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Australia won by 34 runs.

Australia vs Pakistan


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    Australia Win By 34 Runs

    A victory bulit on the initial adventure of Watson and Hussey before Nannes, Tait and Johnson finished things off. 20 wickets fell in this match, which is something hardly ever seen in Twenty20 competition. It's clear Oz mean business this time around after their early knockout last year, and it's tough seeing any team stopping 'em. Thanks for joining us and spot you again on Monday for Sri Lanka against Zimbabwe and the Windies versus England.


    Over 20 Tait 1-0-0-2-2-W

    157-10 - With the result a done deal, Haddin still refuses to let anything be given away as he puts in a great stop to rob Ajmal of four off the inside edge. Wicket! Numbers 10 and 11 scrape together what last-gasp runs before Tait puts the cherry on top of a super Aussie performance, cleaning up Ajmal's stumps with the ultimate delivery of the match.


    Over 19 Johnson 1-1-1-W-1-0

    152-9 - Wicket! Alam appears to have four heaved across midwicket until, that is, Clarke gets in the way on the dive to hold onto a great catch. Nothing going Pakistan's way in St Lucia, and Ajmal is the last man in for the pending losers. Pakistan need 40 runs from 6 balls to win.


    Over 18 D Hussey 1-4-1-W-1-1

    148-8 - Wicket! Belated, bonus scalp for part-timer Hussey, who has Aamer perish on the long-off fence. In comes Sami, as the Fat Lady begins to warm her voice in anticipation of Australian triumph. Pakistan need 44 runs from 12 balls to win.


    Over 17 Nannes 6-W-1-1-6-0

    140-7 - Wicket! Misbah's swat over long-off turns out to be his last scoring shot of the day as his next attempt at a big hit succeeds only in holing out to Clarke at mid-off. He mopes off, making way for would-be all-rounder Aamer. He is more than happy to watch from the non-striker's end as Alam takes the attack to Nannes, planking the second six of the over across midwicket. Pakistan need 52 runs from 18 balls to win.


    Over 16 Watson 1-1-1-1-0-1-1

    126-6 - Earlier it was Australia who were peeved with umpire Tarapore and now it's the Pakistan batsmen, who cannot believe the standing official has let a sure wide slip by. Pakistan need 66 runs from 24 balls to win.


    Over 15 Nannes 0-1-1-1-W-1

    121-6 -Misbah really needs to take the role of senior hitter but instead continues to merely turn the singles in the hope that Razzaq will go big. Wicket! The new man in tries to oblige his batting partner but only succeeds in scooping the ball high, hard and eventually down the throat of long-off. Alam in now, with his team's hopes of victory circling the drain. Pakistan need 71 runs from 30 balls to win.


    Over 14 Tait 1-1-1-0-2-W

    117-5 - Wicket! Tait's return to the attack halts Pakistan's progress as Afridi falls. Looking to swat a leg-side delivery over midwicket, the right-hander misses the shot only to have the ball balloon from his pads and into his stumps. Next in is Razzaq, who needs to blaze the knock of his life if Australia are not to triumph today. Pakistan need 75 runs from 36 balls to win.


    Over 13 Johnson 0-1-2-1-0-2

    112-4 - Wisely so, Clarke doesn't allow Afridi another go at Smith and duly returns his southpaw speedster to the attack. Afridi offers a couple of heaves over the off-side, hardly finding the middle in the face of a probing line from big Mitch. Misbah returns to the strike and paddles a couple past short fine-leg, where lazy Tait fluffs his duty to stop what should have been just one run. Pakistan need 80 runs from 42 balls to win.


    Over 12 Watson 1-1-4-1-1-1lb

    106-4 - Misbah and Afridi try to throw Watson off his approach with plenty of dancing around the crease. The latter succeeds in a premeditated lap over short fine-leg for four before opting for the orthodox blunt down the ground for one. Misbah, meanwhile, seems more than happy to play the anchor role while his captain goes on a quest for big, quick runs. Pakistan need 86 runs from 48 balls to win.


    Over 11 Smith 4-4-6-1-1-1

    97-4 - 'Boom Boom' decides Smith is the man to target, smearing back-to-back boundaries over point and midwicket respectively before outdoing both his previous strokes with six cranked over cover. The leg-spinner might want to consider a touch less flight at this rate, perhaps darting 'em in at Afridi while offering Misbah the loop. Pakistan need 95 runs from 54 balls to win.


