Should Red Bull hire Kimi Raikkonen or Daniel Ricciardo for 2014? Here's the Debate!

Sky Sports F1's David Croft and Ted Kravitz discuss who should partner Vettel

By William Esler.   Last Updated: 25/07/13 12:27pm

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Rachel Brookes is joined by Ted Kravitz and David Croft to discuss who they think will join Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull next season.

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Ted Kravitz and David Croft debate who should partner Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull next season.

Kimi Raikkonen or Daniel Ricciardo - who should partner Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull next year?
Ted: "I can't believe we are even having a discussion about this - it is such an easy choice. Do you take a guy that has never even been on the podium or got higher than fourth or fifth in his career or do you take a World Champion, multiple race winner and a guy who knows how to do the job?

"Yes, Daniel Ricciardo has been coached by Red Bull and nurtured throughout his career, up to the point that he is ready to take the top seat. Ready, yes - but it doesn't mean he should take it. He is not fast enough."

Crofty: "It is the nurture and the love that gives Daniel Ricciardo the seat as far as I am concerned. He might not have got the podium but he's only had 40 starts in his career. Sebastian Vettel once wasn't a race winner, wasn't a podium sitter, but was very much loved by the Red Bull stable.

"Christian Horner might want Kimi Raikkonen to come in - he might want the man of the moment to complement his team. But Helmut Marko and Dietrich Mateschitz - the men that put this whole Red Bull team together - they want one of their drivers to come through. Ricciardo is in pole position."

But can they afford to not score the Constructors' Championship points that Kimi might bring?
Ted: "That is a very good point and that is really Christian Horner's argument. He says 'We get paid, we get the big money that allows us to race the way we do and spend the way we do by where we finish in the Constructors' Championship. So we are going to need two drivers that let us score the most the Constructors' Championship.'

"And one thing you have to say about Kimi Raikkonen is that he is a points vacuum - he sucks up all the points - if there is a point going he will get it. Take the race in Brazil last year for example, he seemed to being off track at any opportunity, went down a blind alley and found a gate at the end of it and had to turn back - he still got a point from that race! So if there is a point available he will get it and that makes him the only man for the job at the moment."

Crofty: "Are you telling me that Ricciardo is going to sit in a Red Bull and not get points and not get podiums and not challenge for wins? This is the best car on the grid - I think even you would agree with that, Ted! Raikkonen might be a consistent man and I take nothing away from his performances, but Ricciardo can do exactly the same job in the same car.

"He has twice tested for Red Bull and has not exactly looked shabby when he has been in that seat. And he is also a man that likes heavy metal - and on that point any man that goes to Download gets my vote for a seat in a top car."

Ted: "He is a lovely guy and he did that feature with you - but maybe he is too lovely a guy. I think you need to have an edge of a bit of a nasty man to be a real World Champion. Sebastian Vettel has proved that - I think Ricciardo might be too nice for his own good."

Crofty: "I am not going to let you have the last word because Sebastian Vettel will have the last word on this one and he is the man we need standing with us. Does he want Raikkonen - a man that is going to give him a hard time? Or does he want Ricciardo - a man he thinks he can beat but that we think could be a very good driver one day? He will have the last word."

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