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India won by 8 wickets.

Australia vs India


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    India won by 8 wickets

    A comprehensive win in the end, controlling the game throughout. Australia's innings never got up and running as India's fielders and bowlers maintained a stranglehold, and with such a modest target the tourists elected to take the pragmatic approach. It's taken them six games, but they finally have a win and will be a force to be reckoned with in the one-day tri-series that follows. We'll see you then.


    Over 20 McKay 0-0-0-4

    135-2 - The field closes in to stop the single. Three dot balls. Surely they're not going to stuff this up, are they? No, they're not - Gambhir gets inside the line and swipes through a gap in the leg side, so India have their win.


    Over 19 Hussey 0-0-1-1-0-0

    131-2 - There's a huge number of India fans in the ground, and they're all on their feet now ready to celebrate the first win of the tour. Dhoni knows how to build a moment though, and waits for the right balls. Even with one required, he borrows Gambhir's helmet and tries a nudge for a single before being sent back. In fact, we'll need another over. Scores level.


    Over 18 M Marsh 1-0-3-3-1-1

    129-2 - This has been a very disciplined showing from India. Pity it's taken them this long to get organised, but at least it should make for a good Commonwealth Bank series. Gambhir clips through the leg-side to bring up his fifty in 54 balls - he's hit just three fours, and has epitomised the calmness of this run-chase. A single from the final ball keeps Dhoni on strike with just three runs needed.


    Over 17 Lee 1-1-1-4-1-0

    120-2 - Lee returns for his final over, and nearly loses his foot when Dhoni lashes a ball straight back at him. Would have been four most probably, but instead it's one and Lee hobbles back to his mark. A misfield pretty much ends the contest - Dhoni gets inside the line to pull away fine, and McKay slides over the ball as he makes his way round the rope. He stops the next one, drawing ironic cheers.


    Over 16 M Marsh 1-wd-2-4-1-0-1

    112-2 - It's India's game to lose now, and they don't look to be in the mood to stuff it up. Dhoni just about finishes it in fact, stealing a quick single that turns into two thanks to the pressure he puts on the fielders. Then he thrashes a short ball over backward point for four. Just 20 needed now.


    Over 15 Hogg 1-0-1-0-1-0

    102-2 - Hogg back on now, and he gets a slip to Dhoni as Australia look for quick wickets. Dhoni is calm though, and he waits for one to flick off his pads for a single. Just three from the over as Hogg brings all his wiles to bear. India need 30 from 30.


    Over 14 M Marsh 2-1-1-W-1-1

    99-2 - WICKET! An inkling of hope for Australia as Kohli's luck runs out. Lack of foot movement cost him here - both feet remaining rooted to the spot as he tried to guide the ball away fine. An edge is gratefully snaffled by Matthew Wade. MS Dhoni has decided to take the reponsibility on and has promoted himself to number four. He's immediately off the mark with a single to the leg side.


    Over 13 Gambhir 1-1-0-1-4-1

    93-1 - McKay returns, and Gambhir continues to quietly pick off the singles without any undue fuss. Kohli is playing the aggressor, and is enjoying some fortune as well - this time he tires to pull but gets a top edge over the keeper for four. Just 39 runs needed from 42 balls.


    Over 12 Doherty 0-1-1-4-1-1

    85-1 - Cracking shot from Kohli, who rocks back and whips the ball wide of long-on for four. Hit it with such power that the fielder on the boundary couldn't get round. Australia can't afford to concede boundaries, and the match is slowly drifting away from them despite there having been only one big over in the innings so far..


    Over 11 Hussey 1-1-0-2-0-2

    77-1 - David Hussey's first over played a key role the other night, breaking a key partnership, and he puts in a quiet one here. Gambhir gets down the pitch to chip a couple of deliveries over extra cover for two runs though, so India take six from the over. They need 55 to win from 54 balls now.


