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shawneyh93 says...

11/02/14 8:49am

Would love to see lloris swap spurs for arsenal! Always liked him top keeper

Never - 2327

jackwalkerlives says...

09/02/14 4:12pm

BRFC have at last secured Luke Varney on loan from Leeds till the end of the season with a view to a permanent deal

Never - 421

jtm2014 says...

09/02/14 2:26am

Jordan Rhodes going to the premier in the summer. With 5 Clubs after his signature.

Never - 427

don cedric says...

08/02/14 6:44pm

it seems that evra,ferdinand,anderson and vidic would leave manchester united at the end of this season

Never - 200

blue in poland says...

07/02/14 9:19pm

Suarez to Chelsea in the summer, 60 mil. You heard it here first....................

Never - 3470

chazzinho,lolba says...

07/02/14 11:12am

xavi to come Manchester United for a 15.3m at the end of the session

Never - 3073

thewolf says...

05/02/14 12:23pm

galatasary to sign di maria 25m

Never - 2350

raw deal says...

31/01/14 11:15am

Tom Ince to Galatasaray permanent deal

Never - 4876

mourinhoisback says...

31/01/14 11:13am

Hulk has agrred a fee with Chelsea 22 million and were discussing terms now

Never - 4154

robhard91 says...

31/01/14 11:12am

Stoke City are trying to finalise a deal with AS Monaco for Emmanuel Riviere, should be complete by close of business today

Never - 2390

kevin anstey says...

31/01/14 11:11am

newcastle united placed a 5million pound bid for gareth barry

Never - 3158

joehilditch says...

31/01/14 11:10am

Fabio Nunes to Aston villa on loan till the end of the season

Never - 1939

razzapatel14 says...

31/01/14 11:06am

Liverpool are set to sign Burnley Striker Danny Ings for 8 million pounds

Never - 2780

rogercustard says...

31/01/14 10:56am

Dimitar Berbatov to move to Swansea on a loan deal until the end of the season

Never - 2808

adalefan says...

31/01/14 10:56am

Craig Davies set to join Rochdale on loan for the remainder of the season.

Never - 1424

rogercustard says...

31/01/14 10:56am

Jordan Rhodes to move to Fulham for £12,000,000

Never - 2181

jjp123 says...

31/01/14 10:47am

heard that lescott might leave city for either fulham or westham on loan and view to permanment

Never - 971

skirvyj96 says...

31/01/14 10:46am

Hernandez to Newcastle from United on loan until the end of the season

Never - 2292

lewisgrego says...

31/01/14 10:42am

Remy Cabella spotted in Newcastle, a deal is being spoke about today and could progress

Never - 1119

sazza sources says...

31/01/14 10:35am

Tom Cleverly to Fulham on loan till end of season with a view to a 8.5 million permanent deal.

Never - 1621

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