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India won by 7 wickets.

Afghanistan vs India


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    India Win By Seven Wickets

    World Twenty20 debutants Afghanistan entirely overawed by the big occasion, failing to come anywhere close to exacting the upset they had hoped. Not much to say for India, who really just went through the motions of a given win. Handy time at the creas for Yuvraj and more promising stuff from Chennai graduate Vijay. If anything, they can question a rough day with the ball for Zaheer. On with the show. Next up: Pakistan versus Bangladesh. Here's hoping for an upset this time around...


    Over 14.5 Mangal 0-6-6-0-2

    116-3 - Dhoni gets straight into the thick of things, smashing six over the bowler's head and doing so again with a much bigger, straighter stroke the next time around. Losing captain Mangal is shellshocked and will probably never bowl himself again.


    Over 14 Hassan 0-0-0-W-1-0

    102-3 - Read headband at the ready, Hassan wipes his brow before rollicking into a quite lengthy run-up. Hardly needed, given his pedestrian seam. Wicket! As luck would have it, an ugly full toss does the trick for he bowler, who has Vijay hole out on the long-on fence. It was clear that Murali wanted to finish the match with a flourish but it's not to be. Dhoni in now.


    Over 13 Nabi 6-6-0-0-0-1

    101-2 - Nabi is back into the attack and cops a beating at the hands of Vijay, who spanks six and then six more over long-off. The second was by far the biggest, perhaps even of the tourney.


    Over 12 Hassan 0-1-2-2-0-0

    88-2 - Hassan tries his damndest to make up for his spill in the earlier over but can't manage as much as Yuvraj and Vijay merely pick him off at will.


    Over 11 Sadiq 2nb-7nb-1wd-2-0-1-2-1-0

    83-2 - Yuvraj decides now is the time to go big or go home, tucking into a host of full tosses and free-hits, one of which screams over Cow Corner for arguably the biggest six of the tourney thus far. Vijay is finally fed some strike and his day with the bat seems to has met its end but Hassan, running in from the long-on fence, drops a tough chance off the spooned top edge.


    Over 10 Hassan 1-1-0-1lb-0-0

    67-2 - Seamer Hassan and his rather zippy action enter the fray for the first time today, together enjoying a bit of an appeal for lbw as Yuvraj misses a bit of movement off the seam. No need for the big Indian to stress though, as it was sliding down leg-side and it turns out there was an inside edge too.


    Over 9 Sadiq 1-0-2-1-1-1

    64-2 - And more spin. Nabi exits and Sadiq steps into the attack, delivering some decent line but little turn to begin with.


    Over 8 Shenwari 0-1-1wd-1-1-0-1

    58-2 - The leg-spinner strikes Vijay high on the back pad and quickly has his appeal for lbw turned down as the ball was easily sliding down the leg-side. Meanwhile, I get the feeling Yuvraj is just limbering up for the onslaught. He can't keep this straight-bat stuff up for much longer. Square-leg umpire Dar is forced to take evasive action as Yuvraj - gifted the longest of hops - only manages to flat-bat it straight at the official, who would've worn it to the face had he not acted as quick as he did.


    Over 7 Nabi 0-1-0-1-3-0

    52-2 - Nabi is certainly the more effective of the two spinner on offer at the moment, flummoxing - to a degree - the Indian duo with some flight and slight purchase off the track. Nothing dramatic needed, though. Yuvraj and Vijay can just bide their time ahead of the bad ball.


    Over 6 Shenwari 4-1-W-1-0-0

    47-2 - More spin, with Shenwari making meticulously sure of his field placements before affording Vijay too much width to cut four past short third man. Wicket! Raina's short'n'sweet vigil comes to an end as the talented left-hander fails to pick the 'arm' ball, copping a blow to the front pad dead in front of the stumps. Up goes the finger in a flash and off goes Suresh. Yuvraj in now and there's no way he is going to dilly dally around with singles. Need we remind you that he clobbered England's Stu Broad for six sixes in one over in the first edition of the WT20 in 2007. And that's the end of the Powerplay.


