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Australia won by 27 runs.

Australia vs Bangladesh


Last Updated: May 5, 2010 8:58pm

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    So that's the end of part one at Barbados today - Australia's win means that the opening game of the Super Eights on Thursday will see England up against Pakistan.


    Over 19: Harris 1-2-1-W

    114 - WICKET! - It's all over now as Mortaza's attempts to walk across his stumps and flick Harris away to the fine leg fence only result in his off stump being flattened. After an early scare with the bat, Australia have powered their way to a 27-run victory that means themselves and Pakistan go through to the Super Eights.


    Over 18: Tait 0-0-0-0-0-0

    110-9 - Tait sends down a maiden - poor Razzak might need the aid of a bell inside the ball if he's going to have any hope of hitting it further than his boot laces. That's the second maiden of the day for Tait, who finishes with figures of one for 15 from his four overs. He sent down 17 dot balls in total and his final analysis would have been even better had it not been for a plethora of early wides.


    Over 17: Nannes 4-1-0-0-1-4

    110-9 - WICKET! - Jahirul, who had started the over by smearing a four away through the covers, becomes the fourth wicket of the day for Nannes when he tamely chips to the fielder at cover. Although the final ball takes the outside edge of Razzak's bat and runs away to the third man boundary, Deadly Dirk still finishes with mightily impressive figures of four for 18.


    Over 16: Smith 6-0-1-1-0-W

    100-8 - WICKET! - Having seen Shafiul Islam slam him down the ground for six at the start of his final over, Smith has his revenge with the final ball when an under-edge runs back onto the stumps. The leggie finishes with figures of two for 29, making him a strong candidate for the man-of-the-match award.


    Over 15: Harris 4-1-1-0-2-1

    92-7 - Shafiul likes to back away and swing from the hip. He shows this technique off perfectly to the first ball of Harris' over, thumping a drive right off the middle away through the covers for four runs. There's nine runs from the over in total but Bangladesh still need 50 from the final five overs.


    Over 14: D Hussey 0-W-1-0-0-1

    83-7 - WICKET! - Mushfiqur's determined knock comes to an end. With the run-rate going up and up he has no choice but to chance his arm against David Hussey's off spin. Although he makes good contact with a slog-sweep he gets right underneath the ball, sending it spiralling out towards Michael Hussey at deep mid-wicket. That means Mushfiqur was caught Hussey off the bowling of Hussey - talk about a family affair. It could have been two in the over but the bowler can't cling on to a tough return catch off Shafiul Islam.


    Over 13: Smith 0-0-2-0-0-6-1w-2

    81-6 - They may be small in stature but Bangladesh's batsmen can still give the ball an almighty whack when they connect. Jahurul Islam finds the middle of his bat with a slog-sweep that soars over at mid-wicket. Smith responds with an attempted bouncer that wicketkeeper Brad Haddin does well to stop. The bowler apologises, perhaps to both the batsman and his team-mate behind the stumps.


    Over 12: D Hussey 0-6-0-W-0-0

    70-6 - WICKET! - Naeem Islam plays a brief, but nevertheless exciting, innings. Having taken a single to get the strike off the final delivery of the 11th over, he pops the second ball from part-time spinner David Hussey into the stands at mid-wicket. However when he tries to do the same with a straight bat he only finds the welcoming hands of Steven Smith at long-on. Bangladesh look set to be bowled out inside 20 overs now.


    Over 11: Smith 1-0-1-W-0-1

    64-5 - WICKET! - Shakib's gone thanks to a cracking catch from Mike Hussey out at deep square leg. An aerial sweep shot looks like it could go all the way at first but the fielder makes good ground to get the ball and take it with a dive to his right. He nearly rolls over the rope in his follow-through but manages to stop his momentum just in time. The Tigers need 78 from the final nine overs.


    Over 10: Harris 0-0-1-6-0-4

    61-4 - Rahim gets Bangladesh a little closer to their target with a six and a four off Harris. The maximum is a superb shot as he picks up the length early and drives with ease straight down the ground. The four that follows comes courtesy of a well-placed cut that comfortably clears the diving fielder at backward point.


    Over 9: Smith 2-2-0-2-0-1

    50-4 - Steven Smith comes on with his leggies. Seven come from his first over, all of them from the bat of Shakib Al Hasan, taking Bangladesh through to 50. They need another 92 from the final 11 overs, though if they want to reach the Super Eights they must reach their target with seven balls to spare.