    Over 10 Johnson 0-1-1-1nb-2-0-1

    80-4 - Afridi lines up the free-hit as Johnson lopes his fat front foot far too much over the popping crease. All the captain can do with the bonus ball though is skew it through the on-side for two. Meanwhile, the standing umpire and Clarke are at odds, with Watson's position in the field in question. The fielding restrictions are long gone so I'm not entirely sure what the problem is...


    Over 9 Smith 2-1wd-W-1-1-0-2

    74-4 - Just the one over for Hussey, who returns to his position in the field as the leg-spinner gets his go. A stifled appeal for lbw starts him off, but Umar has clearly been struck outside the line. Wicket! The new bowler gets it right the next time around though, breathing a sigh of relief as Hussey hangs onto the catch at deep cover on the third (phew) grab. Silly stroke from Umar, who was nowhere near to the pitch of the ball for such a hopeful smack over the off-side. In comes 'Boom Boom' Afridi, fresh from his 'swashbuckling' nine runs off nine balls against Bangladesh.


    Over 8 Clarke 0-6-2-1-1-4

    67-3 - Smith might be questioning his role in the side. He batted at nine in the order and falls below Hussey and now Clarke in the bowling pecking order. Misbah punishes a loosener from the left-arm slow bowler, spanking six over midwicket and following that up with four flat-batted over the bowler's head. Sensible batting this, gearing up for the slog at the death.


    Over 7 D Hussey 0-2-0-1-0-1

    53-3 - No leg-spin from Smith yet, as Clarke looks to the right-arm off-break of Hussey - Dave, not Mike - first. Out comes the paddle and sweep in all variations, as Umar and Misbah scrape together a mere four runs.


    Over 6 Watson 0-2-6-1-0-2

    49-3 - With the asking rate - currently 10.50 - quickly mounting, Misbah and Umar are swinging at everything and anything now. The latter enjoys some momentary success, heaving six over long-on where a security guard takes a casual, one-handed catch. Perhaps it's Gus Logie - a great West Indian fielder in his day - in disguise. And so ends the Powerplay.


    Over 5 Johnson 1-W-1-1wd-1-1-0

    38-3 - Wicket! Southpaw Mitch steps into the attack in the place of Nannes, striking instantly. Hafeez, a touch bogged down across the last over or two, decides he'd better get on with it but picks out the midwicket fielder on the pull. Not the greatest of delivery from Johnson, but it bags undeserved success. Misbah is in now and, wisely so, Pakistan are saving Afridi for the latter stages of their chase.


    Over 4 Tait 0-W-0-1wd-0-0-4

    33-2 - Wicket! Backing away to he leg-side on one too many occasions, Butt meets his match on the miscued pull, merely spooning the catch to mid-on. Tait did well to follow the batsman, who - teetering on the brink of cutting loose entirely - has been cut short in his prime. Next in is Umar, who closes the over with a flourish, spanking four over mid-on thanks to some poor length from Tait.


    Over 3 Nannes 0-4-0-4-4-1wd-0

    28-1 - Absolutely no respect for the bowler, Butt backs away to the leg-side to swat four over point with the greatest of disdain before opting along the ground for a quite exquisite boundary split between the cover fielders. And again - with Nannes' over-correction of lenght paying the price through point for another boundary. Butt well and truly picking up where he left off against the Tigers on Saturday.


    Over 2 Tait 1wd-0-2-1-0-0-1wd-0

    14-1 - Forsaking accuracy with wide-riddled pace, the man to have recently clocked the 160kph barrier speeds in. The more I watch this guy bowl the more I am convinced he is one day going to buckle under his ankles to do himself the dirtiest of injury. There is no way his bulky frame can stand up to the rigours of such a lengthy run-up and full-blown delivery stride for too much longer. Forgive me if you disagree, but I think it's just a matter of time before he crumbles to the crocked sidelines again.

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Match Details

2nd May 2010
St Lucia
E A R de Silva and S K Tarapore


Batsman R
Akmal c Nannes 0
Butt c Hussey b Tait 15
Hafeez c Hussey b Johnson 12
Akmal c Hussey b Smith 18
Misbah-ul-Haq c Clarke b Nannes 41
Afridi b Tait 33
Razzaq c Warner b Nannes 1
Alam c Clarke b Johnson 16
M Amir c Hussey 2
Sami not out 5
Ajmal b Tait 4
Extras 1nb, 8w, 1lb 10
Total All out, 20.0 Overs 157
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australia BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Nannes 4 0 41 3
Tait 4 0 20 3
Johnson 4 0 21 2
Watson 3 0 24 0
Hussey 2 0 12 1
Clarke 1 0 14 0
Smith 2 0 24 1
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