    Over 10 M Marsh 1-0-2-0-1-1

    71-1 - Mitchell Marsh on now, and after Gambhir drops the ball dead in front of him Kohli takes on the new bowler in a foot race to the striker's end and wins. Kohli goes on to pull through midwicket for two and get beaten by a ripper from Marsh, before nudging a single down the ground. Australia bowling just well enough to keep themselves in the game, but wickets in hand are surely the key here.


    Over 9 Hogg 4-1-4-1-1-1

    66-1 - Nothing like a good streaky boundary to upset the opposition. Kohli is found reaching for one outside off stump, but edges it away to the boundary for four. Australia are desperately trying to build scoreboard pressure, and that won't help. Neither will Gambhir dancing down the track to loft the ball over extra cover for four.


    Over 8 Doherty 1-0-1-wd-1-3-1

    54-1 - Left-armer Doherty bowling around the wicket to left-hander Gambhir, which is an interesting plot to stop Gambhir scoring. Gambhir manages to rock back and cut one away nice and late, and some terrific running by Kohli somehow brings a third run. That's the sort of urgency needed to lift the tourists and maintain their confidence.


    Over 7 Hogg 1-0-W-0-2-1

    46-1 - WICKET! Brad Hogg makes the breakthrough, but there's more than an element of luck about it as Sehwag smashes a low full toss straight to short extra cover. He'd nearly chipped the previous ball back to Hogg after a clever piece of bowling, and Hogg does deserve some credit for this dismissal because of the flight and dip on the delivery as Sehwag double-stepped. Virat Kohli gets off the mark with a cut through point for two.


    Over 6 Doherty 1-6-3-1-1-1

    42-0 - Huuuge six from Sehwag, who shows his first sign of aggression. It's his first ball against spin, but he's down the track straight away to belt Xavier Doherty back over his head and almost into the second tier. 104m, we're told. A slip in the field allows him to get three from the next delivery, so India are back above the required rate despite that quiet last over from Lee.


    Over 5 Lee 1-0-0-1-0-1

    29-0 - Australia need someone to spark them, and George Bailey is still backing Lee to do it. He does manage to tuck Sehwag up nicely, but because Sehwag isn't going after every delivery he's quite happy to get in behind the good balls and then guide one to third man for a single. Lee beats Gambhir with an excellent delivery, but while it's a great over it won't overly worry the tourists, who remain firmly in control.


    Over 4 McKay 1-1-4-1-0-1

    26-0 - Lovely shot from Sehwag - he generally likes to whack the ball, but he shows a deft touch here to guide a straight ball away fine enough on the off-side to get four. He seems content to play to the situation here, rather than go hell-for-leather unnecessarily as he often tends to. A boundary and four singles bring eight from the over, which is more than the required rate demands.


    Over 3 Lee 4-0-1-1-1-0

    18-0 - Bad mistake by Lee, bowling on Sehwag's legs. Four runs through backward square-leg are the obvious result, as the right-hander flicks him away with a flourish. India settle for singles thereafter, which is all they really need.


    Over 2 McKay 0-0-0-0-wd-4-0

    11-0 - Clint McKay starts really well on his return to the Aussie side, beating Gambhir with a couple of lifters around off-stump. But then he fires a wide down leg side, and sends the next one a touch too wide of off. Gambhir nudges at it, and half-guides, half-edges it away for four. That aside, India clearly aren't looking to over-commit here.

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Match Details

3rd Feb 2012
S D Fry and B N J Oxenford


Batsman R
Gambhir not out 56
Sehwag c Marsh b Hogg 23
Kohli c Marsh 31
Dhoni not out 21
Extras 4w 4
Total Close, 19.4 Overs 135 - 2
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australia BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Lee 4 0 24 0
McKay 3.4 0 25 0
Doherty 3 0 29 0
Hogg 3 0 19 1
Marsh 4 0 30 1
Hussey 2 0 8 0
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