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Australia won by 49 runs.

Australia vs India


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    Australia Win By 49 Runs

    Fifty runs might not sound much, but Australia handed out a big hiding today. Their two openers punished the Indian bowlers and propelled them to a massive 184 for five. That was always going to be difficult to chase, but India's chase were horrible and almost all their batsmen departed after mistiming their shots. Rohit Sharma was the only man to offer any resistence and India will need to come up with a better plan in their next game. Don't go too far as our next game starts in about 45 minutes. See you then.


    Over 18 Tait 1-W-wd-1-W

    135 all out - Shaun Tait returns for his last over. Sharma punches down the ground and there's a yes, no, yes. They eventually take the single.WICKET! That single was a mistake as Zaheer departs next ball. We've seen plenty of mistimed pulls today and Zaheer perishes in similar fashion. Michael Clarke completes the catch. Sharma dabs one to the on for one. WICKET! No 11 Ashish Nehra is greeted by a full, straight one and he's too slow to get his bat down. That is that.


    Over 17 Nannes 2-4-2-6-0-1

    132-8 - Australia's star man with the ball Dirk Nannes is back for his final over. Sharma clears mid-off and comes back for a second. Next he goes for a pull, but gets a leading edge that flies wide of the keeper for four. Two more to the total as he plays a good looking shot through point. Six more! Sharma stands and delivers straight down the ground. This is a great knock from Sharma. He keeps the strike with one to midwicket.


    Over 16 Smith 0-6-2-1-1-0

    117-8 - Zaheer Khan joins the six-hitting party as he clears the long-on fence quite comfortably. Smith gets some spin and Zaheer does well to get it between keeper and short third man. They take a couple.


    Over 15 Watson 1-6-W-0-4-6

    107-8 - After Sharma takes one to fine leg, Harbhajan climbs into an attempted Shane Watson bouncer and gets six over the middwicket fence. WICKET! Bhajji goes for one big shot too many and holes out to David Hussey at long-off. That one went very high and Hussey did well to keep his eyes on the ball. India's 100 comes up with a top edge to the fine leg fence from Sharma. Another brilliant shot from Rohit. This time he goes straight down the ground for six.


    Over 14 Smith wd+1-6-0-6-1-0

    90-7 - Smith starts his third over with a wide and Bhajji decides to take the extra run. Sharma plays another magnificent shot straight down the ground for six. He's playing himself into the India starting XI for the next game. Sharma goes to 49 with another six down the ground. He goes to 50 off 33b, 4x6, 2x4 with one to the sweeper on the cover boundary. Excellent innings.


    Over 13 Johnson1-0-2-4-0-1

    73-7 - Sharma nudges it through cover for another single. Harbhajan skies it over point and comes back for a second. He follows it up with a pull through square leg for four. Good shot that. Johnson hasn't been at his best today, but it won't matter as the rest of the bowlers have been brilliant and India have been awful.


    Over 12 Tait 1-0-wd-2-1-0-0

    65-7 - Aussie skipper Michael Clarke is going for the kill here and he brings Shaun Tait back into the attack. Tait nearly gets a wicket first up as Harbhajan Singh gets a leading edge to third man. Sharma gets a couple through midwicket and then digs out a good yorker. Big appeal from Australia as Bhajji's attempted paddle is caught behind. Replays show it came off hip.


    Over 11 Watson 1-1-wd-W-6-0-4

    60-7 - Shane Watson comes back for his second over. The Indian half-century comes up with a couple of singles and a wide. WICKET! Wicket number seven goes down! Jadeja cracks the ball straight to David Hussey at a deepish mid-on. The left-hander decides to cruise to the other end, but there's a direct hit and he's short of his ground. Poor, poor stuff from Jadeja. Sharma continues the one-man show with a scoop shot over the keeper for six and then ends the over with four through midwicket.


    Over 10 Smith 1-1-1-1-1-0

    47-6 - Ravindra Jadeja - he who had an awful day with the ball - joins Sharma in the middle and they are happy to pick off the singles from the spinner.


    Over 9 Johnson 1-wd-0-wd-0-1-1-W

    42-6 - Mitchell Johnson was pretty expensive in his opening after. Sharma takes one to third man. Johnson decides to bend his back for a couple of short balls, but he overdoes it and goes down the leg side for a wide. Couple of swings and misses from Pathan. Bat and ball finally makes contact and Pathan takes one to third man. WICKET! Another mistimed shot, another wicket. This is awful stuff from India. Pathan goes for a big shot, but gets a leading edge that flies down to deep backward point. David Warner makes up plent of ground from the cover boundary and takes a very good catch.


