Sam Michael says McLaren ran within Pirelli's guidelines at British GP

Sporting Director says team did not use low pressures at British GP

By William Esler.   Last Updated: 04/07/13 3:37pm

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McLaren happy with Pirelli tyre solution

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Sam Michael insists McLaren ran within the camber and pressure limits set by Pirelli throughout the British GP.

Following a number of a failures at Silverstone, the Italian manufacturer said in a statement on Tuesday their tyres "do not compromise safety if used in the correct way," adding that some teams had used "tyre pressures that were excessively low or in any case lower than those indicated by Pirelli," combined with "the use of extreme camber angles."

McLaren suffered two blowouts on Sergio Perez's car during the course of the Silverstone weekend, firstly in final practice and then in Sunday's race on the Hangar Straight, but Michael says the team were working within Pirelli's guidelines.

"All I can say is on behalf of McLaren and McLaren have run the correct specification on all of our tyres as they ran at Silverstone on the car including the tyres that had failures," he told Sky Sports News.

"They ran with all the specified tyres pressures, they ran within all the specified camber limits so at no point did they run outside the limits set by Pirelli. So if there were some teams that were running outside the limits set, then it is up to Pirelli to enforce that and make sure all the teams do the same thing.

"So we would support Pirelli if they want to increase the amount of monitoring and control they have over that because it is very important in this business that you run the products in an area where they need to be safe. However, as I said on the McLaren car those were always run within specification."

Pirelli will bring rear tyres made with a Kevlar belt rather than a steel one to this weekend's race, but Michael does not believe it will have an impact on the competitive order.

"It shouldn't unless teams have been running outside the limits and now have to run within them," he added.

"But I can only speak on behalf of McLaren because we know what setup we run on our car, so whatever other teams do on theirs is up to them. It shouldn't really change things - it should just be safer."

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