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Can YOU predict the results of the World Cup games?

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Throughout the 2010 World Cup we'll be asking the Sky Sports experts to put their reputations on the line and tell us the outcome of the day's fixtures.

But we won't just be asking the football pundits. We'll be inviting friendly faces from across the Sky Sports family to give us their thoughts on the upcoming action.

And as ever, we want to hear from the readers. Can YOU beat our pundits in our daily prediction challenge?

Just fill in the feedback form at the bottom of the page and let us know your thoughts.

On Day 13 England will be hoping their luck is in, as will our two special tipsters as Jamie Redknapp and gorgeous Georgie Thompson are out to prove that when it comes to predicting scores, they are in a League of Their Own...

Slovakia v Italy

THOMMO: Italy have started slowly, but I just have a feeling that as the tournament goes on, they will get better. I do think goals will be hard to come by, even though I do think Vincenzo Iaquinta is a decent player, but do Italy have the player to tee him up. Also, I don't think they are as solid as they have been at the back and am not sure Fabio Cannavarro is the rock he used to be. That said, I still can't see Slovakia threatening. Slovakia 0-2 Italy

CLARKE: I have to say I fancy an upset here. The Italians haven't been going that well and I think the pressure us building on Marcelo Lippi. Slovakia haven't exactly torn up any trees, but they have done alright and we all have an affiliation with the underdog and it would be fantastic to see a major upset here. They might have to ride their luck a bit, but I can see them pulling this off. Slovakia 1-0 Italy

Paraguay v New Zealand

THOMMO: You have to admire New Zealand for giving everything so far. They got a late goal in the first game and that gave them a big lift and I think that carried them on through to the Italy game - when they got lucky at times but still deserved their point. Paraguay have done very well and there does seem to be any pressure on them and with Roque Santa Cruz looking decent the other day, I think they're very lively up front. I just can't see the All Whites getting away with it again, I'm afraid. Paraguay 3-1 New Zealand

CLARKE: I think New Zealand are the most successful sporting nation in the world given the amount of titles, trophies and medals they win. Only Norway do better and they don't play cricket, or have an All Blacks side. They have done well so far the Kiwis, but I think they might have enjoyed their moment in the sunshine as far as the football goes. Paraguay looked pretty good last time out and I do think they have got strikers that can get goals. Paraguay 2-0 New Zealand

Denmark v Japan

THOMMO: This is going to be tight, very tight. I look at Denmark's ageing squad but they can still turn it on. Nicklas Bendtner does have the legs but he looks a little off the pace to me and I wonder whether the likes of Dennis Rommedahl and Jesper Gronkjaer have the legs for one more push. Japan are decent but do struggle for goals but they will work hard and they are always well-organised. This has got a draw written all over it. Denmark 1-1 Japan

CLARKE: I have a feeling the Samurai sword will slice through the bacon here. I wasn't overly impressed with some of the Danish defending against Cameroon, but they weren't that bad going forward. Japan are one of those nations that you cannot write off and they will be giving their all. I think they might have enough to expose the streaky Danish defence - and there will be goals. Denmark 2-3 Japan

Cameroon v Holland

THOMMO:Holland are showing why they were everyone's dark horses; they seem to have kept their counsel, they seem to be together and without being brilliant, they've done ok so far. This might be the perfect game for them to get Arjen Robben back in action and it might also be the chance for them to get men close to van Persie, because for me he has looked a little isolated. Cameroon have given us some great World Cup memories down the years but have lacked quality this time round. Cameroon 0-2 Holland

CLARKE: TI've got Holland in our office sweepstake, so have been taking a keen interest in their progress - and their guerilla marketing tactics. I've seen today that those lovely young ladies have been in court and will not face charges so that will give the Dutch a boost! Wesley Schneider has looked the business so far and with Cameroon being out already, I think it might even work in Holland's favour if they rest players, because those coming in will be keen to impress. Cameroon 0-3 Holland

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MatchResultPundit / predictionGuest / prediction
Australia v Serbia2-1Jamie Redknapp 0-2Georgie Thompson 0-1
Ghana v Germany0-1Jamie Redknapp 1-2Georgie Thompson 1-2
USA v Algeria1-0Jamie Redknapp 1-1Georgie Thompson 2-1
Slovenia v England0-1Jamie Redknapp 0-2Georgie Thompson 0-2
Greece v Argentina0-2Garry Birtles 0-4Michael Atherton 0-3
Nigeria v South Korea2-2Garry Birtles 2-1Michael Atherton 2-0
Mexico v Uruguay0-1Garry Birtles 1-1Michael Atherton 1-1
South Africa v France2-1Garry Birtles 2-1Michael Atherton 1-0
Spain v Honduras2-0Paul Walsh 2-0Barry Cowan 4-1
Chile v Switzerland1-0Paul Walsh 2-0Barry Cowan 1-0
Portugal v North Korea7-0Paul Walsh 1-0Barry Cowan 3-0
Brazil v Ivory Coast3-1Chris Kamara 2-1Keith Arthur 3-2
Italy v New Zealand1-1Chris Kamara 2-0Keith Arthur 2-0
Slovakia v Paraguay0-2Chris Kamara 0-1Keith Arthur 1-2
Cameroon v Denmark1-2Alan Smith 0-1Miles Harrison 1-1
Ghana v Australia 1-1Alan Smith 1-1Miles Harrison 1-2
Netherlands v Japan1-0Alan Smith 2-0Miles Harrison 3-1
England v Algeria0-0Paul Merson 3-0Bumble 3-0
Slovenia v USA2-2Paul Merson 0-2Bumble 1-0
Germany v Serbia0-1Paul Merson 2-0Bumble 2-0
France v Mexico0-2Alan McInally 0-1Ewen Murray 2-0
Greece v Nigeria2-1Alan McInally 0-2Ewen Murray 1-1
Argentina v South Korea4-1Alan McInally 2-1Ewen Murray 2-2
South Africa v Uruguay0-3Charlie Nicholas 1-1Charlie Webster 0-1
Spain v Switzerland0-1Charlie Nicholas 2-0Charlie Webster 3-0
Honduras v Chile0-1Charlie Nicholas 1-3Charlie Webster 1-3
Brazil v North Korea2-1Matt Le Tissier 4-0Stuart Barnes 2-0
Ivory Coast v Portugal0-0Matt Le Tissier 1-2Stuart Barnes 2-2
New Zealand v Slovakia1-1Matt Le Tissier 0-2Stuart Barnes 0-3
Italy v Paraguay1-1Jamie Redknapp 1-0Glenn McCrory 1-0
Japan v Cameroon1-0Jamie Redknapp 1-1Glenn McCrory 0-3
Holland v Denmark1-0Jamie Redknapp 2-1Glenn McCrory 2-1
Germany v Australia4-0Peter Beagrie 2-1Sid Waddell 3-0
Serbia v Ghana0-1Peter Beagrie 2-1Sid Waddell 2-3
Algeria v Slovenia0-1Peter Beagrie 0-2Sid Waddell 0-2
England v USA1-1Jeff Stelling 2-0Stevo 2-1
Argentina v Nigeria1-0Jeff Stelling 3-1Stevo 4-1
South Korea v Greece2-0Jeff Stelling 1-1Stevo 3-2
Uruguay v France0-0Phil Thompson 0-2Nasser Hussain 0-1
South Africa v Mexico1-1Phil Thompson 1-1Nasser Hussain 0-1