Anchored putting: Colin Montgomerie says the decision to ban is the right one

Last Updated: 21/05/13 10:49pm

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Montgomerie - Common sense prevailed

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Colin Montgomerie says the decision by the R&A and USGA to outlaw the anchoring of putters is the correct one.

The ruling will take effect from January 1st, 2016 in accordance with the regular four-year cycle for changes to the Rules of Golf.

"I'm glad that common sense has prevailed and that anchored putters will be no more," said the eight-time European number one.

"This horrible word, 'bifurcation', where there's two opposites, where a road forks off in two directions, that's what we don't want to do with the rules of golf so I'm so glad that everyone's come to this conclusion."

PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem has still to give his take on the ruling which means there could still be a situation where the PGA Tour would play under separate rules.

However, Monty believes they must now align themselves with the R&A and USGA even though Finchem has hinted at opposing the ban, saying there was not enough evidence to suggest that anchoring gave players an advantage.

Follow suit

"They have to (support it) now," said Monty. "I think Tim Finchem was right to speak on behalf of his own players at the time but now this has come in I think that he has to follow suit and we'll be as one which it has to be."

The range at Wentworth, scene of this week's BMW PGA Championship, is a abuzz with chat about the putter ruling and Monty says most will be in agreement.

"I think we've always been in favour of a banning it whether we've used it or not. I'm one that's used an anchored putter.

"I holed a very important putt back in 2004 to win the Ryder Cup with an anchored putter and I must admit it was easier to do so with it than without and that's what we're trying to avoid.

"Tension, pressure is all part of the game that we want to continue, as opposed to taking it away. I'm in favour of the ban having used both."

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