    Over 5 Nabi 0-1-0-5nb-0-6-2

    41-1 - Afghanistan introduce a bit of spin, with Nabi into the fray with his right-arm trundle. Vijay and Raina take in a couple of sighters before the former opts over midwicket for four. The fielder almost got there but instead head-butted the ball. Ouch, indeed. Then, another Afghan almost injures himself as Raina soars six over square-leg. The bloke goes for an improbable catch and ends up crashing into the advertising boards.


    Over 4 Zadran 1wd-1-0-0-1-0-0

    27-1 - Zadran struggles with a leg-side wide but then convenes to a near perfect off-side line, beating Raina on more than the odd occasion. Dawlat's approach is hardly anything to write home about, but this man is an entirely different tale.


    Over 3 Dawlat 0-W-0-0-2-3

    24-1 - Nowroz afford Dawlat another over and enjoys a repayment in faith. Wicket! Unable to pick the gap at backward point, Gambhir decides cover is the other option but finds the fielder via the aerial route. Lazy cricket from the left-hander, who could quite easily laced that along the ground. Next in is Raina, fresh from a quite spectacular IPL campaign. He kicks off his account with some exquisite timing on the cut, only to have a potential boundary thwarted by Ali's great dive on the backward point fence.


    Over 2 Zadran 1-0-0-1-1-0

    19-0 - This tourney boasts a few tall bowlers - Ireland's Boyd Rankin, Windies' Kieron Pollard and the like - but Shapoor has to be the longest. Approaching from over the wicket to the right-hander, the southpaw seamer creates an awkward angle to Vijay, who is suddenly unsettled and forced to a string of back-foot defence.


    Over 1 Dawlat 2nb-4-0-1-1-6-2

    16-0 - Instant trouble for the bowling side as Dawlat oversteps and Twenty20 Internationla debutant Vijay smears the subsequent free-hit over mid-off for four. Gambhir, having to make do with a new batting partner due to Sehwag's absence, waatches from the non-striker's end as the Chennia Super Kings star bludgeons six over midwicket and plugs two across a diving mid-on. 16 off the first over. Ouch, Afghanistan.


    India's Pursuit

    All and sundry back out in the middle, with Gambhir and Vijay to open the batting for India. Any takers on how quickly India will chase their target down? My guess is 13 overs. Mail me at


    Afghanistan Finish On 115 For Eight

    Quite frantic end to the innings, with the minnows losing their last five wickets for 18 runs. Ali and Asghar promised much initially but with little to know support for the duo the Afghans have sunk to a poor tally. India shouldn't have any trouble in chasing this down and it looks like we will have to wait for the Pakistan-Bangladesh clash for the first upset of the tourney.


    Over 20 Zaheer 1-1-0-4-W-1

    115-8 - Khan offers nothing short of the blockhole as Raees and Hassan scrape together the miscues on offer, including the umpteenth top edge over the wicketkeeper's head for four. Wicket! That's Hassan's last scoring 'shot' of the day though, as mid-off gets in the way of his attempted crank down the ground.


    Over 19 Nehra 1-0-2-4-W-1

    108-7 - Top edges aplenty continue to fly over Dhoni's head and the Indian captain may well be considering stationing a long-stop behind him. Wicket! As if things could not get any worse for the Afghans, Raees and Shenwari decide it's time for a run-out, both ending up at the non-striker's end as Dhoni topples the bails on the other side. Absolute lack of communication there and Hassan in now.

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Match Details

1st May 2010
St Lucia
Aleem Dar and M Erasmus


Batsman R
Gambhir c Nabi b Ahmadzai 4
Vijay c Zadran b Hassan 48
Raina lbw b Shenwari 18
Singh not out 23
Dhoni not out 15
Extras 4nb, 3w, 1lb 8
Total Close, 14.5 Overs 116 - 3
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afghanistan BOWLING CARD

Bowler O M R W
Ahmadzai 2 0 21 1
Zadran 2 0 6 0
Nabi 3 0 33 0
Shenwari 2 0 11 1
Sadiq 2 0 22 0
Hassan 3 0 8 1
Mangal 0.5 0 14 0
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