    Over 8 Smith 0-0-1-1-W-0

    37-5 - Spinner Steven Smith comes into the attack. Will the Indians go after him from the word go? Dhoni and Sharma get a couple of singles. WICKET! I think my earlier question has been answered. Dhoni is down the track and looks to clear the long-on fence, but he finds David Hussey. Yusuf Pathan is the new batsman, but you fear that is that for India.


    Gordon Or Gautam?

    "India should have Gordon Brown opening the batting he seems to be able to stick around for longer than them today" - quips David Kempton.


    Over 7 Johnson 0-2-1-0-wd-1-6

    35-4 - One left-hander is replaced by another as Mitchell Johnson gets a bowl. Another wild swing and miss from Sharma. You have to wonder what is going through his mind. His skipper at the other end won't be too happy, I'm sure. He finally makes contact with the ball and gets two to fine leg and one to third man. Another swing and miss, this time from Dhoni. After Dhoni takes one to the sweeper on the cover boundary, Sharma finally gets hold of one as he pulls a short one over the long-on fence for six.


    Over 6 Watson 0-0-1-0-0-0

    24-4 - The first bowling change of the innings sees Shane Watson on in place of Tait. Sharma plays a couple of indifferent shots. First he mistimes a pull shot (we've seen a few of those today) and then he looks to go after a short one. He's off strike with a steer to third man.


    Over 5 Nannes 1-0-4-0-1-W

    23-4 - Yuvraj Singh opens his account with a single to third man while Sharma plays a delightful shot through long-on for four and then has a swing and miss. Another good shot from Sharma, but this time it's just one to midwicket. WICKET! Brilliant stuff from Nannes as he yorks Yuvraj with the perfect ball. Yuvi was all arms and bat there as he tried to get something on it, but he was way too late. MS Dhoni strides out with his side in deep trouble.


    Over 4 Tait 0-wd-0-4-W-0-0

    17-3 - India have surprisingly decided to send Rohit Sharm in before Yuvraj Singh. India's batsmen are putting up a display on how not to pull as Raina also plays a false stroke while attempting the shot. He gets a top edge that flies over the keeper for four. WICKET! The in-form Raina perishes. He's in position to play the pull shot and ends up skying it. Three people converge on the ball, but captain Michael Clarke is the man to complete the catch at the non-striker's end. Rohit Sharma plays a couple of air shots.


    Over 3 Nannes W-1-1-0-0-W

    12-2 - WICKET! Murali Vijay's stay at the crease comes to an end. He looks to work the ball to the on side, but gets a leading edge and the ball pops up to Cameron White at cover. Man of the moment Suresh Raina is the new batsman and he rotates the strike nicely with Gambhir. WICKET! It's a two wickets in the over for Nannes and it's another mistimed shot. Gambhir goes for a pull, but also fails to get hold of it and his hand comes off the bat. The ball goes in the air and the man at square leg takes a comfortable catch. Disastrous start for India.


    Over 2 Tait 4-0-4-0-0-0

    10-0 - Shaun Tait shares the new ball and he bowls a loosener, offering Gambhir some width outside off. The opener reaches for it and puts the ball away through point for four. Ooh! Short one and Gambhir takes his eyes off the ball and then decides at the final moment to play a shot. End result is skying the ball down to third man. The man on the fence makes a bit of meal of the dive and it goes for four. Tait mixes things up after that with short and slower ones.


    Over 1 Nannes 0-0-0-0-2-0

    2-0 - Murali Vijay takes first strike and there's a slip next to MS Dhoni. The first few balls are bang on target and the opener defends. Short ball from Nannes and Vijay pulls. He doesn't get hold of it, but it falls in no-man's land in the midwicket region. He gets beaten by a beauty final ball. That one took off. Something in it for the quicks.

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Match Details

7th May 2010
B F Bowden and B R Doctrove


Batsman R
Vijay c White b Nannes 2
Gambhir c Hussey b Nannes 9
Raina c Clarke b Tait 5
Sharma not out 79
Singh b Nannes 1
Dhoni c Hussey b Smith 2
Pathan c Warner b Johnson 1
Jadeja run out 4
Singh c Hussey b Watson 13
Khan c Clarke b Tait 9
Nehra b Tait 0
Extras 9w, 1lb 10
Total All out, 17.4 Overs 135
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australia BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Nannes 4 0 25 3
Tait 3.4 0 21 3
Watson 3 0 31 1
Johnson 3 0 23 1
Smith 4 0 34 1
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