    Over 8: Harris 1-0-0-1-1-1

    43-4 - It's a double change for Australia as Ryan Harris, picked today in place of the injured Mitchell Johnson, comes into the attack. Whoever comes on now needs to go for Bangladesh, the run-rate is soaring faster than an aeroplane trying to stay clear of a volcanic ash cloud. There could have been a fifth wicket in the over too, as Warner comes close to a direct hit when Shakib is called through for a risky single.


    Over 7: Clarke 1-1-1-1-6-2

    39-4 - Tait gets a breather as Clarke decides to slow things down with some of his own left-arm spinners. Bangladesh are much happier with the pace off the ball, milking singles before Shakib gets out the slog-sweep to launch his opposite number for six. The next ball looks like it's going to run away for four more in the same region until Warner produces a Superman dive to save a couple.


    Over 6: Nannes 1-0-1-0-0-0

    27-4 - Bangladesh need 115 from the final 84 deliveries - it is never a good sign for any team when numbers eight and nine are putting their pads on inside the powerplay overs. Nannes may not be quite as quick as Tait but he's no slouch on the speed gun. While he may have been used to going downhill during his skiing career, this is an exceedingly uphill task facing the Tigers.


    Over 5: Tait 1w-1-1w-1-0-0-4-1

    25-4 - Mushfiqur gets the hurry up from Tait, who again can't help but slant the odd ball too wide for the umpire's liking. The Bangladesh batsman does well to defend a ball that rises up from a length before top-edging the next one away for four over the top of the two slips. He makes out to his team-mate that he meant it, but that certainly wasn't meant to go that fine.


    Over 4: Nannes 0-W-0-2-W-1

    16-4 - WICKETS! - The situation gets the better of Aftab, as he simply takes a step down the pitch and has an ugly-looking swipe at Nannes. His attempts to heave the ball over mid-wicket only result in a top edge going tamely in the air for David Warner to catch moving in from gully. Mahmudullah comes in and suggests he's going to play sensibly with a nice push through the covers for two. However he too has a rush of blood to the head, going for a swivel pull that presents square leg with a simple catch.


    Over 3: Tait 0-1w-1w-2-0-1-1-0

    13-2 - Tait is steaming in, though his attempts to strive for some extra pace result in the odd radar issue. Shakib looks the most comfortable against him, whipping away two runs off his pads with a nicely-timed flick before punching the paceman straight for an easy single. Bangladesh need a further 129.


    Over 2: Nannes 0-W-2-0-0-1

    7-2 - WICKET! - Nannes takes just two balls to get a breakthrough, tempting Ashraful to steer a short delivery down to Tait at third man. The fielder takes an excellent catch, diving forward to grasp the ball about an inch before the turf. Shakib is in perhaps earlier than he'd hoped at four and immediately gets off the mark with two through the covers - the first runs off the bat in the Tigers' chase.


    Over 1: Tait 0-0-4lb-1w-0-0-W

    4-1 - WICKET! - If Bangladesh didn't think the challenge would be tough enough before they started, then they certainly know what they are up against now. Tait sends down a seriously quick opening over, with Imrul Kayes just getting his head out of the line of a dangerous bouncer. When he does attempt to attack he only mis-hits a drive straight to mid-off to perish without troubling the scorers.

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Match Details

5th May 2010
Aleem Dar and B R Doctrove

bangladesh BATTING CARD

Batsman R
Kayes c Hussey b Tait 0
Ashraful c Tait b Nannes 0
Aftab Ahmed c Warner b Nannes 1
Al Hasan c Hussey b Smith 28
Mahmuddal c Hussey b Nannes 2
Rahim c Hussey b Hussey 24
Islam c Hussey 7
Jahurul c Clarke b Nannes 18
Islam b Smith 16
Mortaza b Harris 6
Razzak not out 3
Extras 5w, 4lb 9
Total All out, 18.4 Overs 114
Full Batting Card

australia BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Tait 4 2 15 1
Nannes 4 0 18 4
Clarke 1 0 12 0
Harris 3.4 0 28 1
Smith 4 0 29 2
Hussey 2 0 8 2
Full Bowling Card