Tim Downes performs horse-riding master-class for Get Involved

Last Updated: 13/03/13 11:20am

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Throughout March, Get Involved is extolling the virtues of horse riding.

In the first instalment we showed you WHY you should ride a horse, but now we're showing you HOW - with the help of distinguished Fellow of the British Horse Society, Tim Downes.

If you watch the video at the top of this page, he talks you through all you need to know as a beginner - from getting on a horse to sitting in the correct position.

You'll see how to hold the reins, how to make the horse walk and then how to increase the pace into a trot; first a sitting trot and then a rising one.

After that you'll move into a canter before learning how to stop and dismount safely.

This is only a very brief introduction, but if you like what you see then why not contact your local stables and get involved?

Tim's tips form part of Get Involved's extensive look at horse riding, which will continue in the weeks ahead as we show you how to stay involved in the sport once the bug has bitten you.

If you missed last week's opener, click here, and for further information on horse riding visit the British Horse Society website at www.bhs.org.uk

Plus, to catch up with Get Involved's ganders at football and rugby league, visit our homepage.

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