Adam Scott has revealed he is likely to stick with his broomstick putter

By Mark Kendall - Twitter: @SkySportsMK.   Last Updated: 05/12/12 5:05pm

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Adam Scott: Shorter putter was just an experiment

Adam Scott: Shorter putter was just an experiment

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Adam Scott has revealed he is likely to stick with his broomstick putter despite "messing around" with a shorter club ahead of this week's Australian Open.

The Queenslander has been using a long-handled putter for the past two seasons, but caused something of a stir when he headed out for a practice round on Tuesday with a short putter, before also using the same club for nine holes of the pro-am at The Lakes Golf Club on Wednesday.

With the game's authorities this week announcing a proposal to ban all "anchored" putting strokes by 2016, it was thought the 32-year-old was already making plans for life without his broomstick.

However, Scott has now revealed that he intends to continue using his extended club both for this week's tournament and for the foreseeable future and will consider modifiying his technique to enable him to continue using it even if, as expected, the proposed ruling becomes law.

When asked about the shorter putter he had been spotted using, Scott told reporters: "I ordered that putter a while back. I was experimenting for my own use.

Messing around

"I'll probably putt with the long putter. The other one I was messing around with was my first go and it is not quite what I want it to do. It is not quite set up right for me. I'll have another go at another time if I feel I need to."

"I think I putt fine with any putter. I have spent the last two years learning a skill with the broomstick putter and that is what I am going to use this week, most likely.

"Until I invent a better way to putt for myself, I'll stick to the broomstick. I certainly like a lot of the philosophies of putting with a broomstick."

When asked how he might deal with the proposed ruling on anchored strokes, he continued: "Whatever way I putt in the future, if I just move the hand off my chest an inch or a centimetre or whatever it is, I'll be making an honest stroke. It will look exactly the same.

"It is simple. I can move it slightly off my chest and use the same putter but I think there are better ways than that.

"We are all searching for the best possible way and I think there are still better ways for me to go about it."

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