. In steps the skipper Clarke, one feels he is going to have to produce today.


    Over 2 Razzaq 6-0-1-4-0-4

    22-1 - Razzaq's opening delivery is powered over the legside fence as Watson rocks back and pulls for six. Watson is in determined mood and will be a key man in the Aussie run chase one feels. Haddin gets in on the act to make Razzaq look ordinary with his medium pacers, going for 15 off that over.

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Match Details

14th May 2010
St Lucia
B R Doctrove and I J Gould

australia BATTING CARD

Batsman R
Warner c Akmal b M Amir 0
Watson c Rehman b M Amir 16
Haddin st Akmal b Rehman 25
Clarke st Akmal b Afridi 17
Hussey c&b Rehman 13
White c Hafeez b M Amir 43
Hussey not out 60
Smith st Akmal b Ajmal 5
Johnson not out 5
Extras 1nb, 5w, 7lb 13
Total Close, 19.5 Overs 197 - 7
Full Batting Card


Bowler O M R W
M Amir 4 0 35 3
Razzaq 2 0 22 0
Rehman 4 0 33 2
Ajmal 3.5 0 46 1
Afridi 4 0 34 1
Hafeez 2 0 20 0
Full Bowling Card