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Paddy Fitzpatrick wants referees to be called to account after George Groves' stoppage

Last Updated: 26/11/13 4:40pm

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George Groves' trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick was left furious at referee Howard Foster after Saturday night's title fight with Carl Froch.

George Groves' trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick was fuming over the actions of referee Howard Foster in Saturday's world title thriller against Carl Froch.

Foster controversially stopped the fight midway through the ninth round with Groves coming under heavy bombardment from the reigning champion.

The majority of those packed into the Phones4U Arena felt they and the fighters were robbed of a natural outcome, and Fitzpatrick said the referee should be held to account.

"The referee has interfered with two men earning their living," he told Sky Sports. "I haven't seen the replay so I'll save my definitive answer until then, but on the night I thought (the stoppage was premature) especially because of the reason he gave me.

"I made it known beforehand my concerns about it. George's lawyer will tell you that. What usually happens is that it's a talking point on ringside, and we move on until it happens to the next guy."
Paddy Fitzpatrick

"He said George was hurt - this is two men hitting each other. If he stopped it because he got hurt why didn't he stop it the seven or eight times Carl got hurt.

"You can't have referees conducting themselves in people's lives unprofessionally. We're not going to overturn history or change the outcome of the fight, the two men as fighters were acting like fighters, I haven't got a problem with them - I have got a problem with the refereeing.

"I made it known beforehand my concerns about it. George's lawyer will tell you that. What usually happens is that it's a talking point on ringside, and we move on until it happens to the next guy.

"We are in professional boxing so nobody amateur should be connected to it. When you jump in and make a call on people like that, it's amateurish. You can't continually do it and have it fobbed off.

"The board are there for the fighters, we are there to serve the fighters. It's not about anybody else. When I was making my points in meetings to board members, it was like 'don't worry about it, we'll look after it'. Well, now I am worried about it.

"This is a business and how somebody earns a living. If we continually leave it to them (referees) they will continually do the same thing. So something has to be done.

"I'm an ignorant man, but I will pay to find out the laws and get it done."


Froch, behind on all the scorecards at the time of the stoppage and under the cosh from the time of a heavy first round knockdown, should carefully consider fighting Groves again, according to Fitzpatrick.

Potential fight odds

Despite the impression George Groves made against Carl Froch, Sky Bet make 'The Cobra' favourite should the pair touch gloves again in 2014. See the latest rematch odds here.

"If a rematch was talked about Carl Froch would need to get fully medically checked - for me to be involved," he added. "Carl took severe punishment last night and I think he got hurt more in that fight than collectively in his whole career.

"Carl Froch was getting hurt regularly, and he has a professional team in Mr McCracken and the other two gentlemen. But the rest of the team are living through him, they aren't supporting him.

"If he wants to appease them, he'll probably want to fight again and wouldn't care if he was healthy or not.

"If he can put his ego to the side, get checked out and if he is fully healthy then now is the time to act like a man and give it (a rematch) to George.

"The reason he needs to get medically checked is that if George does fight him again I believe I have a plan to put together to stop him in three to four rounds."

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