Sky Sports F1 exclusive: Sergio Perez Q&A

Mexican aiming for the title in his first season at McLaren

Last Updated: 17/11/12 6:48pm

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Natalie Pinkham sits down with McLaren-bound Sergio Perez ahead of the U.S. GP to discuss his breakthrough 2012 season and his goals for next year.

Natalie Pinkham: This is the closest we get to the Mexican border, will you be counting this as a home race?
Sergio Perez: "I think so, it will be the closest for my people, so even my Grandma is coming!"

NP: Has your driving been affected by the news you are going to McLaren?
SP: "Not at all. It really gets me frustrated sometimes - not because of what they say about me, but for my team and my mechanics when people create this story that I am focussed on McLaren now but that is not true. I will always give 100% for whatever team I drive for."

NP: Martin Whitmarsh said there was an element of risk to signing you. How do you react to that? Does that just motivate you more?
SP: "Of course, that is quite normal - there is no guarantee I will be a Lewis Hamilton or some of those guys. I think I am in a great team, I like my new boss and I like the people there, so I think we will be very strong and hopefully I can have a long career with them."

NP: How good is the car you have inherited for next year?
SP: "I'm sure it will be really strong. The people are working very hard and I expect it will be a good car - a good enough car to be contending for the title."

NP: You taking the title?
SP: "Yes. For sure I think when you go to McLaren the target is to win the title - not to win races or to learn. I have a lot to learn but at the same time I have to be champion for the team as it is the best team and if we have a strong car that has to be the target for us."

NP: Do you believe you can outdrive Jenson Button next year?
SP: "Yes. I think he will be very strong as he is one of the best drivers out there - he is a World Champion. So it will not be easy but my target is to beat him and beat all the other drivers as well."

NP: If you were to the end the season now and not have the final two races, would you be happy with the job you have done for Sauber or would it frustrate you that didn't secure that win?
SP: "Of course I would be a bit frustrated about not winning, but in the end it is just a process and you always want more. I hope a win comes in the next two races, but if not I think I have given quite a lot to them and they have given a lot to me - they have given more to me."

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