Korean GP quiz - The Answers

Last Updated: 10/10/12 12:16pm

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So how much did you know about all things South Korean?

1. When was the Korean International Circuit opened?

2. Most new circuits are given FIA approval months before the host an F1 race. How long elapsed between Korea's approval and the first F1 car hitting the track at the GP?
10 days.

Sebastian Vettel: Lap record holder

3. Who holds the lap record at the track?
Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, 1:39.605.

4. Who described the controversial pit-exit at the circuit as 'an accident waiting to happen'?
Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner.

5. Why was the wall at turn 17 moved back ahead of the 2011 race?
To improve the visibility for drivers of cars ahead slowing to enter the pits through the blind 150mph corner.

6. Which German designer was responsible for the track?
Hermann Tilke.

7. In what year was the Korean GP first announced?

Fernando Alonso: Winner in 2010

8. Who won the inaugural race?
Fernando Alonso.

9. Rather than laying grass, what did circuit bosses do to give it more of a 'European circuit' feel?
Painted the dirt green.

10. According to Sky Sports F1 Online's own Michael Wise - who has just completed the exact journey - how long does it take to reach Seoul from the circuit? (Half a point if you are within half-an-hour of Mike's estimate)
Four hours.

11. True or false. The straight between Turns 2 and 3 is over a kilometre long?

The long straight between turns 2 and 3

12. The F1 circuit uses a temporary extension the track creating a 5.615-km circuit. How long is the permanent track? (within 100m)

13. What city is planned to develop around the temporary part of the circuit?

14. The Korean track runs in an anti-clockwise direction. Can you name the other four on the F1 calendar that do likewise?
Singapore, Abu Dhabi, United States, Brazil.

The footbridge over the pit-straight

15. The footbridge over the pit-straight is designed to look like what structure?
A traditional Korean 'hanok' house.

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