David Beckham Q&A: behind-the-scenes on the new Sky Sports advert

Last Updated: 16/08/13 12:47pm

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David Beckham has discovered The Sky Difference - but just how different are his viewing habits from yours?

To find out we caught up with him on the set of the new Sky Sports advert in which the former England captain demonstrates how you can watch live sport across six Sky Sports channels in HD and on the go. Watch the advert here.

From 116 Barclays Premier League games to every Formula 1® grand prix race weekend live, Sky Sports is the leading sports broadcaster in the UK, plus you can experience an in-depth second screen experience with our award-winning Sky Sports apps. To find out more click here.

They are unbeatable services. But when it comes to remote control, who reigns supreme in the Beckham household?

What TV shows do you watch at home?

David: "The kids watch a lot of the kids' shows but me and Victoria are into watching Modern Family or the US Office. Things like that so I am into those."

Who usually has control of the TV remote at home?

David: "I'm in control of the remote control unless one of the boys is in the living-room then that's a different story. But they know Daddy is in control of the remote!"

What sports do you enjoy watching on TV?

David: "I'm into tennis; I like to watch the golf, basketball when it's on but it's usually on in the early hours. Most of the time I'm watching football, of course."

How would having multiple David Beckham's help you in your busy life?

David: "It would be great because I could have one that is constantly there with the kids every single day. I'm there with them most of the time but to be with them at each event or football match that would be the best thing because most days the kids are playing different games on the same day so it's hard to get to all of them at the same time."

What are you looking forward to the most now that you're back in London?

David: "The simple things like going round to my Grandma's, going round to my Mum and Dad's house, seeing my sisters - the normal things that I haven't been able to do since I moved away from London when I was 15 years old. It's been quite a while so it's the simple things like popping round for a cup of tea."

Quick fire questions

Team mate Gary Neville or pundit Gary Neville?

David: "Team-mate Gary Neville, we played together for so long. But he's not bad at punditry either!"

Jay Z or One Direction?

David: "One Direction are great but I'm a huge Jay Z fan so I'm going to have to say Jay Z."

Motorbikes or cars?

David: "I love both, I've got into motorbikes in the last five or six years so I'm loving motorbikes at the moment, but my family would say cars I'm sure!"

Dusk or dawn?

David: "Dusk. I'm into photography and the light at dusk is incredible. "

Top Gun or Mission Impossible?

David: "Top Gun. It's original, everyone loves it."

David Beckham stars in an ad campaign to coincide with Sky's biggest season of Premier League football, starting with live coverage of Swansea vs Man Utd on Sky Sports 1, Sky 2 and Pick TV on 17 August. Find out more about Sky Sports' first free day here.

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