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U.S. Open 2014

12th-15th June

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Tiger Woods

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10-Year Record in Majors
U.S. Open21DNP4612MC21720
The Open-DNP23MCDNP121194

Tiger Woods Version 2.0 is a bit like the little girl in the nursery rhyme: when he is good he is very, very good, but when he is bad he is horrid. That's obviously a relative concept, but the simple truth is that although his A game remains sublime, his B game is worse than it was four years ago. Woods could play badly and win up to 2009, when he plays badly now he misses the cut. Other than fluctuations of form there are two further considerations to make when assessing his chances. Firstly his odd Open record: three wins at courses which favour him, but not one top ten in the event since the last win in 2006. And secondly his major problems. He has now played 12 without a victory, YE Yang's defeat of him at the 2009 PGA Championship started his fall from grace and the hunt for the next title has a hint of desperation. At the US Open many thought the title was his at halfway but he finished 75-73. It wasn't like the Tiger of old - it was another example of the curious Tiger of today.

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