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Throughout the 2010 World Cup we'll be asking the Sky Sports experts to put their reputations on the line and tell us the outcome of the day's fixtures.

But we won't just be asking the football pundits. We'll be inviting friendly faces from across the Sky Sports family to give us their thoughts on the upcoming action.

And as ever, we want to hear from the readers. Can YOU beat our pundits in our daily prediction challenge?

Just fill in the feedback form at the bottom of the page and let us know your thoughts.

In case you've been living on the moon today is the day England lock horns with old foes Germany again, so we thought we'd turn to two proud Englishman for their thoughts.

We had one question and one question only to put to Soccer Saturday's suave host Jeff Stelling and Soccer AM's lyrical genius Tubes.

Well, actually we had two, but here's what they had to say...

Germany v England

JEFF: It's going to be tight inevitably. Everybody eulogised about Germany after the Australia game but I just think they caught them cold and now they have found a more realistic level. They're a decent side - better than I actually thought they would be - but defensively they don't look that great and I am sure they can be got at. England were pitiful in their first two games, but it improved massively against Slovenia. In Jermain Defoe we have a goalscorer who looks sharp and in James Milner we have finally found a brilliant crossed of the ball. This will be more of a test of course, but it's one I think we can pass. Germany 0-1 England

TUBES: I really think this is going to be the game that Wayne Rooney finally comes alive. He's going to be bang up for it and so are the rest of the team and if I was a betting man I'd put money on him to score first. Germany have looked pretty good so far, especially Mesut Ozil, so it'll be tight and nervy as always with England and I reckon it'll go down to the wire - just hopefully not penalties! Germany 1-2 England

Argentina v Mexico

JEFF: This should be a great game. Argentina look fantastic going forward, but we haven't seen them stretched at all at the back and I've no doubt that is their Achilles heel. The question is can the Mexicans put them under pressure back there? They have been impressive I think and they're a little unlucky to be meeting Maradona and his men this early on. They have a rotten record against Argentina as well and I can only see that continuing, but they do have a goal in them. Argentina 3-1 Mexico

TUBES: Everyone wondered what Argentina would be like after a pretty poor qualifying campaign by their standards but they've been by far the best team in South Africa so far. Mexico have looked alright but I think they could get a footballing lesson today. And any team that can afford to still play Juan Sebastian Veron in the middle of the park and not worry must be good! They call him the 'Little Witch' but with the amount of bandaging he has on these days he looks more like a mummy to me! Argentina 3-0 Mexico

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MatchResultPundit / predictionGuest / prediction
USA v Ghana1-2 (aet)Charlie Nicholas 2-1Sarah-Jane Mee 2-0
Uruguay v South Korea 2-1Charlie Nicholas 2-1Sarah-Jane Mee 2-1
Swizterland v Honduras0-0Matt Le Tissier 1-1Adam Smith 1-0
Chile v Spain1-2Matt Le Tissier 0-1Adam Smith 0-1
Portugal v Brazil0-0Matt Le Tissier 0-2Adam Smith 1-2
North Korea v Ivory Coast0-3Matt Le Tissier 0-3Adam Smith 0-1
Slovakia v Italy3-2Phil Thompson 0-2Phil Clarke 1-0
Paraguay v New Zealand0-0Phil Thompson 3-1Phil Clarke 2-0
Denmark v Japan1-3Phil Thompson 1-1Phil Clarke 2-3
Cameroon v Holland1-2Phil Thompson 0-2Phil Clarke 0-3
Australia v Serbia2-1Jamie Redknapp 0-2Georgie Thompson 0-1
Ghana v Germany0-1Jamie Redknapp 1-2Georgie Thompson 1-2
USA v Algeria1-0Jamie Redknapp 1-1Georgie Thompson 2-1
Slovenia v England0-1Jamie Redknapp 0-2Georgie Thompson 0-2
Greece v Argentina0-2Garry Birtles 0-4Michael Atherton 0-3
Nigeria v South Korea2-2Garry Birtles 2-1Michael Atherton 2-0
Mexico v Uruguay0-1Garry Birtles 1-1Michael Atherton 1-1
South Africa v France2-1Garry Birtles 2-1Michael Atherton 1-0
Spain v Honduras2-0Paul Walsh 2-0Barry Cowan 4-1
Chile v Switzerland1-0Paul Walsh 2-0Barry Cowan 1-0
Portugal v North Korea7-0Paul Walsh 1-0Barry Cowan 3-0
Brazil v Ivory Coast3-1Chris Kamara 2-1Keith Arthur 3-2
Italy v New Zealand1-1Chris Kamara 2-0Keith Arthur 2-0
Slovakia v Paraguay0-2Chris Kamara 0-1Keith Arthur 1-2
Cameroon v Denmark1-2Alan Smith 0-1Miles Harrison 1-1
Ghana v Australia 1-1Alan Smith 1-1Miles Harrison 1-2
Netherlands v Japan1-0Alan Smith 2-0Miles Harrison 3-1
England v Algeria0-0Paul Merson 3-0Bumble 3-0
Slovenia v USA2-2Paul Merson 0-2Bumble 1-0
Germany v Serbia0-1Paul Merson 2-0Bumble 2-0
France v Mexico0-2Alan McInally 0-1Ewen Murray 2-0
Greece v Nigeria2-1Alan McInally 0-2Ewen Murray 1-1
Argentina v South Korea4-1Alan McInally 2-1Ewen Murray 2-2
South Africa v Uruguay0-3Charlie Nicholas 1-1Charlie Webster 0-1
Spain v Switzerland0-1Charlie Nicholas 2-0Charlie Webster 3-0
Honduras v Chile0-1Charlie Nicholas 1-3Charlie Webster 1-3
Brazil v North Korea2-1Matt Le Tissier 4-0Stuart Barnes 2-0
Ivory Coast v Portugal0-0Matt Le Tissier 1-2Stuart Barnes 2-2
New Zealand v Slovakia1-1Matt Le Tissier 0-2Stuart Barnes 0-3
Italy v Paraguay1-1Jamie Redknapp 1-0Glenn McCrory 1-0
Japan v Cameroon1-0Jamie Redknapp 1-1Glenn McCrory 0-3
Holland v Denmark1-0Jamie Redknapp 2-1Glenn McCrory 2-1
Germany v Australia4-0Peter Beagrie 2-1Sid Waddell 3-0
Serbia v Ghana0-1Peter Beagrie 2-1Sid Waddell 2-3
Algeria v Slovenia0-1Peter Beagrie 0-2Sid Waddell 0-2
England v USA1-1Jeff Stelling 2-0Stevo 2-1
Argentina v Nigeria1-0Jeff Stelling 3-1Stevo 4-1
South Korea v Greece2-0Jeff Stelling 1-1Stevo 3-2
Uruguay v France0-0Phil Thompson 0-2Nasser Hussain 0-1
South Africa v Mexico1-1Phil Thompson 1-1Nasser Hussain 0-1