The Extra 20 Yards

Can this new device pull off what it says on the tin? Paul Simpson, always keen to improve his game, tries it out

Last Updated: 02/02/12 12:40pm

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The Extra 20 Yards in action

The Extra 20 Yards in action

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I'm a sucker when it comes to trying to improve my game.

Whether it's splashing out on the latest technologically advanced driver, to bionic gloves and even hypnosis CDs, if it means getting my handicap down I'll give it a go.

I'm also a bit of a gym monkey and even have a golf specific routine that I use so when 'The Extra 20 Yards' arrived I wasn't intimidated at the thought of exercising to improve my game.

On the face of it, it looks like a standard weights machine that you would use down the gym, but there are differences.

The pulley system is set at an angle to replicate the correct plane of the golf swing, which can be set for use by either right or left handed players, and the bar used to operate the machine is actually the grip of a golf club.

These differences are vital, as no matter how much time you spend down the gym, you cannot replicate the golf swing.

Live up to its promise

All well and good but could it live up to its promise? Of giving the user an extra 20 yards, just by using it for 5 minutes a day, 3 days a week by 'working on the muscles specific to the golf swing and increasing club head speed'?

After a couple of weeks, I didn't really notice much difference, apart from being a bit stiffer from using certain muscles that weren't used to doing what they were supposed to do, but by week four my swing seemed to become more consistent. I certainly felt as though I was swinging more freely and one very pleasant side effect was that my power fade wasn't as frequent, as my golf-specific muscles were being trained to work on the correct plane.

As such, with muscles doing what they were supposed to do and a rapidly diminishing fade I can confidently say that 'The Extra 20 Yards' has made me longer and my irons in particular are certainly going 10 yards further than they used to.

I think that over time 'The Extra 20 Yards' may well do what it says on the tin and therefore be of great benefit to users both young and old in training the muscles used in the swing and creating greater flexibility and strength in muscles that would normally only be subjected to inconsistent and erratic use during the amateur golf swing.

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