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England won by 10 wickets.

Australia A vs England


Last Updated: November 20, 2010 9:09am

  • England win by 10 wickets

    England openers Andrew Strauss (9no) and Alastair Cook (2no) needed just 1.3 overs to knock off their victory target of nine. The tourists have played some excellent cricket over the course of the four days and head up to Brisbane for the Ashes opener in fine fettle. Thanks for your company and join us again at around 2300h (GMT) next Wednesday for commentary on the first Ashes Test at the Gabba.


    Over 2 George 0-1-4

    11-0 - George is unlucky not to pick up Cook's wicket. The Essex left-hander plays and misses outside off-stump at the first ball and then edges a cut back past his leg-stump for a single. Two needed. Strauss finishes it in style, clipping to the midwicket boundary. England win by 10 wickets.


    Over 1 Cameron 0-4-0-1-0-1

    6-0 - Despite the modest victory target of nine, there is no messing about from either side. Strauss and Cook are opening for England and Cameron, the quickest of Australia A's attack, is taking the new ball with a well-stocked slip cordon. Strauss pulls the second ball down to fine-leg for four, reducing the target of five. Cameron responds with a couple of bouncers, the second of which is pulled for a single. Cook also pulls a single to retain the strike. England require three.

  • Tea

    Monty Panesar's three wickets in the afternoon session has left England on the brink of victory over Australia A. Home skipper Cameron White's defiant 111 looks set to prove in vain as his side were all out for 301 in their second innings, an overall lead of just eight. The umpires have decided to take the tea interval before England chase a target of nine. Join us at 0415h (GMT) for the last rites.


    Over 97 Bresnan 0-3-4-0-3-W

    301ao - George ensures England will have to bat again by forcing through the covers for three. McKay continues to enjoy himself with a pulled boundary that scorched the turf as it raced away. McKay chips a drive over mid-on for another three to bring up Australia A's 300. Wicket! Bresnan gets his man, George driving straight to Tremlett at mid-off. Bresnan finishes with 4-86, Australia A are all out for 301. England will chase a victory target of nine after tea.


    Over 96 Panesar 0-0-0-1-6-0

    291-9 - George is off the mark, playing back and turning a straight ball around the corner. McKay reduces Australia A's deficit to just two by advancing down the pitch and lofting Panesar for a straight six.


    Over 95 Bresnan 1lb-0-1lb-2-4-0

    284-9 - George doesn't appear to be the most popular figure among the England bowlers. He was bombarded by Shahzad in the first innings and Bresnan follows suit this time around. George wears one on the elbow and the ball runs away for a leg-bye. McKay decides to play some shots, forcing into the covers for a couple and then edging a drive wide of the slips and away to the third-man fence.


    Over 94 Panesar W-0-W-0-0-0

    276-9 - Wicket! Ugly end to an impressive innings from White. He gets a thin underedge through to Prior behind the stumps after trying to heave a ball from well outside off to midwicket. White departs for 111 (172b, 13x4) and Australia A still trail by 17. Wicket! Mark Cameron plays back to his second ball and is struck in line with off-stump - an easy lbw decision for umpire Paul Reiffel to make. England are one wicket away from victory and out strolls last man Peter George (FC average of 2.08 from 21 innings). He survives the final three balls of the over.


    Over 93 Bresnan 0-0-0-0-0-0

    276-7 - Lively from Bresnan, getting the ball to list past McKay's outside edge as he flirted with it. Repeats the trick twice more in the over, too good for McKay. The ball has suddenly started swinging for Bresnan.


    Over 92 Panesar 0-1-0-0-0-0

    275-7 - McKay drives in the air but it drops just short of Panesar, who had dived to his right in his follow-through.


    Over 91 Bresnan 0-4-1-0-0-0

    274-7 - Bresnan is recalled into the attack. A delicate late cut brings White four, the 13th of his innings. White rotates the strike to deep cover. Cook wears one at short-leg from McKay's drive.


    Over 90 Panesar 0-0-0-0-W-0

    269-7 - Panesar is given a chance with the harder ball, just nine overs old. O'Keefe advances a couple of times and on both occasions plays defensively. Wicket! O'Keefe comes down the track again, doesn't get close to the pitch but this time follows through with the shot anyway and lobs a simple catch to Pietersen at mid-off. There was nobody back on the boundary, tempting O'Keefe into the shot - good captaincy from Strauss. That is Panesar's first wicket of the tour in his 45th over. New batsman Clint McKay, the first of the genuine tail-enders, plays forward in defence to the final ball of the over.


    Over 89 Tremlett 0-0-2-1-0-0

    269-6 - O'Keefe clips off his pads for a couple and then drives through the covers for one, although he didn't really time it.


    Over 88 Shahzad 1-0-0-0-1-0

    266-6 - White drives down the ground for a single. Good judgment from O'Keefe, who shoulders arms at a full delivery that shapes back and passes not far from his off-stump. O'Keefe stays on the back foot and drops a single to mid-on.


    Over 87 Tremlett 2-1-1-1-0-0

    264-6 - Century! White stands tall on the back foot and forces down the ground for a couple to complete his 16th first-class hundred (158b, 12x4). Good effort from the Australia A skipper, leading from the front to keep alive his side's hopes of a draw. They trail by 29. Time for a drinks break at the Bellerive Oval.


    Over 86 Shahzad 1-0-0-0-0-4

    259-6 - Shahzad's plan to White is also short - this time the Victorian rolls his wrists on a pull for a single that takes him to 99. O'Keefe continues to live dangerously, top-edging a wild cut over the slips for four. Shahzad paid the price for offering too much width.


    Over 85 Tremlett 0-1lb-0-0-1-4

    254-6 - A leg-bye brings White onto strike on 97. Tremlett sends two men back on the leg-side boundary and White declines to take on a predictable bouncer. He works another short ball off his hip to move to 98 and raise Australia A's 250. O'Keefe launches into a drive and edges wide of and over the slips for four.


    Over 84 Shahzad 0-0-0-0-0-2

    248-6 - White edges a defensive prod along the ground to second slip. Shahzad's line is spot on, probing away in the off-stump channel until the final delivery of the over is overpitched, allowing White to drive through the covers for a couple.


    Over 83 Tremlett 0-0-4-0-3-0-0

    246-5 - White moves into the 90s by rocking onto the back foot and thumping a pull to the straight midwicket boundary. That also brings up the 50-partnership for the seventh wicket. The same shot, not quite as well timed, gains White another three and takes him to 95.


    Over 82 Shahzad 0-1-0-0-0-0

    239-6 - Shahzad drops short and wide but gets it past White's flashing blade. White rotates the strike with a single behind square of the leg-side.

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17th - 20th Nov 2010
S D Fry and P R Reiffel


Batsman R
Strauss not out 9
Cook not out 2
Extras 0
Total Close, 1.3 Overs 11 - 0
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Cameron 1 0 6 0
George 0.3 0 5 0
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